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How are shared folders different with Dropbox Business?

With Dropbox Business, a shared folder only counts once toward the overall storage quota for the team. That means you can share as many folders with teammates as you want and not worry about taking up the space of multiple accounts.

You can also share a folder with someone outside your team if allowed by your admin. In this case, the size of the shared folder will take up both your team's storage quota and your external friend's quota, just like normal.

If your admin allows you to share folders with people not on your Dropbox Business team, then you can still set certain shared folders as "team only", or available only to members of your Dropbox Business team.

What is a team folder?

Team folders are special types of shared folders that can be created by an admin. Team folders are automatically shared with every member on your Dropbox Business team.

To recognize a team folder, reference the folder icon:

Team folder
Team folder on dropbox.com and Mac computers
Team folder
Team folder on Windows computers

Can I share a team folder with people outside of my team?

You can share sub-folders of the team folder with external collaborators. Or, if you're the owner of an existing shared folder that includes external collaborators, you can drag it into the team folder from your desktop or move it at dropbox.com.

It is not possible to share a Dropbox link to a team folder.

Can I rename a team folder?

There isn't a way to rename a team folder. Instead, you'll need to delete the team folder you want to rename—making sure to save a copy of the files inside—and create a new team folder with the new name. Then, you can migrate the files to the new team folder. Note that only admins can create and delete team folders, and they must do so from the admin console.

Can I convert a shared folder to a team folder?

It's not possible to convert an existing shared folder into a team folder. Instead, you can create a new team folder from the Admin Console. Then, from the Dropbox folder on your computer, drag and drop the contents of the existing shared folder to the new team folder.

Dropbox Business teams share the same storage quota—how does this affect shared folders?

Dropbox Business membership allows each team member to access the team's quota pool. While this does reduce the likelihood that any one team member will go over a storage limit, this doesn't automatically mean team members automatically have access to team shared folders. Team members will still need to manually share folders.