Project Plan template

Need to guide your team from kickoff to recap? This project planning template will keep everyone organized and on the same page.

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Manage your project in one central place

Provide context

Begin with a brief overview, then define your goals, and add links to related background docs your team can research to get up to speed.

Set timelines

This pre-formatted project planning template helps you quickly communicate key dates so everyone knows when everything’s due.

Add action items

Create a fast to-do list and assign duties to different teammates using the @mention feature.

3 ways this template can help you manage projects

1. Delegate to-dos 

To keep your project moving forward, use the @mention function in a checklist to assign to-dos. This adds collaborators to your doc, so they can see what’s needed and when.

2. Gather feedback in one place

Emailing files back and forth can lead to confusion. This project management template lets your team work together in the same doc, add comments, and always view the most recent version.

3. Consolidate project assets

With this template, you can add context by embedding all kinds of content—code snippets, YouTube videos, Dropbox files, and more. Paste the URL in the doc and a preview automatically appears.

Create your own project management plan template

Want to design a project plan that suits your team’s specific needs? Dropbox Paper gives you the freedom to turn any doc into a template or build your own template with any subheads you want.

Plan your project in Dropbox Paper

It’s a collaborative workspace that helps teams create and share early ideas. From initial planning to final production, Paper makes it easy to track your project’s progress and keep your team on the same page at every stage. 

simple project plan template by Dropbox Paper