Know you. Know your team.

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Take the Marketing Dynamix personality test today and discover the role your unique personality plays in the success of your marketing team and programmes alike.

In under 12 minutes, the quiz will assess your natural qualities, preferences, attitudes and potential development areas. You’ll instantly receive a personalised, information-packed Self-Portrait report, which includes insight into:

Your strongest and weakest personality traits

Your communication style - and how you like others to communicate with you

Recognising your psychological opposite – and how to adapt your behaviour to improve relationships

Your approach to team collaboration - how to improve your teamwork skills and possible blind spots to consider

Which traits do you use the most in your marketing team?

We each have eight different personality traits within us. Some traits are stronger than others. It is the blend of these eight traits which creates the unique you.

Are you the creative innovator?

Are you the creative innovator?

Are you the pragmatic listener?

Are you the pragmatic listener?

Or the enthusiastic organiser?

Or the enthusiastic organiser?

How do you compare to your team?

You can easily share and compare your personality traits with colleagues using our Marketing Dynamix Team Wheel. Get a simple “at a glance” view of the dominant traits amongst your peers, and how they work together in building a high performing team.

Dynamix Team Wheel

What an excellent test for learning more about myself and how I stack up to my marketing peers. The results are very accurate in comparison to who I am and how I like to work. This has been a valuable tool in determining where I should focus my growth professionally and personally.