The Dropbox Professional plan now has 2 TB of storage space

After listening to customer feedback, we've increased the amount of space on the Dropbox Professional plan from 1 TB to 2 TB. 

This change occurs at no additional charge or increase in price. Your subscription will remain unchanged, just with more space.

With the new space you’ll be able to do even more with Dropbox such as: 

  • Store the files in your account without taking up all your hard drive space with Dropbox Smart Sync
  • Share large files like videos and CAD files as tailor-made presentations with Dropbox Showcase

What if I’ve already marked my account to downgrade, but want to keep the extra space?

If you’ve scheduled your Professional account to downgrade to Plus, you will only have 1TB of space after the downgrade. To reverse the downgrade, sign in to, and click Resubscribe to Professional.

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