Remote wipe overview

There are two typical scenarios for using remote wipe:

  • If a device is lost or stolen, both Dropbox Plus and Dropbox Business users can choose remote wipe to delete the Dropbox folder from that device the next time it comes online.
  • If a Dropbox Business team member's account needs to be deleted from the team, admins can use remote wipe to delete that member’s work Dropbox folder from all devices.

Once you unlink a device and select the remote wipe option, the device will immediately stop syncing. Dropbox will attempt to delete the entire Dropbox folder whenever the device is online and the Dropbox application is running. The remote wipe command is always sent when you unlink mobile devices, and is optional when you unlink computers. Learn more below.

For Dropbox Plus users and Dropbox Business team members

For Dropbox Business admins

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