What if I upgraded the wrong account, or want to transfer my Plus storage to another account?

If you accidentally upgraded the wrong account to Plus or Professional or you want to use your upgraded subscription on a different account you can:

You can't transfer Plus or Professional subscriptions or storage quota between Dropbox accounts. 

Change the email address on an upgraded account

If you want to sign in to your Dropbox Plus or Professional account with a different email address, change the email address associated with your Dropbox account.

If the email address you wish to associate with your Plus or Professional subscription is already associated with another Dropbox account, you will need to switch email addresses, as explained in the next section.

Switch the email addresses between two Dropbox accounts

To switch the email addresses between two Dropbox accounts, you will need a total of three email addresses: one that is currently associated with your Plus account (A), one associated with the account you wish to upgrade to Plus (B), and a placeholder email address (C).

  1. Sign in to dropbox.com with your Plus account.
  2. Click your avatar at the top right corner of the page to open your account menu.
  3. Click Settings, and then click the Profile tab.
  4. Click the Change email link under your current email address.
  5. Enter your placeholder email address (email address C)—this will release the email address associated with your Plus account (email address A).
  6. Sign out of Dropbox, sign in with your Basic (free) account (email address B) and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 for that account.
  7. Enter the email address that was previously released (email address A).
  8. Sign out of Dropbox, sign in with your placeholder email address (email address C) and repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.
  9. Enter email address B. Your Plus subscription will now be associated with email address B and your Basic account will be associated with email address A.

Merge files by unlinking and relinking your Dropbox accounts

The merge option is useful for transfering all of your files to a new Dropbox, or combining two Dropbox accounts that have completely different contents. However, if the two Dropbox accounts have similar—but not identical—content, merging could cause problems.

For example, if you have a folder in both Dropbox accounts, but the files in each version differ even slightly, the entire folder will be duplicated. In this situation you should probably choose not to merge. You can also avoid the choice altogether by deleting, renaming, or moving the old Dropbox folder before you relink your computer.

To merge accounts you will need two email addresses: one that is currently linked with your computer (A), and one that is linked to a second account where you'd like to merge all of your files (B).

If you have not yet done so, install the Dropbox desktop client. Next, sign in to your free Dropbox account. Dropbox will begin syncing the files associated with this account to your computer.

  1. On your desktop, click the Dropbox icon on the systems tray or menu bar.
  2. Click the gear icon, select Preferences…, and then open the Account tab.
  3. Click Unlink This Dropbox... and confirm your choice.
  4. Dropbox will prompt you to sign in again. Enter the email address and password for Account B.
  5. The application will detect that another Dropbox folder already exists on the computer and will give you two options: Choose Another Location or Install.
  6. Choose the Install option so that your two Dropbox folders (one will be named "Dropbox (old)" and the other simply "Dropbox") will be in the same location on your computer.
  7. Drag the "Dropbox (old)" folder into the "Dropbox" folder and wait for all of the files to sync.
  8. You will see a green checkmark when all of your files are successfully merged and synced into Account B.

Note: If the account that is currently linked to your computer is not the account that you wish to use on this device, feel free to repeat steps 1 to 3 and sign in with your other account.

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