Veterans Belong @ Dropbox

Leadership, integrity, teamwork, and global perspective are just a few of the skills learned through military service. We value the experience that current and former members of the Armed Forces bring, and we believe there is a perfect place for veterans of all backgrounds to grow and thrive at Dropbox. Supported by our inclusive and friendly company culture, robust career development opportunities, and employee resource groups such as Vets@, join us in helping the world work better.

At Dropbox, we’re always looking to hire talented people with integrity and grit — characteristics core to military veterans. It’s important to Dropbox that we're intentional about building an inclusive culture, and we should all care about ensuring our veterans go on to great careers after their service.

Drew Houston, Co-founder and CEO, Dropbox

Vets spotlights

Eric Wittig
“Dropbox is a place where you can have a pretty big impact. You can take your skills from the military and directly apply them to how we’re running the business. There’s not a lot of structure to hold you back; people at Dropbox are very willing to listen to good ideas regardless of where they come from.”
Technical Program Manager, U.S. Navy
Patrick Finucane
“Dropbox is more than the company—it’s the people, and these people act with personal courage, integrity, and responsibility.”
International Physical Security, Irish Army
Joe Laws
“The Army trains you to make decisions quickly and execute on them rather than wait for a perfect solution. A 90% solution right now is better than a perfect solution a week from now, and most decisions can be reversible as well. In the software industry, not making decisions can plague you, so it’s a balance of empowering the people you’re working with and making those quick decisions when someone is blocked.”
Staff Software Engineer, U.S. Army

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