What is the Photos folder for?

The Photos page is changing on July 17, 2017, but your pictures will stay safe in your Dropbox account. After July 17, you’ll no longer be able to create or share albums on the web, or browse photos in the current timeline view.

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New Dropbox accounts created after June 14, 2013 no longer have a Photos folder. If you'd like a Photos folder in your account, you can create one. However, it will be like any other folder in your Dropbox.

The Photos page on dropbox.com gives you all of the features that the Photos folder provided, and more. The Photos page is a convenient place to store your photos, and it makes it easy to share photos. You can also share a folder from the Photos page.

To access the Photos page:

  1. Sign in to dropbox.com.
  2. Visit the Photos page.

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