How do I set sharing permissions for my Business account?

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If you're the administrator of a Dropbox for Business account, you can control whether team members can share stuff with people outside the team.

To set sharing permissions, sign in to the Dropbox website and click on Admin Console in the sidebar on the left. Then click on Sharing.

The Sharing settings in the Admin Console
The Sharing settings in the Admin Console

You can set different rules for shared folders and shared links. The rules will apply for everyone on the team, so you won't need to spend time making a decision about each instance of sharing. If you do allow sharing outside the team, members will still be able to make individual folders or links "team only" as needed.

Settings for shared folders

  • Choose whether team members can invite people outside the team to join shared folders. If you allow this, members can decide whether each shared folder is "team only" when they create it.
  • Choose whether team members can join shared folders belonging to people outside the team. Note that an outsider who owns a shared folder can invite other outsiders to join the folder, regardless of the rule you've set for team members.

The rules you set for shared folders do not apply retroactively. For example, if a team member invites someone outside the team to join a folder on Monday, then on Tuesday you turn off permission to invite outsiders to shared folders, the non-team member who got the invitation on Monday will still be able to join the folder.

Settings for shared links

Choose whether people outside your team can view shared links created by team members. If you allow this, a team member who creates a link can decide whether it's accessible to anyone or just the team.

Your setting for shared links does apply retroactively. If you don't allow links to be shared outside your team, any previous links that team members have created will no longer be viewable by outsiders. If you then allow links to be shared outside your team, those links will become viewable by outsiders again.

Note: Your setting only applies to shared links created by members of your team. If someone outside your team belongs to one of your shared folders and creates a link to the folder or any of the files, the link will continue to work regardless of your permission setting.

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