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How do I cancel Dropbox for Business and get a refund for my subscription?

Canceling a subscription means that your Business account will be downgraded, and all accounts connected with the team will revert to Basic plans.

Dropbox for Business team admins can cancel a subscription by using one of the two methods below:

  • Visit the account page and click Cancel Dropbox for Business
  • If you don't see this option, contact Dropbox support to help you process your cancellation (contact info can be found in the admin console)

If your account is eligible a refund will automatically be processed once you've completed the cancellation steps. See below for specific information on our refund policy.


If you’re the billing contact for a Dropbox for Business team and you handle the team's payments, please contact your team admin. The team admin can contact us using the information on the admin console, and we’ll handle this for you.

Direct Debit payment method refunds

Please contact your bank for a refund of transactions paid with the direct debit payment method. Only your bank can process a chargeback request.

Direct Debit payment method chargebacks

Any chargeback requested from your bank will lead to downgrade of your Dropbox for Business subscription.

Please be aware that Dropbox will not delete any of your files when your subscription is downgraded. If downgrading causes your account to go over quota, your file syncing between connected devices will stop.

The team will be deactivated and all members accounts will be reverted back to Basic plans.

If you are requesting a partial chargeback for the Dropbox for Business payment, our support team will attempt to contact the Admin requesting more information regarding the portion of the subscription that’d you’d like to suspend.

Removing team member licenses

Neither full nor prorated refunds are provided for licenses removed during a current Dropbox for Business subscription.