Give the gift of Dropbox Plus

Know someone who could benefit from all the space and amazing features of Dropbox Plus? Send them a year-long subscription for $99.00(Available only in the United States.)

Gift Dropbox Plus

Dropbox Plus comes with the following features

Storage2 GB1 TB (1,000 GB)
Recover deleted files30 days30 days
Office 365 integration
Wipe files from stolen devices
Priority Email support
Password protected links
Auto-expiring shared links
Read-only shared folders
Mobile offline folders


Can I purchase a gift now but send it later?

Yes. At checkout, you have the option to send this gift later.

What if the recipient already has Dropbox Plus?

The gifted subscription will begin after the recipient’s current subscription expires.

Will I be charged again for the gift after the year expires?

No. You will only be charged for a gift once, and it will not renew.

What happens when the gifted subscription ends?

You will not be charged to renew the subscription. After the gift subscription ends, the recipient will have the option to renew with their own billing details.
Gift Dropbox Plus