We believe the world can work better

We’re united by a core belief that it is possible for people across borders, offices, and positions to work and create better together. And that by making the work better, we grow and push ourselves.

A blank canvas and a big idea

We started as a blank canvas and a big idea. 
We’re not a finished piece. Not yet. 

But every brushstroke can bring us closer.
Everyone on our team adds a new layer to our painting. 

Our combined voices create incredible results - colors so unique and vibrant that no other painting can replicate them.

Each intricate shade works together to build one of the world’s most creative and collaborative platforms, where good attitudes and innovation thrive.

As every detail begins to transform our landscape into something extraordinary, we will always remember that it is our people who make our work worth a second glance.

The dream of becoming a masterpiece drives us forward together.
We believe we can work better.
We believe the world can work better. 

And we’d like your help.

We believe the world can work better

  • We're all a work in progress.
  • Be kind, and kind of extraordinary.
  • Work should be challenging, not hard.
  • Individuals make better teams.

Meet our people

Building a great user experience requires great minds. We’ve spoken to Dropbox Leadership working to make the world work better. By sharing what these Dropbox leaders are up to in their daily routines, we hope to highlight the values that grow our culture. 

How Devdatta Akhawe helps protect your data

As a Director of Security Engineering at Dropbox, Devdatta Akhawe is responsible for protecting the security of users with the help of an amazing, passionate team of Dropboxers. He understands that work for work’s sake can stunt progress. So, how does he stay focused?

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David Chang on Android engineering and global collaboration

Our Android Engineer David Chang explains his journey from the U.S. Marines to tech and how he’s helping the world work better.

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Working hands-on: Dog-fooding to create with Jisha Jacob

Jisha Jacob is a product manager out of the New York office. She works on the Dropbox Previews product, which allows users to view files without native software. Her path to Dropbox wasn’t a straightforward one. 

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