If you got an SMS code for two-step verification, even though you weren't trying to sign in

Dropbox will only send a two-step verification SMS message if you (or someone else) enter the correct email address and password on the account.

If you received an SMS but weren't trying to sign in, it's possible that someone else entered your correct email address and password. Someone else may have your password if:

  • You shared it with others
  • It's easy to guess
  • You use the same password for another service that's been compromised

Take the following steps to make your account as secure as possible:

  • Change your password. Be sure to use a strong password that you don't use for any other service. When hackers obtain sensitive information from one service, they often use it to access accounts at other services. This is made possible by the fact that many people use the same password across multiple services.
  • Change the password for the email account that you use for your Dropbox account.
  • Unlink any unfamiliar devices, web sessions, and apps linked to your account by going to your security page.

If you're still concerned about the security of your account, contact us.

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