Create efficient timeline templates with Dropbox Paper

Schedule your project timelines with Dropbox to be more productive and get more done.

Simplify project management with your team

Dropbox Paper has a better way for you to collaborate on documents with your team. Just create a timeline template for whatever documents need a project timeline—such as creative briefs, launch plans, and social media calendars.

Share the template with your team, add placeholder text to help them understand what they need to fill in, and give them edit access. And any adjustments you make are automatically saved in real time.

Project timeline example

Keep everyone engaged and informed with timeline templates

Dropbox project plan templates help you organize and track projects from start to finish. Make to-do lists and assign tasks to specific team members so everyone knows who’s doing what. Easily keep track of—and change, as needed—project status updates, team roles, project timelines, and other key info. 

Project timeline template example

Share ideas, meet project timelines, and make changes on the fly

Deliver a great team project

Collaborate on group projects in a single doc. Co-edit in real time, give feedback with comments, and stay on top of deadlines with timelines and to-dos.

Launch a new product

Create a central source of truth for your team. Gather requirements, add code snippets and designs, and get input from stakeholders.

Make a video or film

Stay organized and keep everything your team needs in one place—scripts, mood boards, storyboards, music, video, rough cuts, timelines, and budgets.

Frequently asked questions

An example of a good project timeline is a timeline that’s transparent for everyone involved. A project timelines isn’t just for management or stakeholders. When all team members have access to the document, they’re able to see when everything is due while also creating a collaborative workspace that helps everyone share ideas and, as needed, address the urgency for certain projects to be completed. A good project timeline is both transparent and flexible.

The main purpose of a timeline is to clearly outline and adhere to a project’s intended goals and timeframes, including all delivery dates and resources needed during a specific project. A project timeline helps you or your team stay on track to help ensure that everyone is organized and working toward the same timeline goals within the project scope.

Dropbox Paper timeline templates help make project management more effective because Paper has been designed to allow team members to create a visual representation of a project, as well as to designate who is responsible for a given task. By mapping out all the steps of a project in one document, everyone can literally stay on the same page. Dropbox Paper timeline templates are especially effective for teams that are in various locations as it helps them to stay in constant contact with other team members no matter where they are.

Dropbox makes project timelines collaborative

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