Give Dropbox as a gift

We no longer offer the option to purchase Dropbox as a gift. If you previously purchased a gift it can still be redeemed, but no new gifts are available for purchase.

Claim a Dropbox Plus gift

Redeeming a Dropbox Plus gift:

  1. Locate the email in your inbox with the subject "[Sender's name] sent you a free year of Dropbox Plus."
  2. In the email, click the "Redeem your Dropbox Plus subscription" button.
  3. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, click Create an account and complete the form.
  4. If you already use Dropbox, sign in to your account or confirm that you want to apply the gift to an account you're already signed in to.

Once you’ve applied the gift to your account, you will have Dropbox Plus for the length of the gift. If you’re already on a Dropbox Plus Subscription, your gifted period will begin immediately after your current period ends. To see when your claimed gift expires, check your account page.


Someone bought Dropbox Plus as a gift for me but I didn't receive an email—what do I do?

Please check the following possible explanations:

  • The email may arrive up to 15 minutes after the gift was purchased. If you don’t see the email, wait a few minutes and try again.
  • The email may be in your spam folder. To prevent this, please add the email address to your address book.
  • Have the sender check their receipt to ensure that they sent the gift to the correct email address. If the email address was spelled incorrectly, you won’t receive the email and you should contact support.
  • If the email hasn’t arrived after several hours and your email address was entered correctly, please contact our support team.

How does a Dropbox Plus gift work with my existing Plus subscription?

If you have an active Plus subscription, the gifted subscription will begin after your current subscription expires. Once the gifted subscription expires, we will charge the billing information you have on file and you will return to your regular subscription.

You will not be able to redeem a gift if you purchased your Dropbox subscription through the Google Play store or the Apple App store. If you attempt to redeem a gift with these kind of subscriptions, you will be prompted to update your payment method.

Can I buy a gift through the Apple App Store or Google Play store?

No, Dropbox gifts are no longer available for purchase on any channel.

Does my gift expire if it is not redeemed?

If your gift is not redeemed by the recipient within a year of the purchase date, it will expire.

I accidentally sent the gift to the wrong recipient—what do I do?

To correct this issue, please contact our support team.

Why am I unable to redeem my gift?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to redeem your gift:

  • You are attempting to redeem your gift on a Dropbox Business account. To redeem your gift, make sure you have a personal account paired to your Dropbox Business account. If you don’t have a separate personal account, you can create a new one at
  • You have a current or past Dropbox Plus subscription with a billing address set to a country outside the United States. At this time, Dropbox Plus can only be gifted to users in the United States.
  • You have a current Dropbox Plus subscription with Extended Version History. At this time, you cannot gift Dropbox Plus to someone that has Extended Version History.
  • You have a Dropbox Plus account with more or less than 1TB of space. Dropbox Plus cannot be gifted to these accounts. To claim the gift, redeem it on another personal account.
  • You have a current Dropbox Plus subscription purchased from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Dropbox Plus cannot be gifted to these accounts without changing the billing information on file. Before you claim your gift, you’ll be prompted to update your billing information.

What happens when my gifted subscription ends?

During your gifted subscription, you will have the option to enter your billing details. If you choose to do so, your subscription will be renewed at the end of the gift period and your selected method of payment will be charged. If you do not chose to renew your subscription, your account will be downgraded. Your data will remain unchanged and all of your files will be retained, but you may exceed your space quota.

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