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means higher ROI

Discover how better collaboration with Dropbox Business can transform your organization and deliver meaningful value.

Customers learning about Dropbox Business benefits

With 500 million registered users and 4.5+ billion connections, Dropbox’s superior adoption creates powerful network effects that deliver Business and IT benefits

Business Benefits

Easy access and simple sharing across a powerful network means more productive collaboration inside and outside your organization. A recent study done with IDC quantified the impact of these benefits on organizations using Dropbox Business:

Better employee productivity

Sales teams are up to 6% more productive using Dropbox Business

More efficient collaboration

Organizations save 2,722 hours per year collaborating with customers, vendors and workers

Better business outcomes

Dropbox Business customers see up to  802% ROI and a payback period of only 2 months

IT Benefits

A simple, well-loved solution means there is no training required. Dropbox Business yields higher end-user adoption, and therefore, better control over company data.

Infrastructure cost reduction

Customers can reduce spending on infrastructure and management

Reduced bandwidth consumption

Collaborating on large files consumed up to 65% less bandwidth than competitors*

Lower support and training costs

IT can spend up to 31% less time supporting collaboration

IDC White Paper, sponsored by Dropbox, The Business value of Dropbox Business, November 2015

*Principled Technologies Study, sponsored by Dropbox, Lower bandwidth consumption and wait less with Dropbox Business, October 2016

BNIM has seen a 40% reduction in IT management overhead: “It has just completely transformed our ability to react quickly. It increases our reputation for being responsive, aware, and interested. And clients appreciate that”

Brandt was able to shorten their service documentation process by 10x and recognize $500,000 in monthly revenue earlier.  They calculated a 300% ROI in the third year based on that savings alone.

JJ Taylor realized a 20% increase in employee productivity using Dropbox Business.  “We no longer miscommunicate on important topics.” Bringing fresh, revenue-generating ideas to retailers has improved relationships, ultimately leading to more sales for J.J. 

Plex systems was able to mitigate spending on infrastructure and reduce their file management accuracy issues.   “The immediate impact for us not having to upgrade our back-end architecture is six figures, easy,” Pesola says. For sales and marketing, email traffic has declined due to the use of shared folders.

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