Smart Sync is experiencing an issue

This article discusses a feature that is available to all Dropbox Professional customers. Smart Sync is also available via early access for Dropbox Business teams.

If you're a Dropbox Professional customer, the feature is available by default. If you're a Dropbox Business team admin, you can enable Smart Sync and get started.

What does it mean for a Dropbox product to be in "alpha" or "beta"?

If you receive a notification that Smart Sync is experiencing issues, it’s likely that some of the processes required for Smart Sync aren't installed or running properly.

To resolve these issues, try each of the following steps in this order:

  1. Quit the Dropbox application on your computer, then reopen the application.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Re-install Dropbox with admin permissions to fix the issue.
  4. Check that you have the latest patches and system updates. Windows 7 requires a security update called “KB3033929”.
  5. Contact Dropbox support.

Notes: You don't need to complete all these steps if one of them resolves the issue.

Learn more about Smart Sync for team members.

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