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Can I use Carousel or Mailbox with Dropbox Business?

Both Carousel and Mailbox are intended for personal memories and correspondence. However, there are different rules associated with using them with Dropbox Business:

  • Carousel can also be used with Dropbox Business accounts
  • Mailbox cannot be connected with a Dropbox Business account

    • It's also not possible to join a Dropbox Business team using a Dropbox account that is already connected to Mailbox. If you have a separate personal account that is connected to your Dropbox Business account, then you can still use Mailbox with that personal account. If you have not yet linked your personal and work accounts, you can do using the button below.

Creating a new personal email address for use on a Business account

One other work-around is to transfer your Dropbox Business account to a new personal email address. When you attempt to the join the Dropbox Business team, you should be prompted to do so.

You'll need to make sure to choose a new personal email address. If you already have a Dropbox account with your personal email address, choose a different personal email address without a Dropbox account attached.

Then once you've joined the team, you can transfer files between your two personal Dropbox accounts until you have all files located on the same account.