What will change if I merge my Dropbox Business team with another team?

If there is more than one Dropbox Business team in your organization, or if you're working closely with another team, it may make sense to merge your separate teams into a single team. Merging teams will simplify ownership, billing, policy enforcement, and even make it easier for your teams to collaborate.

If you'd like to merge separate Dropbox Business teams into a single team, simply contact Dropbox support (contact info is located under the Help tab in the Admin Console). But first, read below for answers to some frequently asked questions about merging Dropbox Business teams.

What will change if I merge my team into a new, primary team?

When merging teams, you'll need to decide whether your team will become the primary team (the one that's joined by others), or a secondary team (one that joins a primary team). If your team is merging as a secondary team:

  • The following items will not be transferred to the new team (meaning you'll want to save them before merging):
    • Deleted team member accounts
    • Activity logs
    • Admin permissions
    • Team API apps
    • Invoices and receipts
  • The following items will be different once you join the new team:
    • If the secondary and primary teams have team folders with the same name, the secondary team's folder will be renamed
      • For example, a team folder called "Marketing" would become "Marketing (1)"
    • Groups will be renamed to include your team name
      • For example, a group called "Marketing" will be renamed
        "[secondary team name] - Marketing"
  • The following items may be different, depending on the settings of the primary team:
    • Sharing permissions may change
    • SSO may be required
    • Team folders may be added to the accounts of members of the secondary team

If you're a Dropbox Business team member and you need help or have questions about these changes, please contact your new admin (the admin of the primary team).

What will change if a secondary team merges into my primary team?

  • Groups will be transferred from the secondary team, and will include the secondary team's name
    • For example, a group called "Marketing" will be renamed
      "[secondary team name] - Marketing"
  • Your allotted licenses will be used for both secondary team members and newly invited members
    • You will need to be sure you have enough licenses available for each new member to join
  • Team admins will receive an email stating that the teams have been merged
  • Team members on the secondary team will also receive an email to let them know they are on a new team

Please note that if you require SSO, you'll need to ensure that each new member from the secondary team is added through your SSO provider.

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