What domains does Dropbox use in an official capacity?

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Dropbox uses several domains to run the service. If you ever receive a communication that purports to be from Dropbox, but it does not come from a domain listed below, please be careful as it might contain malware or be a spam or phishing attempt.

Official email from Dropbox

  • All email from employees, support staff, and some service-related email (like email verification and password reset confirmations) are sent from dropbox.com or dropbox.zendesk.com.
  • All Dropbox for Business-related email originates from dropbox.com or dropboxpartners.com.
  • All promotional and tip emails originate from dropboxmail.com.

Verified Dropbox domains

All Dropbox content should originate from the following domains:

  • www.dropbox.com/
  • www.dropboxpartners.com/
  • db.tt/
  • dropboxdocs.com/
  • dropboxmail.com/
  • dropboxteam.com/
  • dbstatic.com/
  • dropbox.zendesk.com

URLs used to host user data

The paths below are used to host content for users when they create links to their folders and files (for example, using Dropbox links). Dropbox does not use these paths to ask you for private or personal information.

  • dl.dropboxusercontent.com/*
  • dl.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-web.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-client.dropbox.com/*
  • *.dropbox.com/u/
  • *.dropbox.com/s/
  • *.dropbox.com/sh/

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