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How do I add a file to my Facebook group?

Share files from your Dropbox with your Facebook groups. Click Add file from a Facebook group and you're given the option to easily add docs, photos, videos or anything else straight from Dropbox.

Add a file to your Facebook group

  1. On your group's page, start a new post and click Add File. You'll see a From Your Dropbox section next to Facebook's regular file uploader.
  2. Click Choose File. If you haven't already, sign in or create a Dropbox account. If this is your first time, you'll also be asked for permission to link your Dropbox account to Facebook.
  3. Select the file from your Dropbox, and a link to the file will be added to your post. You can also include a message with your post.

Members of the group can then preview the file, download it, or add comments to your post. From now on, the group will be notified whenever you make changes to the file.

Please note that Dropbox and Facebook exchange only the information that's needed for you to add a file to your group. Facebook doesn't receive other information or access to your Dropbox account.

No files in your Dropbox?

If you created a new account while linking to Facebook groups, you'll be starting with an empty Dropbox. Luckily, adding files to your Dropbox is quick and simple.

For our advanced users

Your links are secure

When you share a link, Dropbox creates a unique token used only in that link. It is almost impossible to guess this token. That said, anyone who can see the link can copy it and post it elsewhere, such as another website.