Meeting minutes, notes and agenda template

Tasked with taking notes at a meeting? Use this handy notes template, and half your work is done.

Keep everyone on the same page

Just add your content

With the pre-formatted text as your guide, you can use this ready-to-use meeting minutes template to fill in the attendees, agenda, discussion and action items as soon as your meeting begins.

Invite your team to the doc

This cloud-based notes template makes sharing simple. No need to save to your hard drive, no need to attach it to an email. Just invite your meeting attendees into the doc.

Co-edit together in real time

After you invite your team to the doc, they can view the meeting notes and add comments. They can even update text or add a photo of the whiteboard if you give them editing privileges.

4 tips to improve your meeting notes

1. Set up your doc before the meeting

This template is designed to get you organized and put everyone on the same page even before you meet. Because it’s a Dropbox Paper doc, it lets you link to calendar events and use time-saving keyboard shortcuts. 

2. Add links for context

If you have existing docs with background info, add links to help your team get up to speed. Before the meeting, share your meeting notes doc to provide context for the discussion.

3. Highlight key points

To make a note more noticeable, add images or Dropbox files to provide proof points and examples. With the Paper mobile app, you can snap a picture of whiteboards and stickies, and your photo will be automatically placed in your meeting notes.

4. Note decisions and tasks

The template’s to-dos feature shows your team the next steps and helps you keep track of action items. To quickly create checkboxes, type brackets (“[ ]”) followed by a space. To assign to-dos, just tag a teammate with @ plus their name. 

Dropbox Paper is a collaborative workspace where teams can coordinate projects and communicate around content — all in one place. Paper offers real-time editing features right alongside to-do lists and timelines, making it easier to plan projects, run brainstorms, hold meetings, and review work.

To use Dropbox Paper, you’ll need to have a Dropbox account. Currently, Paper docs don’t count toward your storage quota and there isn’t a limit on how many Paper docs you can create or own. You can access your Paper docs on the web by clicking on the Paper tab on or navigating to You can also use the Paper mobile app to access, create, and edit Paper docs.

Yes, using only the Dropbox Paper mobile app you can work in Paper offline. With the Paper mobile app, you can create new documents, edit existing ones, add comments, and share content with others. While offline, you can access, edit, and comment on starred and recent documents or create new documents; any changes you’ve made will sync when you come back online.

There are a few tips to taking effective meeting minutes with Dropbox Paper. Meeting minutes are a record of what was discussed and what should happen as a result of the meeting, so it’s good to have a structure set up before the meeting starts. Set up a Paper doc with the agenda, add links for context, and share it with those invited to the meeting so everyone starts off on the same page. Meeting minutes should also include action items and due dates for those tasks, which can be done easily in Paper by adding @mentions and task due dates.

It’s easy to create a meeting minutes template with Dropbox Paper. When you’re using Paper on the web, you can use the existing meeting minutes template by clicking on “Create meeting notes” link on the right-hand column. You can also create your own meeting minute template that’s customized to your needs by creating a new Paper doc, setting up the fields to be filled in, and clicking “Templatize” in the document menu. This will convert your Paper doc to a template to be used any time you want.

Create your own meeting notes template

Want to customise your meeting notes? Paper lets you build your own clean, professional-looking template for meeting minutes or agendas with any subheads and sections you choose.

Create and share
early ideas

This meeting minutes template is made in Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace where teams can create and share early ideas. Paper makes it easy to take meeting notes, assign to-dos, develop creative ideas and manage projects. With Paper as your central project hub, you don’t have to be in the same room to be on the same page.

meeting agenda template by Dropbox Paper