Why is Dropbox saying it “stopped syncing because it can't update?”

The Dropbox desktop application has a helper process called DropboxUpdate.exe, which periodically checks for version updates. DropboxUpdate.exe is a process that must exist on any computer on which Dropbox has been installed. It runs during installation of the Dropbox app, and periodically afterwards to check for and, if needed, update the Dropbox app to the latest available version.

Like Dropbox, DropboxUpdate.exe requires access to the internet. The Dropbox app will notify you if the helper process is unable to contact our servers to check for updates. If you made adjustments to your firewall or antivirus software in order for Dropbox to run, it's likely you'll need to make the same adjustments for DropboxUpdate.exe. If the helper process is unable to update properly for an extended period of time, Dropbox will stop syncing and present you with the following warning message:

Dropbox will stop syncing soon because it can't update

What should I do if I see this message?

  1. Download the full desktop app installer and reinstall the application.
    • This will update you to the latest version of the Dropbox app and won't affect your files or folders
  2. Check that DropboxUpdate.exe is able to access the internet to check for updates.

How often will this process run?

This process will run during installation, and once every hour afterwards.

Can I disable this process?

No, this process must be allowed to run if you wish to install and use the Dropbox app on your computer.

Note: If you've tried all of the troubleshooting steps above and you're still encountering an error message, please contact Dropbox support.

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