Brainstorming template

Have an idea you want to develop, but don’t know how? Here’s where to start.
Brainstorming template divided into sections for inspiration and ideas

Keep your ideas flowing

Capture thoughts quickly

Unlike other idea templates, this Dropbox Paper doc eliminates the need to make formatting choices up front. It’s designed to let you jump on a train of thought while you’re inspired, making it a perfect brainstorming template.

Bring in collaborators

This cloud-based concept map or mind map template lets you develop new ideas on your own or with team brainstorming. When you’re ready to add contributors and team members, invite them directly to the doc.

Co-create in real time

Once your team is in the mind mapping doc, they can watch the ideas develop as quickly as you type them. They can give feedback in the comments, or even contribute new ideas if they’re co-editors.

How to brainstorm with a global team

Brainstorming sessions are an exciting way to kick off a creative project. But when your team works in different offices and time zones, how do you keep everyone on the same page?

Instead of making your overseas teammates stay up late, you can develop ideas together in one brainstorming worksheet, even when you can’t be in the same room at the same time.

A user adding files to a share brainstorming document

Frequently asked questions

Brainstorming or mind mapping is a creative technique used by groups to come up with new ideas or focus on problem solving. Good brainstorming techniques should remove inhibitors or limitations, where any creative or “out of the box” idea can be proposed. A productive brainstorming session is important – especially for large or complex projects – because it lets teams collaborate in the workplace, think freely and contribute solutions that one person may not have thought of on their own.

You can run an efficient brainstorming session using Dropbox Paper. To run your brainstorming session, set up your Paper doc ahead of time with open-ended questions to direct the group’s discussion, enabling you to capture every idea and make it accessible for everyone to reference. During the brainstorming session, encourage everyone to have the Paper doc open and add their great ideas as they flow from the discussion.

You can easily prepare for a brainstorming session using Dropbox Paper. Create a new Paper doc or use our brainstorming template to gather your initial thoughts and inspiration. You could also share the Paper doc with your teammates ahead of the brainstorming session so they can come prepared with ideas and solutions.

It’s easy to create a brainstorming template with Dropbox Paper. When you’re using Paper on the web, you can use the existing project plan template by clicking on “Create with templates” link on the right-hand column and choosing “Brainstorm” from the menu. 

You can also create a brainstorming template unique to you or your team by creating a new Paper doc, setting up the right fields and brainstorming questions, and clicking “Templatise” in the document menu. This will convert your Paper doc into a template to use for every brainstorming session.

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