How do I link my Amazon subscription to my Dropbox account?

Eligible Amazon users can now subscribe to Dropbox Plus directly on Amazon’s Memberships & Subscriptions page. This allows you to upgrade your existing Basic account to Plus, or to create a new Plus account. You can learn more about Dropbox Plus here.

How do I connect my Amazon subscription to my Dropbox account?

After placing your order on the Amazon website, you will be prompted to connect your purchase to Dropbox. Here, you can either link your subscription to an existing Dropbox Basic account or set up a new Dropbox account.

You’ll then be taken to a Dropbox log in page to enter your credentials and then authorize Subscribe with Amazon to access your account information. This step is essential to complete the flow and won't give Amazon access to your files or folders.

You can confirm that you’ve successfully linked your Dropbox account by going to your Dropbox Account page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link my Amazon purchase to an existing Plus or Business account?

No, this is not currently possible. You will need to link your purchase to a different Dropbox account.

How do I cancel my Amazon purchase?

All billing and subscription inquiries will be handled by Amazon’s Customer Service team. Learn more in the Amazon Help Center.

Will my Dropbox Plus subscription automatically renew?

Yes. On your next billing date, your Plus subscription will automatically renew.

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