Storing photos in a Dropbox Business account

Camera uploads and Dropbox Business accounts

  • Photos or videos added prior to April 9, 2014 remain in your work Dropbox
  • After April 9, 2014 camera uploads is only supported on personal Dropbox accounts
  • The Photos page on only shows the photos stored in your personal Dropbox

These changes were made to help you avoid mixing personal and work files. If you'd like to add photos and videos to a Dropbox Business account, you can select individual files and add them manually.

To enable camera uploads on your mobile device, you must either:

  • Connect your computer to your personal Dropbox account, or
  • Upgrade your personal account to Dropbox Pro


After connecting your accounts, you'll be able to choose whether screenshots save to your personal or work account. When you take your first screenshot, we'll ask you to select the account where you'd like to save the image.

The photos page on

The photos page on only shows photos from your personal Dropbox. Any photos in Dropbox Business will remain accessible through your work account.


You can move photos between your personal and work accounts using the Dropbox desktop application. However, albums will not be moved with the photos.

Note: The Photos page only shows personal photos. This means that albums created in Dropbox Business will no longer exist. But not to worry: your photos remain safe in your work Dropbox.

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