How do I remove a member from my Dropbox for Business account?

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If you're an administrator of a Dropbox for Business account, you can remove someone from the account at any time. Once the person is removed from the account, you can reassign the license and invite another person to the Business account.

When you remove a member, this deactivates the user's account. The user will no longer have access to the account, and shared links created by the account will be disabled. Dropbox will also stop syncing files to the user's computers and mobile devices. Files that have already been synced to the user's Dropbox folder can be removed from any device with an active internet connection using remote wipe.

In the process of removing a member from your team, you can also use account transfer. This option allows you to move all of the files and folders in the person's work Dropbox to another person on the team. All of the files and folders that are in the former member's work Dropbox at the time you initiate the transfer will go to the recipient's Dropbox. Additionally, Dropbox will look to preserve any file sharing relationships, so any shared folders or folder ownership will also be transferred.

Remove a member from your Dropbox for Business account

  1. Sign in to your Dropbox for Business admin account.
  2. Click on Admin Console in the sidebar on the left.
  3. On the Members page, locate the member you'd like to remove.
  4. Click the gear icon to the right of the member's name and select Remove user from the menu.
  5. Decide if you would like to transfer the account to another team member and select the recipient.
  6. Select whether or not you'd like to use remote wipe to remove any files from the user’s linked devices the next time they come online.

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