Brainstorming template

Have an idea you want to develop but don’t know how? Here’s where to start.

Keep your ideas flowing

Capture thoughts quickly

Unlike other templates, this Dropbox Paper doc eliminates the need to make formatting choices up front. It’s designed to let you jump on a train of thought while you’re inspired.

Bring in collaborators

This cloud-based template lets you develop ideas on your own or as a team. When you’re ready to add contributors, invite them directly to the doc.

Co-create in real time

Once your team is in the doc, they can watch the ideas develop as quickly as you type them. They can give feedback in the comments, or even contribute new ideas if they’re co-editors.

How to brainstorm with a global team

Brainstorming sessions are an exciting way to kick off a creative project. But when your team works in different offices and time zones, how do you keep everyone on the same page?

Instead of making your overseas teammates stay up late, you can develop ideas together in this doc, even when you can’t be in the same room at the same time. 


brainstorm template

Create your own brainstorming template

Want to design your own brainstorming guide? Dropbox Paper lets you turn any doc into a template or create a custom template with any subheads you choose.

Your blank slate for brainstorming

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share early ideas.

brainstorming session template by Dropbox Paper