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There's a Dropbox charge on my credit card—which account is this for?

Occasionally, a Dropbox user with multiple Dropbox accounts will upgrade to Dropbox Pro or Dropbox Business, and then forget which account they upgraded.

If you've forgotten which email address is associated with your paid Dropbox account, you can look up the account associated with charges on your credit card bill. This will also work if you're paying for multiple accounts on one credit card.

To look up a charge, find the transaction ID found on your credit card bill and then visit our credit card charge lookup tool. Here you can enter this ID and discover the corresponding email address associated with a charge.

  • Note: If you're signed in to a different Dropbox account in your web browser, the credit card charge lookup tool will ask you to enter:

    • The last four digits of your credit card number
    • Your credit card's expiration date

If you're not able to use the credit card charge lookup tool, or if you have another question about payments or billing:

  • Dropbox Pro or Business users:

  • Dropbox Basic (or free) users:

    • If you haven't yet done so, submit a ticket.
    • If you submitted a ticket, and then arrived at this article via an automated email response from us, reply to that email.
    • In your reply, let us know all of the troubleshooting steps you've already tried.