Master the Admin Console

Take a few minutes to get to know the Admin Console's key features.

The Admin Console is the central place for onboarding, monitoring activity, setting your team's security options, and managing your billing information.

Understanding the Admin Console

Depending on your Admin Tier, you'll see different tabs within the Admin Console. Here's a quick rundown of each section within the Admin Console, and who can see them:

  • Dashboard - Gather key insights on your team's activities, access shortcuts to important admin actions, and quickly find members to manage their accounts. (All admins)
  • Members - Add/delete team members, monitor their activity and take quick actions (e.g., reset passwords or add another member as an admin). (All admins)
  • Activity - Monitor your entire team by viewing specific events or creating full reports across specific dates. You can get more detailed info by clicking on a team member's name. (Team and user management admins only)
  • Team folder - Use a team folder to automatically share and manage content with the groups that need it. Only admins can create or delete a team folder. (Team admin only)
  • Groups - With groups, team members can create lists of people who should have access to many of the same files and folders (like departments, teams, or functions). (All admins)
  • Account - Add more licenses to your plan, view your current plan, update billing information, and review billing history. (Team admin only)
  • Help - Get access to our self-service resources like our Help Center and this guide, or contact your account team for additional help. (All admins)

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