Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you use Dropbox faster. Keyboard shortcuts are available on Using keyboard shortcuts, you can perform these actions and more:

  • Move between files or folders: or  (up and down arrow keys)
  • Open a file or folder: Enter (enter or return key)
  • Search files and folders: / (forward slash key)

On, press the ? key (question mark) to access the full keyboard shortcut menu.

Select multiple files

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can select multiple files on

To select multiple consecutive files or folders:

  1. Select the first item.
  2. Press and hold Shift.
  3. Click the last item.

To select multiple nonconsecutive files or folders:

  1. Press and hold CNTL (control on Windows) or  (command on Mac).
  2. Select all files or folders you want.
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