Dropbox Showcase Digital portfolios to engage clients in a whole new way

Present your work in a single, professionally-packaged online portfolio and track what happens after you share. Showcase delivers drag-and-drop simplicity to let you show your files in the best light.

Getting started is easy

Add your brand

Include your name, logo, and other branding on the same page as your files. Your work will be distinctly yours, no matter where it’s shared.

Tell your story

Guide your audience through your work by customizing the layout and adding captions to your files.

Track progress

Easily keep an eye on who views, downloads, and comments on the work you share in your digital portfoilio. You’ll know exactly when to follow up.

Dropbox Showcase features

Branded header

Include a logo, featured image, title, and introduction on your online portfolio.

Customizable layout

Drag-and-drop to reorder your files and add informative captions.

Easy access anywhere

View with or without a Dropbox account on web or mobile.

Syncs with Dropbox

Files are kept up-to-date, even after your digital porfolio has been shared.

Viewer tracking

Know who views, opens, downloads, and comments on your files.

Advanced privacy

Control who gets to comment, download, and share your showcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the people I share a showcase with need a Dropbox account?

No, anyone you’ve shared a showcase with can view it, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

However, to leave comments on your showcase the people you’ve shared it with will need a Dropbox account—and need to be signed in to that account.

Who can view, download, or edit a showcase?

By default, anyone with a link to the showcase can view it. This means that someone you’ve shared a link with could forward it to someone else. However, you can set it so that only people you invite to the showcase can view it. This option is available in the sharing settings.

By default, the people you share a showcase with can download and leave comments on the files in it.

Only the owner (or creator) of a showcase can edit it. However, if you have files from a shared folder in your showcase, anyone you’ve shared that folder with can edit the files in it. Those changes would then appear in the showcase.

What’s the difference between a showcase and a folder?

Both a showcase and a folder do similar things, in that they’re ways of packaging (or “bundling”) files in your Dropbox account. You can then share this package with others.

There are three main differences between a showcase and a folder:
  • A folder is simply a list of the files within it, whereas a showcase allows you to curate the files on a branded page with visual previews, custom layouts, and file captions
  • You can track activity on a showcase; this can’t be done on a folder
  • Any given file can only exist in a single folder, whereas a file can be included in multiple showcases

There’s also one important similarity: If you edit the files in a showcase or a shared folder, recipients will always see that latest version of the file.

What file types can be previewed in a showcase?

Any file type that previews in Dropbox will also preview in a showcase.

Video previews won’t play directly on the showcase page—they'll appear as a still image instead. However, if you click this image a lightbox will open where the video preview can be played.

See a list of the file types that will preview in Dropbox.

Does a showcase use Dropbox storage space?

No, a showcase doesn’t use additional Dropbox storage space. Only the files in the showcase use your storage space.