This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like

First Round Review, 3/17/2015

"When engineering management is done right, you're focusing on three big things," Jessica McKellar says. "You're directly supporting the people on your team; you're managing execution and coordination across teams; and you're stepping back to observe and evolve the broader organization and its processes as it grows."

Dropbox debuts file commenting, rolls out "badge" for collaborating on Microsoft docs

Fast Company, 3/17/2015

How many emails have you already sent to your colleagues today to discuss a single file? How many times have you edited a document, only to realize someone else has been editing the same thing at the same time? The answer to both of these questions is probably "a lot," but if you're a Dropbox user, file collaboration is about to become a lot less migraine-inducing.

Dropbox drops into New York with new Flatiron space

New York Business Journal, 3/6/2015

Dropbox has dropped itself into New York City with a new 11,000-square foot office space in the Flatiron District.

Here's Another Reason for CIOs to Like Dropbox

CMSWire, 3/5/2015

Today the team at Dropbox for Business is releasing another much requested feature.... Groups was initially released to 12,000 customers through an early access program in November. It was well extremely well received. As of today, it’s generally available.

Dropbox Taps Vodafone for International Growth

The Wall Street Journal, 2/27/2015

Dropbox is partnering with Vodafone to offer its file-storage service to more than 400 million wireless customers. The deal, which the companies plan to announce Friday, could give Dropbox tens of millions of new users outside the U.S., Marc Leibowitz, head of partnerships for the San Francisco company, said in an interview.

Dropbox can now open shared links on Android and iOS

VentureBeat, 2/18/2015

Dropbox is closing the gap on mobile. Mobile productivity is a big priority for the company, and though [Henrik] Berggren thinks it is “still early” days, the company wants to reduce the number of clicks (or taps) to get work done, while also supporting more and more platforms.

Dropbox’s new Open button launches desktop applications right from the web

VentureBeat, 2/5/2015

If you get frustrated transferring files from the cloud to your desktop, Dropbox has revealed an interesting new feature that will make the transition from browsing a file on the Web to editing it on your PC just that little bit easier.

Dropbox app arrives on Windows tablets, phones

CNET, 1/23/2015

The app is a product of the recent partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox, which enables users to access Dropbox directly from their Office apps and edit Office files from the Dropbox app.

Dropbox opens London office and buys Israeli mobile startup CloudOn

The Guardian, 1/22/2015

Dropbox has hit the ground running in 2015: opening a new office in London, launching its first app for smartphones and tablets running Microsoft’s Windows software; and buying Israeli mobile startup CloudOn.

Dropbox Dips Into Israel With CloudOn Buy

The Wall Street Journal, 1/20/2015

[Dropbox] closed a deal to acquire CloudOn, a developer of mobile productivity tools with an engineering hub in Herzliya, Israel. CloudOn’s more than 30 employees will join Dropbox and the Israeli office will become a base for the company’s “aggressive hiring” in the region, Ilya Fushman, head of product, business and mobile said in an interview.

Dropbox launches Microsoft Office collaboration features for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on Windows and Mac

VentureBeat, 12/11/2014

Dropbox today launched its much-anticipated Project Harmony functionality, which brings collaboration tools to Microsoft Office desktop applications. Now known simply as “the Dropbox badge,” the new feature is rolling out today to the Dropbox for Business early access program.

Dropbox's Carousel app now frees up phone storage for you

Engadget, 12/9/2014

A new feature [is] arriving on Dropbox's Carousel app starting today: the ability to free up space on your phone with just a single tap.

Dropbox Steps Up to Rescue Us From Corporate Software

WIRED, 12/3/2014

On Wednesday, the file-syncing startup launched an application programming interface, or API, that lets outside developers build software on top of its Dropbox for Business service. That may sound like a jumble of tech speak, but it could be very useful to businesses, and ultimately, it represents a kind of finale to a decades-long contest: consumer technology has now emerged triumphant over corporate IT as the way to get work done.

Cloud powerhouse Dropbox reveals plans for Seattle engineering office

GeekWire, 12/3/2014

Aditya Agarwal, Dropbox vice president of engineering, disclosed the news in an interview with GeekWire this afternoon, saying that Seattle will be one of “three pillars” of the Dropbox engineering operations in the U.S., along with New York and San Francisco.

Dropbox for Business becomes a platform with new API

Computerworld, 12/2/2014

Dropbox, the sync-and-share startup so popular it essentially created a market category, is finally, finally opening up to become an enterprise platform with the launch of a Dropbox for Business API that enables team-level app management and integration with third-party services.

Dropbox for Business launches API as it passes 100K customers

VentureBeat, 12/1/2014

Dropbox this week is launching the Dropbox for Business API, offering its business storage and security features to enterprise developers. The company also announced that Dropbox for Business now has 100,000 customers.

Dropbox’s Mobile Apps Are Now Integrated With Microsoft Office

TechCrunch, 11/25/2014

Earlier this month, Dropbox and Microsoft announced a partnership that would see Dropbox offer better support for Microsoft’s Office Suite, including the ability to edit Office docs from the Dropbox mobile app among other things. Today, those integrations have gone live for users of both the Android phone and iOS Dropbox applications.

Dropbox launches iPad and Web app versions of its Carousel photo gallery app

TheNextWeb, 11/20/2014

Dropbox Carousel, the photo gallery app launched for iOS and Android smartphones last spring, is now available for the iPad and the Web.

Meet Sara Adler - Corporate Development, Dropbox

Career Contessa, 11/18/2014

"Looking back, all of the dots seem to connect, but they certainly didn’t seem to at the time. My advice to those looking for career direction is to chat with people doing the job you think you want."

Time to tackle surveillance reform (Op-Ed)

The Hill, 11/17/2014

It’s been more than a year since the Snowden revelations, and government agencies continue to demand access to broad swaths of personal information online. We’ve yet to see serious privacy reforms from Congress. This is troubling because one of the biggest threats to privacy is the absence of modern laws that reflect the way that people today use the Internet.

Dropbox thinks outside the box on diversity

USATODAY, 11/6/2014

Dropbox has overhauled recruiting, promotions, compensation, engagement and retention, said [Blaire] Mattson, who is heading up diversity efforts.

Dropbox and Microsoft form surprise partnership for Office integration

The Verge, 11/4/2014

Office mobile apps will soon seamlessly sync to Dropbox.

Dropbox Names a Few Enterprise Customers in the Media Biz

Re/code, 10/29/2014

Hearst, News Corp., and MacMillan Publishing have signed on to Dropbox, according to a company blog post by enterprise head Ross Piper.

Dropbox expands desktop footprint by teaming with HP, Acer

ZDNet, 10/28/2014

The development follows up a security update from the cloud storage provider, bolstering Dropbox's plan to maintain data security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Mailbox email app for Mac opens beta to all users

The Verge, 10/13/2014

The Dropbox-owned email app has done away with its waitlist and is now letting all comers try Mailbox on the desktop. We took a first look at Mailbox's move to Mac in August and came away impressed.

World's Coolest Offices

Inc. Magazine, 10/10/2014

"The way the Dropbox product is a home for your stuff, we want the Dropbox office to be a home to our employees," says Molly Strong, a design project coordinator at the company. "We want it to be really delightful for everyone here."

Meet The Team Putting Dropbox On Your Phone

BuzzFeed, 10/3/2014

Dropbox’s partnerships — including its new one with Sony — aim to go beyond pre-loading the application. [Christine] Moon works with Samsung and other partners to give those manufacturers access to special functions that allow a deeper level of integration.

U.S. startup Dropbox expanding its cloud over Japan

Nikkei, 9/25/2014

Heading the new wholly owned subsidiary is Hiroaki Kawamura, whose resume includes past positions as president of the Japanese units of both Sun Microsystems and Symantec. The company said some 8 million people now use the Japanese-language version of Dropbox introduced in 2011.

Dropbox Is Now iOS 8-Ready With A Notification Center Widget, App Extension Support And More

TechCrunch, 9/23/2014

Dropbox has rolled out its iOS 8 upgrade, which now includes a new Notification Center widget of its own, offering a quick overview of your files and recent changes.

Google and Dropbox launch Simply Secure to improve online security

The Guardian, 9/18/2014

Google and file-hosting service Dropbox announced the creation of Simply Secure on Thursday, an organization that aims to make security tech easier to use.

Dropbox Calls For Support Of The Senate’s NSA Reform Bill

TechCrunch, 9/11/2014

This morning, Dropbox released new information detailing government requests for its user data, and information about certain user accounts. The company also called for the passage of the Senate’s version of the USA FREEDOM Act.

Samsung to serve up seamless access to Dropbox through core apps, including photo gallery

TheNextWeb, 9/3/2014

While Samsung and the cloud-storage giant have partnered for a number of years already to offer Dropbox pre-installed on some devices, including premium access, things are now being pushed to the next level.

Dropbox Beefs Up Its Pro Feature Set, Now Offering 1TB Of Storage For $10/Month

TechCrunch, 8/27/2014

The new Dropbox Pro feature set is designed to give prosumers the flexibility they desire while maintaining the same general user experience that they’ve become used to. In doing so, Dropbox is mainly targeting creatives and independent professionals who rely on Dropbox for collaboration and sharing of files with partners and customers.

The New Dropbox Pro Offers 1TB for Only $10/mo, Adds a Ton of New Functionality

PetaPixel, 8/27/2014

Dropbox is a Go-To for many photographers. Whether they’re storing their photography, sharing albums with clients or, ahem, sending files to the press, more often than not it’s Dropbox they use. And starting today, anybody not using Dropbox’s Pro offering has a whole lot more reason to do so thanks to a steep drop in price, a big jump in storage space, and a bunch of new features and functionality.

Dropbox Hires Lookout CMO for Marketing VP Slot

Re/code, 8/24/2014

Dropbox issued a statement from [Dennis] Woodside: “Julie is an exceptional leader with a remarkable track record in building great teams and executing innovative marketing strategies at both hyper-growth startups and global corporations. We’re thrilled to add her talent and vision to the Dropbox team as we continue to scale our business globally.”

Dropbox Adds Former Priceline CFO Mylod to Board

Re/code, 8/20/2014

Cloud storage company Dropbox today added Bob Mylod, the former CFO of Priceline.com, as the fifth member of its board of directors. The company disclosed the move in a corporate blog post by CEO Drew Houston and CFO Sujay Jaswa.

Email overload? Mailbox takes on the desktop inbox

USA Today, 8/19/2014

Suffering from email overload? Don't worry, Silicon Valley feels your pain - and relief may be coming to the desktop. Mailbox is beginning to roll out the Macintosh version of its popular mobile app for iOS and Android.

Mailbox, the Innovative Email App, Is Now Available for Mac

WIRED, 8/19/2014

When Mailbox came out for the iPhone, people were so excited about its novel mail-sorting features that they lined up like it was a hot new nightclub to try it out. Now its coming to desktop, with beta invites trickling out to users starting today.

Dropbox's Olga Narvskaia: Operations manager. Global innovator. Focused learner.

TechRepublic, 8/11/2014

Olga Narvskaia, head of online revenue operations at Dropbox, talked to TechRepublic about her life in Russia, working for a company that's changing the world, and the power of focus.

Think Dropbox Isn't Serious About the Enterprise? Think Again

CMSWire, 8/11/2014

Today [Dropbox is] releasing a new Android app that the company says will make the “Dropbox mobile app experience as fast, seamless and efficient as possible.” That way you can get your work done on the spot, wherever you happen to be.... Is this a big deal? If you access Dropbox for Business from an Android phone, it’s a major convenience.

Dropbox Cultivates an Austin Culture and Continues to Hire and Expand

Silicon Hills, 8/7/2014

“I love the Bay Area but I love Austin more. I just couldn’t wait to get back here in general,” [Sherry] Birk said. “I’m just excited to build something here.” And Dropbox is doing just that. It’s going to move into a five-story building at Fifth and Congress, which is under construction. The company plans to occupy three of the floors or approximately 58,000 square feet. Move-in date is set for next January.

The Coolest Techie Digs In S.F.

Refinery29, 7/30/2014

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a generous chunk of the apps and sites we use on a daily basis operate practically right in our own backyard. Case in point: Dropbox. The storage-solving site is our work lifeline and we log in and out of it more times a day than we can count. In the real world, it exists right over in SoMa.

It might get weird: why Dropbox employees are goofing around on company time

The Verge, 7/24/2014

"Part of the spirit of Hack Week is getting out of your comfort zone, learning something new, doing something unusual," says engineer Alicia Chen.

Dropbox Boosts Enterprise Features, Has 80,000 Paying Corporate Customers

Re/code, 7/23/2014

Dropbox announced a bunch of new features for its enterprise service today, including the ability to set who has access to edit or only read a file, passwords to shared folders that expire after a set time and a text search capability. The company also disclosed some numbers around the adoption of its business product, saying it’s now in use at 80,000 paying companies.

Why Dropbox Is Tying Its Future to Microsoft Office

Wired, 7/23/2014

People still use Office. Lots of people. And that reality, in turn, speaks to Dropbox’s strategy... “Right now our focus is on slotting into people’s basic workflow and making that really good,” Ilya Fushman, head of the company’s Dropbox for Business product.

Dropbox steps up international expansion

Financial Times, 7/20/2014

Dropbox, the fast-growing US cloud storage company, is embarking on a new phase of international expansion. Roughly 70 per cent of Dropbox’s users are outside the US.

Dropbox partners with Deutsche Telekom

The Guardian, 7/16/2014

Seeking to reach all 3 billion of the world's connected people, Dropbox will be pre-installed on the phones of one of Europe's biggest telecoms firms.

Dropbox Adding Speedier 'Streaming Sync' Feature

PCMag, 7/12/2014

Dropbox has added a brand-new feature to its desktop client that promises faster file synchronization between devices. The new featured, dubbed "streaming sync," doesn't require you to do a thing beyond your standard dragging and dropping of files into your magical Dropbox folder.

With a new website, Dropbox gets down to business

Fortune, 7/9/2014

On Wednesday morning, the company unveiled a new website for corporate customers.... Dropbox’s service continues to shine in its simplicity and ease of use—a feature the company has very strategically extended from its consumer business to the enterprise side.

Google, Canon, Dropbox and Others Pool Patents to Ward Off Trolls

Re/code, 7/9/2014

A coalition of technology companies large and small has created a sort of arms-control treaty to prevent future abuses of their intellectual property.

I'm Tina Wen, Engineer at Dropbox, and This Is How I Work

Lifehacker, 6/18/2014

Tina Wen has been with the company for over two years, having seen Dropbox go from a staff of 100 to 700, and has worked on some of their essential features. In fact, she was integral in building some of the core features of Dropbox's photo app, Carousel. We caught up with Tina to learn how she managers her time, her code, and her marathons.

Dropbox learns Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Thai in international expansion

PCWorld, 6/16/2014

Dropbox launched Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Thai versions of its application and clients, as the company seeks to grow the international usage of its cloud storage and file sharing service. The Dropbox service, now available in 19 languages and 200 countries, has about 70 percent of its 300 million users outside of the U.S., said Johann Butting, Dropbox’s head of EMEA.

How Alice Lee Blends Art And Tech As An Illustrator At Dropbox

TechCrunch, 6/16/2014

Creating art is a full-time job for Dropbox’s Alice Lee. As an illustrator and product designer, Lee spends her days designing, doodling, and drawing, helping create the visual images that represent Dropbox and all its various offerings to the outside world.

The Guiding Principle That Helps Dropbox Move Big Projects Forward

Fast Company, 6/11/2014

Liz Armistead leads the team at Dropbox responsible for telling the company's story to consumers. This means everything from blog posts to web design to massive product launches, like an event in April to unveil a host of new productivity features.

Dropbox reaches 300m users, adding on 100m users in just six months

The Next Web, 5/28/2014

Dropbox announced today that it has hit a new milestone of 300 million users, tacking on 100 million users in just six months since it passed the 200 million mark in November 2013.

Who Has Your Back? Protecting Your Data from Government Requests

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), 5/16/2014

Since its inclusion in our Who Has Your Back report in 2012, Dropbox has consistently demonstrated strong transparency around government data requests and a commitment to protecting the privacy of its users. This year is no exception, with Dropbox setting a strong example for other cloud storage companies.

Dropbox Lands Spotify as an Enterprise Customer

Re/code, 5/12/2014

After several months of building on a new strategy to capture more enterprise customers, Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage and file-sharing service, will later this week announce that it has landed subscription music service Spotify as a corporate customer...

As It Becomes an App Platform, Dropbox Gobbles Up More Than One App Startup Per Month

Re/code, 4/17/2014

In addition to a massive hiring spurt and fundraising stockpile, Dropbox has been quietly acquiring startups that make productivity and media apps so their teams can work on similar products internally.

Three Brilliant UI Details in Carousel, Dropbox's New Photo App

WIRED, 4/14/2014

Reinventing the photo album for the digital age will take both sharp UI smarts and a mastery of cloud-based storage. Fortunately for us, that’s exactly what Underwood and Dropbox have going for them.

Dropbox Hits 275M Users And Launches New Business Product To All

TechCrunch, 4/9/2014

This morning in San Francisco, Dropbox announced that its updated enterprise-facing Dropbox for Business product is now available for all. The company also announced that it now has 275 million users. That figure is sharply higher than the 200 million users that the company indicated it had in November 2013.

Dropbox's Next Chapter

Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/9/2014

Dropbox was—and perhaps still is—the most celebrated startup in Silicon Valley. Two hundred and seventy five million people use it to manage their digital lives, storing personal documents, photographs, and videos across expanding collections of phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Dropbox’s Cloud Storage Kings Drew Houston And Arash Ferdowsi Win Founder Of The Year Crunchie

TechCrunch, 2/10/2014

You know you’re doing something right when Silicon Valley rock stars are ditching cushy jobs at Google and Facebook to join your startup. This year’s Founder Of The Year Crunchie goes to the talent magnets at Dropbox, CEO Drew Houston and CTO Arash Ferdowsi.

The World's Ten Most Innovative Companies in Productivity - Dropbox

Fast Company, 2/10/2014

1. DROPBOX - For stepping up its omnipresence in users’ lives through smart partnerships and acquisitions. How omnipresent? Try 200 million users saving 1 billion files every 24 hours. Dropbox Platform--a suite of tools that allows developers to sync users’ app data across devices--now powers 100,000 active apps, including Shutterstock, Yahoo Mail, and, of course, the email-overload cure it acquired last year, Mailbox.

Dropbox Tweaks Consumerization Model

Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2014

Dropbox is incredibly popular with consumers – it claims a whopping 200 million users – and, as it turns out, is also successfully making its way into the business market, claiming 4 million businesses and 97% of the Fortune 500.

7 Awesome Benefits of Using Dropbox

Babble, 11/22/2013

I use Dropbox because it is simple and functional. I mainly use it store important documents, pictures of my kids that I share out to family and friends, and enjoy the convenience of not having to sync anything.

Dropbox Aims at Business

New York Times, 11/13/2013

In a significant design step, Dropbox for Business can be allocated to new users or appear alongside an existing Dropbox customer’s personal account. The idea is to create a relatively seamless experience of managing business and personal data.

Dropbox revamps Dropbox for Business

Fortune, 11/13/2013

If you're a working professional and Dropbox user, you're in luck. With the revamped Dropbox for Business, accessing -- and separating -- your business and personal content on the cloud storage startup should soon be a quicker, simpler process.

In Sync: Inside Dropbox’s Quest to Bury the Hard Drive

Wired, 9/17/2013

Dropbox has a radical plan: become the portal to your digital world – and join the ranks of Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Dropbox further promoting business angle with new apps hub

ZDNet, 9/12/2013

Dropbox is further pushing its business-friendly services into the spotlight with the addition of a new hub dedicated to third-party apps. The new page launching this week highlights some of the apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business and leverage the Dropbox Platform for fostering collaboration and facilitating identity management.

Dropbox hires top VMware techie with an eye on the enterprise

GigaOM, 8/9/2013

Dropbox has enlisted Matt Eccleston, one of the top technologists at VMware, as it plans a renewed assault on enterprise customers. Eccleston is well regarded in the virtualization circles and this is a big hire for Dropbox. After dominating the the consumer file-sync-and-store market, it’s now looking to make a concerted push into the enterprise.

Instagram Lead Designer Tim Van Damme Headed to Dropbox

AllThingsD, 7/16/2013

Dropbox is bulking up on its design talent. As I wrote on Monday, Tim Van Damme, Instagram’s lead designer, will be leaving the company a year and half after joining the photo-sharing startup.

Dropbox for the Enterprise ‘Will Be Dropbox’

WSJ, 7/10/2013

The market for file storage and sharing is crowded, but Dropbox seems to have the drop on Box, and others.

The secret to Dropbox's runaway success: Making it look easy

CITEworld, 7/10/2013

Dropbox makes it look easy, but it is not easy. Dropbox has taken one very complicated problem that's absolutely necessary to solve, and presented a deceptively simple solution to it. That's now what the company is promising to do for developers.

Dropbox Blows Up the Box, Connecting Every App, File, and Device

Wired, 7/9/2013

Today, at Dropbox’s first-ever developers conference, the company is officially launching a new set of coding tools designed to push Dropbox into every corner of your digital life. Not content to stay sequestered inside the box, the company’s co-founders are unveiling ways for developers to meld their service with every app on every device you own.

Dropbox for Business Arrives, Bringing Single Sign-On

Mashable, 4/10/2013

Dropbox began as a consumer-focused service, but as anyone who works with digital files knows, it has been adopted by businesses — both large and small — en masse.

Yahoo Deal Is the Latest Example of Dropbox Flexing Its Muscles

AllThingsD, 4/2/2013

Just two weeks after Dropbox beat Yahoo's efforts to buy young mobile email startup Mailbox, the cloud storage upstart just won prominent billing within Yahoo's own email product. How's that for a cherry on top?

Dropbox Hits Another Hiring Homerun With Rasmus Andersson, Facebook's Mobile Design Guru

TechCrunch, 3/22/2013

Dropbox has scored another big win on the staffing front. Rasmus Andersson, the Swedish designer and technologist who for the past two years has worked at Facebook leading the design of mobile products and working on product infrastructure, is leaving the social networking giant to join Dropbox.

Dropbox Buys Mailbox, an App With Some Buzz

WSJ, 3/15/2013

Dropbox is buying the owner of the buzzy Mailbox mobile app, making its first move into products outside its core file-sharing service. Under the deal, the 13 employees of Mailbox owner Orchestra Inc.-including alums of Apple, Stanford University and Ideo-will join Dropbox.

Dropbox clears 1 billion file uploads per day

CNET, 2/27/2013

People save 1 billion files every day to Dropbox's online storage service, Chief Executive Drew Houston said today at the Mobile World Congress show here.

Dropbox woos enterprise IT with new admin and security tools

InfoWorld, 2/13/2013

Dropbox for Teams lets admins monitor, control how members connect to file-sharing service and which documents they can share . Several file-sharing companies have been billed as "Dropbox for the enterprise." Turns out Dropbox wants that title as well.

New Dropbox For Teams Gives IT Deep Control And Visibility, Reveals More About Company's Next Chapter

TechCrunch, 2/12/2013

Dropbox for Teams has a new set of features that gives IT deep visibility and control over the way both individuals and groups use the service. The new features show how Dropbox is entering a new chapter in its evolution, pointing to a future where a significant aspect of its business will focus on the business market.

Dropbox Unveils Sync API For Mobile Developers, Allows Apps To Work With Cloud-Based Files As If They Were Local

TechCrunch, 2/6/2013

Dropbox is unveiling a brand new API for developers today that should give mobile app makers an excellent new tool to work with. The Dropbox Sync API allows apps for iOS and Android to treat files stored on a user's Dropbox account as if they were local, managing syncing, caching, offline access and tracking changes easily so that developers only have to worry about building an app, and not the storage and management of the files users create with said software.

Dropbox Adds Photo Sharing, Document Viewing

Forbes, 1/30/2013

The company is adding a new layer of photo and document features to give its users much more things they can do with their files. In other words, Dropbox is aiming to be more than just a file syncing or file storage service but a full-service way for people to use their digital files - which these days is increasingly in the cloud, not just on devices.

Dropbox drops onto more Samsung devices

CNET, 1/7/2013

Dropbox and Samsung are expanding their relationship with new integration on existing devices.

Dropbox Snags Google Exec And Python God Guido Van Rossum

Forbes, 12/7/2012

Dropbox has hired Google executive and programming guru Guido van Rossum. Van Rossum, originally from the Netherlands, is known for creating the Python programming language.

Dropbox: The Best Online Photo-Sharing Site

BloombergBusinessweek, 11/29/2012

Q: I know I'm late to this party, but what's the best photo-sharing service? A: There are so many photo-sharing sites that, like the Kardashians, it's impossible to keep up with them all. Let me make this simple: Use Dropbox.

Dropbox Is Now The Data Fabric Tying Together Devices For 100M Registered Users Who Save 1B Files A Day

TechCrunch, 11/13/2012

"At this scale, when you help people save 10 minutes or an hour, you're saving lifetimes of pain...And we're just getting started." That's what CEO Drew Houston thinks about his company hitting 100 million registered users and 1 billion files saved a day.

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What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, and share them easily. Any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your phone or tablet, and the Dropbox website. Dropbox also makes it easy to share with others. And if your computer melts down, you can restore all your files from the Dropbox website with a couple clicks.

  • Wherever you are. Put your stuff in Dropbox and get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere.
  • Share with confidence. Share photos with friends. Work with your team like you're using a single computer. Everything's automatically private, so you control who sees what.
  • Safe and secure. Even if your phone goes for a swim, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox and can be restored in a snap. Dropbox secures your files with AES-256 bit encryption and two-step verification.
  • Dropbox for Business. Millions of people use Dropbox at work. With Dropbox for Business, get the power and security of Dropbox plus robust admin controls, dedicated support, and all the space you need.

Global growth

  • Dropbox has more than 300,000,000 users.
  • People save 1 billion files to Dropbox every 24 hours.
  • Dropbox is supported in 19 languages with users in over 200 countries.
  • Dropbox is used in 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Over 300,000 apps have been built on the Dropbox Platform.
  • Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Austin, New York, Dublin, and Sydney.

Company background

  • Founded: June 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.
  • Launched: September 2008 as a simple way to bring your files anywhere and share them easily.
  • Dropbox for Business: In 2011, we began offering a service built for teams. This became the foundation for Dropbox for Business, which officially launched in 2013. Giving companies visibility and control over critical business data, Dropbox for Business is streamlining collaboration every day for teams large and small.
  • Mailbox: In February 2013, Mailbox launched. It's a simple, beautifully designed app to put email in its place. Users can quickly swipe to archive, delete or snooze messages for later - making it easy to stay focused on what's important and reach inbox zero quickly. Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March of 2013, enabling the team to quickly scale.
  • Carousel: In April 2014, we launched our photo gallery product, Carousel. It's a single place to view, organize, and share all your photos and videos on your phone and in your Dropbox. We made it simple to send hundreds of photos and videos at once through private conversations with friends or family.
  • Dropbox Platform: Developers have built over 300,000 apps on the Dropbox platform, with integrations including Facebook, Yahoo, 1Password, Autodesk, Adobe EchoSign, Notability, CareerBuilder, Vimeo, HP, DocuSign, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Samsung.

The story of Dropbox

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. Frustrated by working from multiple computers, Drew was inspired to create a service that would let people bring all their files anywhere, with no need to email around attachments. Drew coded a demo of Dropbox and showed it to fellow MIT student Arash Ferdowsi, who dropped out with only one semester left to help make Dropbox a reality. Guiding their decisions was a relentless focus on crafting a simple and reliable experience across every computer and phone.

How Dropbox works

Dropbox makes all your files available to you from any computer or phone. It's as easy as adding any file to your Dropbox folder. You can start working at the office and finish from home without ever needing to think about where your files are - they are always with you.

Joining Dropbox is easy: installing the Dropbox software (for Windows, Mac or Linux) creates a special folder on your computer. Anything you add to this Dropbox folder will automatically save to all your computers and to the Dropbox website. You can also invite people to share any folder in your Dropbox. This makes Dropbox perfect for team projects or sharing with family or friends - it's as if you are saving straight to their desktop. The Dropbox mobile apps let you take your life on the road. And because Dropbox keeps a one month history of your work, you can go back in time to fix mistakes or rescue deleted files.

Dropbox offers 2 GB free to start and you can earn up to 16 GB additional space for referring friends, or upgrade to a Pro account with up to 500 GB and 32 GB for referrals. Dropbox for Business accounts start at 1 TB for 5 users. Learn more at www.dropbox.com/pricing.

Press Releases

Dropbox Announces Deep Integration with New Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II

August 30, 2012

Dropbox, a free service that lets you bring your documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, today announced a deep integration with the recently released Samsung Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Note II. With these integrations, Dropbox users can now enjoy a seamless content syncing experience across all Samsung devices.

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Dropbox Introduces Links For Extremely Simple, Fast Sharing

April 23, 2012

Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily, today announced an even easier way for people to instantly share the things that matter most, with just a link. Now documents, photos, and videos can be shared simply by creating and sending a link to friends, family, or colleagues, whether they are Dropbox users or not.

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Dropbox Now Open for Business

October 27, 2011

Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, today introduced Dropbox for Teams. More than 45 million people already depend on Dropbox, and with Dropbox for Teams, businesses can now experience the same ease-of-use along with new administrative controls, centralized billing, phone support, and plenty of space for everyone on the team.

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Dropbox Raises $250 Million in Series B Funding

October 18, 2011

Dropbox, a service that lets people bring their documents, photos and videos everywhere and share them easily, announced today that it has completed a $250 million Series B financing. The company will use the funds to accelerate its rapid growth, make acquisitions, pursue strategic partnerships, and grow the team.

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Dropbox Reveals Tremendous Growth With Over 200 Million Files Saved Daily by More Than 25 Million People

April 18, 2011

Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos and videos anywhere and share them easily, announced today that more than 25 million people have joined Dropbox and are using it to save more than 200 million files every day. These files are available from any computer, smartphone or iPad.

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