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How can I use Active Directory to manage Dropbox Business members?

If you’d like to sync your Active Directory with Dropbox Business, but don’t need single sign-on for your team members, then check out the Dropbox AD Connector. The AD Connector is great for companies interested in simply provisioning and deprovisioning users.

Click here to learn more, or click here to get started.

Dropbox Business administrators can automate the creation and removal of accounts from an existing Active Directory system. Once integrated, you can use Active Directory to manage membership. Provisioning is fast, easy, and free, thanks to our integration partners.

To integrate with Active Directory, you'll need:

  • To be the team admin of a Dropbox Business account
  • Either a new or existing account with one of our identity management partners, or an integration you've implemented using the Dropbox Business API

You can contact our identity management partners to find out more about their special Dropbox plans:

Dropbox Active Directory integration provides control over account provisioning and supports single sign-on (SSO). For more questions regarding integration, please contact the Dropbox sales team or technical support at Okta or OneLogin.