Consumption tax on Dropbox subscriptions in Japan

Note: This article only applies to Dropbox customers in Japan. If you have questions about taxes on Dropbox subscriptions in other countries:

Dropbox is legally obligated to pay consumption tax on customer transactions. We use the country you've added to your account to determine the applicable consumption tax. If you're in a country where consumption tax is due, you'll see the subscription amount plus the consumption tax as line items on your billing invoices and receipts.

As of October, 2015, Dropbox charges this tax on Dropbox Plus and Business subscriptions for customers in Japan.


  • If you're a Dropbox Plus or Business user located in Japan, you'll be charged this tax on your next renewal
  • You'll see the charge regardless of whether you have an annual or monthly subscription

What's the consumption tax rate for Dropbox Plus and Business in Japan?

Consumption tax is generally determined by the location of the buyer. As of October, 2015, the tax rate for Dropbox in Japan is 8%.

How do I know if I'll be charged this tax?

To see if you'll be charged consumption tax:

Note: You won't need to complete the purchase to see the applicable tax rate.

Why is Dropbox charging consumption tax for paid subscriptions?

As a registered foreign business, Dropbox has a legal obligation to pay consumption tax on transactions with customers in certain jurisdictions.

Where can I see the consumption tax charge for my existing Dropbox subscription?

You can see the consumption tax charge by viewing your account billing history on

Dropbox Business team admins:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Open the Admin Console.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Select Billing history.

Dropbox Plus users:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click your name or avatar at the top of any page, then click Settings.
  3. Click Account.
  4. Select the Billing history section.

Learn more about getting a Dropbox subscription invoice.

Does Dropbox offer tax exemptions?

If you're a Tax Exempt Enterprise, contact our support team to provide proof of your Tax Exempt Enterprise status.

What is the registered foreign business number for Dropbox?

Our registered foreign business number is 00018.

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