The enterprise installer: deploy Dropbox Business for your entire team

Beginning with the Dropbox desktop application version 3.6 (released June, 2015), Dropbox has an enterprise installer for Windows that can be run silently from another, elevated process.

This release enables scaled provisioning. Dropbox Business team admins can run the installer remotely—using an existing managed-software solution or deployment mechanism—and install the Dropbox desktop application on the computers of multiple team members at once.

How do I download and run the enterprise installer?

  1. If you are a Dropbox Business team admin and would like to use the enterprise installer, first download the offline installer
    • The installer file should be named “Dropbox [x.y.z] Offline Installer.exe” (where “[x.y.z]” represents the three-digit designation of the latest installer version)
  2. To run the installer silently for the current computer, execute the installer file you just downloaded with the /S option appended:

  3. Dropbox x.y.z Offline Installer.exe /S

  4. To deploy the installer to more devices, invoke the installer with the silent option from your preferred managed software solution
    • This will install Dropbox on the Program Files (x86) directory and will require new users to sign in to their Dropbox accounts and manually set up preferences
    • Existing users will not be required to sign in or configure preferences again

Which managed-software solution should I use?

While there are many managed-software solutions that can allow you to manage deployments for your entire team—such as SCCM or Group Policy—Dropbox does not recommend one over another. If you have further questions about a particular solution, or about running the enterprise installer, please contact your account manager (contact info can be found in the admin console).

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