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Why did my payment fail?

If a payment is declined, Dropbox displays an error message in a red box on dropbox.com. If your subscription auto-renews, you receive an email letting you know that your payment was declined.

In most cases, credit card declines are easily fixed by reentering your billing information and checking to ensure you enter information correctly.

If reentering your billing information doesn't solve the problem, here are additional troubleshooting steps to consider:

  • Call your bank or credit card company

    • Your bank or credit card company may have blocked the charge. You can lift the block by calling your bank and letting them know that you're attempting a legitimate charge.
  • Use a different card
  • Use PayPal instead

Learn more about changing your payment method.

Still need help?

If you contacted your payment vendor and attempted all the above steps, but your payment is still not processing, submit a support request. When submitting a support request, make sure that you're signed in to your account.

Dropbox Business admins can contact support by opening their Admin Console and clicking the Help tab.

Dropbox Business

If a payment fails using the credit card on file on your Dropbox Business account, we may be unable to renew your team subscription. Your account is downgraded to a Dropbox free team and your team member accounts are reverted to Dropbox Basic accounts.

If you'd like to continue using Dropbox Business, you can re-purchase a subscription and set up a new team.

You can also renew your subscription by updating your billing information.

Learn more

For PayPal transactions, a full list of error codes and their descriptions, as reported by the banks authorizing the transactions, can be found on the PayPal website.