What exactly gets transferred when I use account transfer?

The Dropbox Business account transfer feature allows an admin to transfer all folders and files from a former team member's Dropbox to a different team member's Dropbox. Shared folder relationships may also be transferred. For example, if the former member owned a shared folder, ownership of the folder goes to the recipient. Some other things, such as shared links, are not transferred. See below for a complete list of what is and is not transferred.

What is transferred:

  • All existing folders and files
  • All deleted files
  • Ownership of shared folders that the former team member owned
  • Membership to shared folders owned by other members of your Dropbox Business team
  • A copy of the Apps folder containing third-party application data

What is not transferred:

  • Groups cannot be transferred via account transfer. Instead, the account admin or a group member will need to manually add new team members to groups.
  • Shared links created by the former member (the links will no longer work)
  • Previous versions of files
  • Membership to shared folders owned by people outside of your Dropbox Business team. Only copies of these folders are transferred.
  • Datastores (a type of data that some third-party apps may use to store their data)

Note: If you use account transfer some time after a member's account was deleted from the team, the contents of these folders will be whatever is in them when you complete the transfer, rather than when the member's account was deleted from team.

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