Flexible IT management

The Dropbox enterprise console gives you centralised management and security controls for your entire organisation, along with versatile admin tools for individual teams.
Example Dropbox enterprise admin console with an overview of teams.

Visibility, control – and flexibility

When you have complex organisational structures, your IT team needs to give individual teams autonomy while maintaining centralised management of auditing, security policies and deployment. Dropbox helps your business balance visibility and control with flexibility, so everyone can do their best work.

Centrally manage deployments

Dropbox provides a centralised enterprise console that allows IT teams to manage multiple instances across the organisation. Through this console, admins can access a unified view of Dropbox activity within their organisation. This both simplifies IT management at scale and allows businesses to customise Dropbox deployments to mirror complex organisational hierarchies. 

Example Dropbox enterprise console interface with a list of sub teams.

Administer security settings and controls

Maintaining security policies is one of the primary challenges of managing complex organisational structures. So Dropbox security settings and controls were designed to expand visibility across multiple instances, giving admins a broad awareness of what’s happening across their organisations.

Device approvals interface within the Dropbox enterprise console displays the number of allowed devices per team member.

Enable delegation and flexibility

As your organisation evolves, one-size-fits-all IT management policies become less and less practical. Dropbox tackles this by allowing settings to be managed at both the enterprise and instance level. Admins for instances can customise team settings to meet their specific needs, without compromising the control and visibility needed at the enterprise level.

Device approvals interface within the Dropbox enterprise console.