What is the Telmex + Dropbox space promotion, and how do I know if I’m eligible?

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Promotion terms and eligibility

What is the Dropbox + Telmex promo?

The Dropbox + Telmex promotion allows Dropbox Basic and Plus users to earn 5 GB of additional space for 12 months. It is available to all existing Telmex Infinitum customers, or those who become Telmex Infinitum customers during this promotion. Any Telmex Infinitum customer who completes 5 of the 7 Dropbox get started steps will earn the promotional space.

Who can claim the 5 GB promo?

Telmex will offer this promotion to Infinitum subscribers with eligible plans, who:

  • Have a current Telmex Infinitum account (in other words, are current with subscription payments)
  • Have linked their Telmex Infinitum account to their Dropbox account

Can I link more than one Dropbox account to the Telmex promo?

Yes, you can link up to four Dropbox accounts to your Telmex account, and each will receive the additional 5 GB of space for the 12-month duration of the promotion.

Can I link a Dropbox account more than once?

No. Each Dropbox account can only redeem this promotion once.

Can I transfer my promotional space to another Dropbox account?

No. The promotional space is not transferable once it has been redeemed.

Redeeming the promotion

How do I claim this promotion?

To earn the 5 GB of additional Dropbox space, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your mi Telmex account
  2. Enter your invoice data
  3. Select your promotion

  4. select promotion
  5. Sign up for Dropbox, or sign in if you already have an account
  6. Link your Dropbox account to your Telmex account
    • Note: Be sure that you sign in to the Dropbox account you’d like to use to redeem the promotion
  7. link account
  8. Click Aceptar to confirm your activation

  9. accept
  10. Once in your Dropbox account, complete 5 out of the 7 Get started steps

  11. Get started

I’m unable to redeem the Dropbox promotional space. Can you help?

If you're unable to redeem your Dropbox promotional space, or unable to link your Dropbox and Telmex accounts, please check the following:

  • Have you completed 5 of the 7 Get started steps? You must complete 5 of 7 Get started steps in order to receive your space, and you will not see the additional space in your account until you do.
  • Have you already used your Dropbox account to claim the Telmex promotion? Each Dropbox account can only redeem the promotion once.
  • Is your Telmex account currently active?
  • Did you accept the option to link your Dropbox account to your Telmex Infinitum account?

I want to upgrade or downgrade my Telmex subscription.

If you would like to downgrade or upgrade your account (for example, from 5 GB to Plus, or from Plus to a promotional subscription), please visit the Telmex site for more info.

When the promotion ends

How can I check when my promotional space expires?

The 5 GB Dropbox promotional space is available for 12 months, beginning the day you complete 5 of the 7 Get started steps. You can verify when your promotional space expires by visiting your account page and clicking View all space earned.

Please note that the 12-month time period for the promotional space begins after you sign up for the promotion on the Telmex website, and have completed 5 of the 7 the Get Started steps.

What happens when my promotional space expires?

When your promotional deal expires, your Dropbox space limit will automatically return to what it was without the promotional space. For example, if you have a Dropbox Plus account, your limit will return to 1 TB (along with any space you've earned through referrals or other bonuses).

If you're over your limit after the promotional space expires, you'll no longer be able to save new photos, videos, and docs to Dropbox. However, Dropbox will not delete any of your files or folders.

Terms of the one-year Telmex + Dropbox space promotion

For Telmex users who also use Dropbox Plus, the promotion is available to those who (a) sign up for Dropbox or sign in to an existing account, and (b) complete the Dropbox Get started guide sometime within the 1-year duration of the Telmex promotion. The promotion is for a single Dropbox personal plan account to receive, for one year, an additional 5 GB of storage space, in addition to the storage space Dropbox offers to users with a Plus account. Each user is only eligible for one promotion of this type for a single account. When the one-year promotional period ends, the 5 GB of promotional space added to the user's Dropbox service will be automatically removed. Use of Dropbox is subject to the Dropbox Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other terms. Promotion not available in China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or the region of Crimea.

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