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Does Dropbox for Business Have a Secret Weapon?

by Chris Wright, CMSwire - 3/7/2014

Dropbox is different. Users love Dropbox. Users flock to Dropbox. Users want to use it. This is Dropbox's secret weapon.

Get Organized: 5 Inventive Uses for Dropbox in Business

by Jill Duffy, PC Mag - 3/3/2014

Are you making the most of your small business' Dropbox account? Here are five ideas for how to make the most of the cloud-based storage center with employees, clients, partners, and even job candidates.

Dropbox: 7 Apps To Add On

by Jennifer Bosavage, InformationWeek - 2/26/2014

Dropbox backs up your important files, but that's just a start. These apps work alongside the cloud service to boost security, streamline workflow, and more.

When It Comes to Transparency, Dropbox Is on to Something

by ILAN MOCHARI, Inc - 2/13/2014

Earlier this week Dropbox published its rules for disclosing any requests the government makes for user data. It's a timely reminder to explore what it takes to become a more transparent organization.

Dropbox’s Cloud Storage Kings Drew Houston And Arash Ferdowsi Win Founder Of The Year Crunchie

by Josh Constine, TechCrunch - 2/10/2014

You know you’re doing something right when Silicon Valley rock stars are ditching cushy jobs at Google and Facebook to join your startup. This year’s Founder Of The Year Crunchie goes to the talent magnets at Dropbox, CEO Drew Houston and CTO Arash Ferdowsi.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Productivity

by Fast Company Staff, Fast Company - 2/10/2014

"We want you to be able to say, 'I know where all my information is--it's in Dropbox. Everywhere I go, whatever device, whatever application, I know that I can pull things out of it,'" says product manager Sean Lynch.

Dropbox: We'll conquer the enterprise by focusing on our 200 million users first

by Matt Rosoff, CITEworld - 1/28/2014

For example, the company's move to let users separate personal and company data within the same Dropbox interface was a user experience change first, but also matched the goals of IT.

Dropbox Tweaks Consumerization Model

by Michael Hickins, Wall Street Journal - 1/22/2014

Dropbox is incredibly popular with consumers – it claims a whopping 200 million users – and, as it turns out, is also successfully making its way into the business market, claiming 4 million businesses and 97% of the Fortune 500.

Dropbox Steps Up Business Development With Hires From Facebook, Google and Spotify

by Liz Gannes, Re/Code - 1/14/2014

The company already has quite a history of striking distribution deals with companies including Samsung, Yahoo and Dell.

Dropbox plants another distribution point on Dell devices

by Rachel King, ZDNet - 1/7/2014

Upon purchase of select new Dell PCs, Dropbox will be automatically available for download via Dell Digital Delivery.

Dropbox chef brings innovation to food - changes menu daily

by Patrick Hoge, San Francisco Business Times - 12/20/2013

A garrulous and friendly man, Mattingly sees himself as an ambassador and an educator who can teach Dropbox’s toiling techies a bit about haute cuisine while pleasing their palates.

Mailbox’s iOS App Isn’t Just for Gmail Anymore

by Jared Newman, TIME - 12/17/2013

With the new mail client support, along with other recent features such as an iPad version and cloud storage integration, Dropbox appears to be making good on its promises.

Inside Dropbox's plans for enterprise domination

by Fredric Paul, NetworkWorld - 12/16/2013

Focus on end-user experience is becoming a key for business. That's a really good thing for business.

7 Awesome Benefits of Using Dropbox

by Jessie Nuez, Babble - 11/22/2013

I use Dropbox because it is simple and functional. I mainly use it store important documents, pictures of my kids that I share out to family and friends, and enjoy the convenience of not having to sync anything.

Dropbox has 4 million business customers. For them it now has a new Dropbox for business

by Om Malik, GigaOm - 11/13/2013

If the real service is as good as the demo (and I have no doubt that it wouldn’t be as good), Dropbox for Business will be something we are very likely to rollout at our company, considering we all use Dropbox in some capacity anyway.

Dropbox Aims at Business

by Quentin Hardy, New York Times - 11/13/2013

In a significant design step, Dropbox for Business can be allocated to new users or appear alongside an existing Dropbox customer’s personal account. The idea is to create a relatively seamless experience of managing business and personal data.

Dropbox revamps Dropbox for Business

by JP Mangalindan, Fortune - 11/13/2013

If you're a working professional and Dropbox user, you're in luck. With the revamped Dropbox for Business, accessing -- and separating -- your business and personal content on the cloud storage startup should soon be a quicker, simpler process.

Dropbox Hits 200M Users, Unveils New “For Business” Client Combining Work And Personal Files

by Josh Constine, TechCrunc - 11/13/2013

All the new products today are designed to maximize security and convince enterprises that Dropbox isn’t just a frilly consumer tool. Dropbox already serves 4 million businesses and 97 percent of the Fortune 500, but is hungry for more suits.

What Dropbox tells you about your IT department

by Derek Slater, FierceCIO - 10/3/2013

You know all about the demands of enterprise IT. Iron-clad security. Integration with legacy systems. Help desk processes. Long budget cycles. The aforementioned user training. Simple consumer products like Dropbox have a lot to figure out to fit into an enterprise portfolio, right? Actually, it's the other way around. Enterprise IT--all of it--needs to become more like Dropbox.

Dropbox Now Automatically Saves Screenshots

by Angela Moscaritolo, PC Mag - 9/30/2013

Dropbox already lets you automatically upload your photos and videos to the cloud, but now the file-syncing service is getting a little friendlier with screenshots as well. Beginning today, all the screenshots you take on your computer can be automatically saved to your Dropbox account.

In Sync

by Marcus Wohlsen, Wired - 9/17/2013

Dropbox has a radical plan: become the portal to your digital world – and join the ranks of Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Dropbox further promoting business angle with new apps hub

by Rachel King, ZDNet - 9/12/2013

Dropbox is further pushing its business-friendly services into the spotlight with the addition of a new hub dedicated to third-party apps. The new page launching this week highlights some of the apps that integrate with Dropbox for Business and leverage the Dropbox Platform for fostering collaboration and facilitating identity management.

Dropbox details its shift from consumer file storage to enterprise data hub

by Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat - 9/9/2013

Dropbox has established itself as a top cloud storage option for consumers. But that’s a tough, price-sensitive business. So the company has spent a lot of the past year expanding its focus to the enterprise.

Cloud file-sharing for enterprise users

by Manek Dubash, ComputerWeekly - 9/4/2013

The availability of cheap, easy-to-use and accessible cloud file-sharing services means users have more freedom and choice than ever before. Dropbox pioneered simplicity and ease of use, and so quickly picked up users inside the enterprise. Similar services have followed Dropbox's lead.

Mobile devices add 'Extra' dimension for Maria Menounos

by Jefferson Graham, USA Today - 9/3/2013

Says Maria Menous, "It saves my life every day. It's really about being able to find things. It's my file cabinet in the sky. I have everything loaded in my Dropbox."

Dropbox hires top VMware techie with an eye on the enterprise

by Barb Darrow, GigaOM - 8/9/2013

Dropbox has enlisted Matt Eccleston, one of the top technologists at VMware, as it plans a renewed assault on enterprise customers. Eccleston is well regarded in the virtualization circles and this is a big hire for Dropbox. After dominating the the consumer file-sync-and-store market, it’s now looking to make a concerted push into the enterprise.

A different kind of cloud drops upon Dublin

by John Kennedy, Siliconrepublic - 8/6/2013

Dropbox is one of the internet’s fastest-growing companies and is locating its international headquarters in Dublin. The move is expected to generate up to 40 jobs by the end of this year and places Dropbox among a veritable who’s who of the internet’s elite in Dublin, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.

Dropbox Hires Former Salesforce VP to Build B2B Market

by Michael Hickins, WSJ - 7/29/2013

Dropbox, the file hosting and collaboration firm, has hired former SVP of enterprise strategy and alliances Ross Piper for a new position created to guide its foray into the business market.

Cloud storage firm to boost staff as it ramps up European operations

by Peter Flanagan, - 7/19/2013

Dropbox has begun recruiting for its Dublin office as it seeks to ramp up its European business.

Instagram Lead Designer Tim Van Damme Headed to Dropbox

by Mike Isaac, AllThingsD - 7/16/2013

Dropbox is bulking up on its design talent. As I wrote on Monday, Tim Van Damme, Instagram’s lead designer, will be leaving the company a year and half after joining the photo-sharing startup.

Dropbox for the Enterprise ‘Will Be Dropbox’

by Michael Hickins, WSJ - 7/10/2013

The market for file storage and sharing is crowded, but Dropbox seems to have the drop on Box, and others.

The secret to Dropbox's runaway success: Making it look easy

by Matt Rosoff, CITEworld - 7/10/2013

Dropbox makes it look easy, but it is not easy. Dropbox has taken one very complicated problem that's absolutely necessary to solve, and presented a deceptively simple solution to it. That's now what the company is promising to do for developers.

Dropbox Blows Up the Box, Connecting Every App, File, and Device

by Marcus Wohlsen, Wired - 7/9/2013

Today, at Dropbox’s first-ever developers conference, the company is officially launching a new set of coding tools designed to push Dropbox into every corner of your digital life. Not content to stay sequestered inside the box, the company’s co-founders are unveiling ways for developers to meld their service with every app on every device you own.

Dropbox can help you get organized for your vacation and more

by Rick Limpert, Examiner - 6/17/2013

Don't forget to pack your swimsuit and make sure Dropbox is on your mobile device.

Collaboration: Apps that work alone to come together

by Ian Hardy, BBC - 6/17/2013

Dropbox is a company that created a rock steady personal cloud storage product (harder to do than it appears!), redefined simplicity along the way, and slapped on a logo that came to represent a gold standard.

BCBG Shares, Stores Content With Dropbox for Business

by Staff,, Apparel - 5/15/2013

"By moving our employees to Dropbox for Business, we've been able to take over central management so that IT can fulfill our security needs while offering our users the solution that they were asking for. That's a win-win for us."

Dropbox to Hold DBX, Its First Developer Conference

by Liz Gannes, All Things D - 5/6/2013

Given that Dropbox helps people save one billion files a day — of all different types, from all different devices — the company has been due for a conference to address the developers in its growing ecosystem. The first such event will be called DBX, and will be held on July 9 at San Francisco’s scenic Fort Mason.

Dropbox Overhauls Chooser As Platform Adds “Tens of Thousands” Of Developers Each Week

by Kim-Mai Cutler, TechCrunch - 4/15/2013

Dropbox, which is courting developers to make it easier for consumers to add and use files wherever they want, just overhauled its “Chooser” feature.

Dropbox for Business Arrives, Bringing Single Sign-On

by Pete Pachal, Mashable - 4/10/2013

Dropbox began as a consumer-focused service, but as anyone who works with digital files knows, it has been adopted by businesses — both large and small — en masse.

How Dropbox plans to conquer business

by Michal Lev-Ram, Forbes - 4/10/2013

Dropbox means business. The startup's newest features are aimed at making nice with IT.

Dropbox beefing up Business features

by Staff, USA Today - 4/10/2013

It all kicks in next month, when Dropbox simultaneously changes the name of its biz-oriented service from Dropbox for Teams to Dropbox for Business. To help make this happen, Dropbox is working with set of identity provider partners including Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, and Sympified.

Dropbox In The Classroom: 4 Great Uses

by Ellis Booker, InformationWeek - 4/3/2013

Today, many of Dropbox's 100 million-plus users worldwide are students and teachers, who use the Web storage and file synchronization service in a variety of ways.

Consumer Tech Finds Office Role

by Rachael King, WSJ - 4/3/2013

iPads, Dropbox, Gmail Jump Hurdles in Their Transition to Business Tool

Yahoo Deal Is the Latest Example of Dropbox Flexing Its Muscles

by Liz Gannes, AllThingsD - 4/2/2013

Just two weeks after Dropbox beat Yahoo's efforts to buy young mobile email startup Mailbox, the cloud storage upstart just won prominent billing within Yahoo's own email product. How's that for a cherry on top?

Dropbox Hits Another Hiring Homerun With Rasmus Andersson, Facebook's Mobile Design Guru

by Colleen Taylor, TechCrunch - 3/22/2013

Dropbox has scored another big win on the staffing front. Rasmus Andersson, the Swedish designer and technologist who for the past two years has worked at Facebook leading the design of mobile products and working on product infrastructure, is leaving the social networking giant to join Dropbox.

Dropbox Buys Mailbox, an App With Some Buzz

by Jessica Lessin, WSJ - 3/15/2013

Dropbox is buying the owner of the buzzy Mailbox mobile app, making its first move into products outside its core file-sharing service. Under the deal, the 13 employees of Mailbox owner Orchestra Inc.-including alums of Apple, Stanford University and Ideo-will join Dropbox.

Dropbox Now Available in Brazilian Portuguese

by ,, BusinessWire - 3/12/2013

Dropbox, a free service that lets you bring your documents, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily, announced availability in Brazilian Portuguese.

Dropbox's redesigned desktop client brings more notifications, faster sharing and a fresher look

by Darren Murph, engadget - 3/12/2013

In a world that's becoming increasingly swamped with cloud storage options, it's good to see a true, original gangster innovating like the pressure is on.

Dropbox clears 1 billion file uploads per day

by Stephen Shankland, CNET - 2/27/2013

People save 1 billion files every day to Dropbox's online storage service, Chief Executive Drew Houston said today at the Mobile World Congress show here.

Dropbox gets competitors' attention with admin tools upgrade

by Ron Miller, CITEworld - 2/14/2013

When Dropbox announced a new administrative console for Dropbox for Teams this week, it seemed to trigger a small shock wave through the cloud storage industry.

Dropbox for Teams sharpens enterprise focus with admin enhancements

by Sonia Lelii, TechTarget - 2/13/2013

Today Dropbox enhanced its business-focused cloud file-sharing Dropbox for Teams service, giving administrators more control over what users are doing on the network.

Dropbox woos enterprise IT with new admin and security tools

by Ted Samson, InfoWorld - 2/13/2013

Dropbox for Teams lets admins monitor, control how members connect to file-sharing service and which documents they can share . Several file-sharing companies have been billed as "Dropbox for the enterprise." Turns out Dropbox wants that title as well.

New Dropbox For Teams Gives IT Deep Control And Visibility, Reveals More About Company's Next Chapter

by Alex Williams, TechCrunch - 2/12/2013

Dropbox for Teams has a new set of features that gives IT deep visibility and control over the way both individuals and groups use the service. The new features show how Dropbox is entering a new chapter in its evolution, pointing to a future where a significant aspect of its business will focus on the business market.

Dropbox Unveils Sync API For Mobile Developers, Allows Apps To Work With Cloud-Based Files As If They Were Local

by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch - 2/6/2013

Dropbox is unveiling a brand new API for developers today that should give mobile app makers an excellent new tool to work with. The Dropbox Sync API allows apps for iOS and Android to treat files stored on a user's Dropbox account as if they were local, managing syncing, caching, offline access and tracking changes easily so that developers only have to worry about building an app, and not the storage and management of the files users create with said software.

Dropbox Adds Photo Sharing, Document Viewing

by Tomio Geron, Forbes - 1/30/2013

The company is adding a new layer of photo and document features to give its users much more things they can do with their files. In other words, Dropbox is aiming to be more than just a file syncing or file storage service but a full-service way for people to use their digital files - which these days is increasingly in the cloud, not just on devices.

Create, share photo albums using Dropbox for Android

by Jason Cipriani, CNET - 1/14/2013

Last week Dropbox released an update to its Android app. The update brought with it the ability for users to create and share photo albums from directly within the app.

Dropbox drops onto more Samsung devices

by Jessica Dolcourt, CNET - 1/7/2013

Dropbox and Samsung are expanding their relationship with new integration on existing devices.

Dropbox 2.0 brings a crisp new mobile look and refined photo experience on iOS

by Matthew Panzarino, THE NEXT WEB - 12/14/2012

Dropbox is updating its mobile app today with a fresh new look and a much refined photo browsing experience on iOS. I was at Dropbox HQ this morning and had a look at the new apps for iPhone and iPad, and they're impressive - a significant improvement on all fronts.

Dropbox Snags Google Exec And Python God Guido Van Rossum

by Tomio Geron, Forbes - 12/7/2012

Dropbox has hired Google executive and programming guru Guido van Rossum. Van Rossum, originally from the Netherlands, is known for creating the Python programming language.

Dropbox to Establish International Office in Dublin

by Kevin Sammon, IDA Ireland - 12/3/2012

An Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny T.D today announced that Dropbox is to establish an International Operation Centre in Dublin.

Dropbox: The Best Online Photo-Sharing Site

by Sam Grobart, BloombergBusinessweek - 11/29/2012

Q: I know I'm late to this party, but what's the best photo-sharing service? A: There are so many photo-sharing sites that, like the Kardashians, it's impossible to keep up with them all. Let me make this simple: Use Dropbox.

Dropbox Is Now The Data Fabric Tying Together Devices For 100M Registered Users Who Save 1B Files A Day

by Josh Constine, TechCrunch - 11/13/2012

"At this scale, when you help people save 10 minutes or an hour, you're saving lifetimes of pain...And we're just getting started." That's what CEO Drew Houston thinks about his company hitting 100 million registered users and 1 billion files saved a day.

Inside Dropbox's Reverse-Engineered Company Culture

by Liz Gannes, All Things D - 8/15/2012

Five years ago, Dropbox famously reverse engineered Apple's Finder system to introduce its own icon onto the top dock, with its folders fully integrated and a little green checkmark when files are synced. The hack was so nifty that it attracted acquisition interest from Steve Jobs.

How Dropbox Continues to Win: Pre-Loads on Devices Like the Samsung Galaxy S3

by John Koetsier, VentureBeat - 7/12/2012

Over 50 million people currently use Dropbox, and users are adding files at a rate of one billion every 48 hours. But it's not just viral growth, word of mouth growth, smart branding, and effective marketing. It's also preloads on devices.

Dropbox Meets A Smartphone Video Explosion

by Quentin Hardy, New York Times - 7/10/2012

Dropbox, the big online company for storing pictures, video and documents, has a secret weapon: the smartphone. Dropbox just announced that it is doubling the amount of storage in two of its plans aimed at consumers, and introducing a third category that allows for up to 500 gigabytes of storage.

New Dropbox Pro plans!

by Anna-Christina Douglas, Dropbox Blog - 7/10/2012

Since time immemorial (2008), folks have been asking us for a bigger Dropbox. We've heard from architects with giant drafting files and photographers with huge portfolios, but mostly we hear from families who have more than 100 GB of photos, docs and videos.

Flash drives replace disks at Amazon, Facebook, Dropbox

by Cade Metz, Wired - 6/13/2012

But if you walk into the right building and down the right aisle, you'll run into a giant Dropbox logo. Clearly, the file-sharing upstart is proud of its data center gear. But at the same time, it doesn't think this hardware is all that different from what the rest of the world is using. And that's about right.

Dropbox has grand opening of China Basin offices

by Casey Newton, SFGate - 4/25/2012

Amid growing competition for companies that manage users' digital lives, San Francisco startup Dropbox on Wednesday showed off brand-new offices in China Basin where it hopes to grow into a global powerhouse.

Dropbox unveils incredibly simple two-click file sharing

by Austin Carr, Fast Company - 4/23/2012

I'm just minutes into my chat with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston about the company's latest launch, and already I'm out of questions. But Houston wouldn't have it any other way. "If it takes really long [to explain], then there's probably a problem with the product," Houston says with a laugh.

Sharing documents, photos, and videos with anyone made easier

by Dropbox, Dropbox press release - 4/23/2012

Dropbox, a free service that lets people bring their documents, photos, and videos anywhere and share them easily, today announced an even easier way for people to instantly share the things that matter most, with just a link. Now documents, photos, and videos can be shared simply by creating and sending a link to friends, family, or colleagues, whether they are Dropbox users or not.

Dropbox Adds Drag and Drop for Web

by Drew Olanoff, USA Today - 4/6/2012

If you use Dropbox for the web to upload, store, and share your files, you can now drag those files right into the appropriate folders... This feature is especially awesome if you're using a public computer and need to share a file with someone quickly.

If Bono loves Dropbox, shouldn't you?

by Chris Murphy, InformationWeek - 4/5/2012

If you're looking for one of those oh-so-subtle signs that a tech trend has gone from hot to hysterical, the arrival of Bono and the Edge on the scene is a pretty strong indicator. That's where we're at with personal cloud storage, as the U2 rock stars this week invested in startup vendor Dropbox, which says it has more than 50 million users.

Dropbox referrals are now twice as nice!

by Jon Ying, Dropbox Blog - 4/3/2012

Today, we're really happy to announce that we've doubled the amount of free space you get for inviting friends to Dropbox!

Dropbox's boss plans to outplay Apple - with simplicity

by David Rowan, Wired - 4/3/2012

The San Francisco firm's acquisition of Cove, led by two former Facebook engineers, is the start of a new phase for the 100-person firm, which aims to treble its team by 2013.

Revealed: Bono and The Edge of U2 are Dropbox investors

by Eric Eldon, TechCrunch - 4/2/2012

In the annals of celebrities investing in tech startups, this one's looking especially smart.

A peek inside Dropbox's company-wide hack week at its big new SF offices

by Eric Eldon, TechCrunch - 3/26/2012

From the outside, Dropbox looks occupied with launches these days... But the company is busy with a lot of internal growth, too... So it took the idea of a hackathon - usually a 24-hour event where developers compete to build small projects - and turned it into a full week in early March.

The 100 best iPhone apps

by Jill Duffy, PC Magazine - 3/19/2012

If your files live all over the place-your office computer, home desktop, laptop-having a dependable syncing program is a must. Dropbox, the service that lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a signal, fills that role nicely with a Dropbox iPhone app.

Dropbox seeks big solutions

by Angus Loten, Wall Street Journal - 3/14/2012

Mr. Ferdowsi, who is also Dropbox's chief technology officer, spoke to The Wall Street Journal last week about why he avoids the spotlight, and his role in building the fast-growing tech start-up.

With redesign done, Dropbox's Houston focuses on the big picture

by Eric Eldon, TechCrunch - 3/12/2012

Whatever you think about Dropbox's place in the future of communication, the company has been on a roll this year. 'My instrument is the computer'

by Jefferson Graham, USA Today - 3/11/2012

Guetta sent the beat to what became Feeling via the online cloud service Dropbox.

SXSW: Dropping in on Dropbox's Drew Houston

by Harry McCracken, TIME - 3/10/2012

For a service that's beloved by so many people, cloud-storage and syncing service Dropbox is surprisingly controversial.

Dropbox's site redesign: now built for comfort and speed

by Andrew Tarantola, Gizmodo - 3/9/2012

Dropbox has been rolling out new features pretty regularly over the past couple of weeks but there's no hiding the cloud storage service's shiny new UI.

A fresh new Dropbox on the web

by Trevor Berg, The Dropbox Blog - 3/8/2012

Over the past few weeks, we've been quietly rolling out a major redesign of the Dropbox website. Today we turned it up to 11, and anyone who signs into will see a simpler, more powerful, and more beautiful web experience.

Dropbox redesign adds action bar, photo viewer, and more

by Sean Ludwig, VentureBeat - 3/8/2012

Cloud storage powerhouse Dropbox has redesigned its website and main interface with welcome new features including an all-powerful 'action bar', a Lightbox photo viewer, better search, and more, the company announced Thursday evening.

Dropbox: founder Drew Houston simplifies the cloud

by Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review - 3/1/2012

A bewildering number of services let computer and smart-phone users store and share files in the Internet's cloud. But one file-hosting service in particular has evoked the kind of devotion ordinarily accorded social-networking services or beloved hardware manufacturers: Dropbox

Dropbox acquires Cove and former Facebook execs

by Tomio Geron, Forbes - 2/27/2012

Dropbox has made its first acquisition, snapping up collaboration start-up Cove as well as its founders, who formerly were executives at Facebook.

Dropbox buys cove, start-up run by former Facebook engineers

by Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times - 2/27/2012

Dropbox has made its first acquisition, landing Cove, a start-up from two of Facebook's first engineers.

Dropbox can now automatically sync your Android photos (and it has more up its sleeve)

by Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch - 2/23/2012

Today, we're getting our first taste of what's next, and what cofounder and CEO Drew Houston calls Dropbox's mission to solve all of the "hidden problems" that people have with technology, many of which we've simply become accustomed to dealing with.

Life in the clouds

by Scott Steinberg, American Way - 2/15/2012

Works on dozens of devices and a multitude of platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS gadgets, BlackBerry, Android and even Linux. So much for 'accidentally' leaving work at the office.

50 best iPhone apps 2012

by Keith Wagstaff, Time - 2/15/2012

The cloud comes to your iPhone with this app that lets you access important documents, photos and music from your Dropbox account

50 most innovative companies: Dropbox

by David Lidsky, Fast Company - 2/13/2012

Thanks to its elegant interface, deft courting of new users, and a knack for putting its cute box icon everywhere, Dropbox keeps growing, even as it competes with Apple and Google.

What Dropbox can teach us about cloud computing

by Chris O'Brien, San Jose Mercury News - 2/11/2012

Dropbox epitomizes a revolutionary shift that is transforming our relationship to technology and turning the technology industry upside down: Cloud computing.

Reuters and Klout 50

by The editors at Reuters, Reuters - 2/2/2012

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston is listed in the number 10 position on the list of most influential execs on the web

Best overall startup Dropbox looks to the future

by Anthony Ha, TechCrunch - 2/1/2012

Dropbox took home two of the big awards at this year's Crunchies: Best Cloud Service and Best Overall Startup.

New Dropbox service is tailored for business teams

by Jason Ankeny, Entrepreneur - 1/31/2012

It's hard enough to keep one small-business location operating smoothly. Running six... is the challenge facing SusieCakes, and the reason chief financial officer Houston Striggow turned to Dropbox for Teams.

Dropbox inventor determined to build the next Apple or Google

by Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times - 1/15/2012

Drew Houston's wildly popular service allows people to access the latest version of all their digital stuff on any device no matter where they are. Every day 325 million files are saved on Dropbox.

Dropbox Cloud Service Product Review

by Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Good Housekeeping - 1/1/2012

If you want your file sharing to be as simple as dragging and dropping, look no further than Dropbox, our top pick among cloud services for usability.

The best apps of 2011

by Casey Newton, San Francisco Chronicle - 12/31/2011

Moving files around used to be hard. In 2007, Dropbox made it easy.

Apple, Amazon lead '5 most admired' tech companies

by David Coursey, Forbes - 12/30/2011

My #4 company is Dropbox, which has proven that online storage can be easy and pretty much transparent to the user. If you don't use Dropbox, you probably should.

Five cool, free business apps for your new smartphone

by Rick Broida, PCWorld - 12/29/2011

If you use the Dropbox cloud-storage service, you must get its companion app.

Personal tech gets down to business

by Richard Nieva, Fortune - 12/28/2011

Now, instead of standing by as savvy individuals co-opt their technology for the workplace, a handful of consumer-oriented companies such as Google (GOOG) and Dropbox are courting corporate customers.

Here's help getting started with your new gadgets

by Mark W. Smith, USA Today - 12/25/2011

[The Dropbox] app lets you easily share documents from a computer to the iPad. It's a great service to use anyway, but with the iPad, it's a super-convenient way to access things like PDFs, photos and other documents.

Dropbox 2.0 for Android plays nice with Ice Cream Sandwich

by Edwin Kee, Ubergizmo - 12/23/2011

[Dropbox] sounds like a dream, and it is nice to see this particular service being made available to smartphones such as Android-powered devices

Dropbox 2.0 for Android is so slick, I might actually start using it

by Andrew Tarantola, Gizmodo - 12/23/2011

Were the new app a kitten, it'd now do back-flips and be 500MB larger for college students. That's right, a 500MB back-flipping kitten. On your phone.

With sync solved, Dropbox squares off with Apple's iCloud

by Rachel Swaby, Wired - 12/22/2011

In early 2009, just months after Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi launched Dropbox, a service that promised to sync users' photos, music, and documents across computers, Apple's MobileMe team suggested the pair come by for a chat.

Most impactful companies of 2011

by Dylan Collins, Business Insider - 12/21/2011

Dropbox has now become a central administrative function of every company I'm involved with. One of the few companies actually worth its batshit-crazy valuation.

30 under 30: Technology

by Victoria Barret, Forbes - 12/19/2011

[Drew Houston's] simple tool for storing digital stuff is a hit with 50 million users and $240 million sales.

Dropbox file synchronization and online storage review

by Martin Brinkmann, Ghacks - 12/2/2011

But free alone is usually not good enough when it comes to hosting documents or files online. Other factors play important roles as well, among them security and reliability.

Top 10 consumer web products of 2011

by Jon Mitchell, ReadWriteWeb - 11/29/2011

Our annual Best Of series continues with the top 10 Web products that revolutionized old services and created new ones this year.

Dropbox For Teams addresses business needs

by David F. Carr, InformationWeek - 11/28/2011

The file sync service is already widely used in business, but it's only beginning to address team collaboration and IT control.

Dropbox: much more than storage and sync

by Barb Darrow, GigaOm - 11/10/2011

With 45 million users, Dropbox is a hugely popular cloud storage service. Consumers use it to store photos, documents and other material so they can access it from their PCs, phones, or other devices. But it's much more than that, said Drew Houston, founder and CEO of the company.

Dropbox CEO: 45M users and just getting started

by Paul Sloan, CNET - 11/10/2011

"People think of us as a storage folder," Houston said during a conversation with Om Malik during the GigaOM RoadMap 2011 summit in San Francisco. "But that's just chapter one of all the things we want to do."

(Founder Stories) Houston: "In 18 months, you are going to see little Dropbox buttons everywhere"

by Josh Zelman, TechCrunch - 11/5/2011

By any measure Drew Houston and his Dropbox team are having a hugely successful run. In Houston's final Founder Stories episode with TechCrunch editor, Erick Schonfeld, Houston says he plans to maintain this momentum by focusing on mobile, and just about everything else.

9 free ways to share videos safely online

by Kim Komando, USA Today - 10/28/2011 is at the generous end of the spectrum, allowing 300MB transfers.

Dropbox moves to business with Dropbox For Teams

by Tomio Geron, Forbes - 10/27/2011

Dropbox is used in more than 1 million businesses, the company says. But the business usage of Dropbox has up until now been self-serve

Dropbox bids to find entry in businesses

by Claire Cain Miller, New York Times - 10/27/2011

Now Dropbox is trying to appease them by selling a service for businesses, Dropbox for Teams, introduced Thursday.

Dropbox cracks the enterprise with the help of addicted users

by Austin Carr, Fast Company - 10/27/2011

Drew Houston is one of the few people out there who was able to turn down an offer from Steve Jobs. He had good reasons.

Dropbox goes after business customers

by Casey Newton, San Francisco Chronicle - 10/27/2011

Today the San Francisco startup, which began life as a consumer product, is announcing a new service aimed at small and medium sized businesses.

Wish there were a Dropbox for business? now there is

by Jill Duffy, PC Mag - 10/27/2011

If you use more than one computer or multiple Internet-connected devices, chances are you've heard of (and probably even used) Dropbox, a file-synchronization service.

Dropbox, HTC offer 5 GB of free cloud storage

by Keith Wagstaff, Time Techland - 10/26/2011

It's true-Dropbox and HTC are teaming up to give users 5GB of free space. Starting now, anyone running Sense 3.5 will get an additional 3GB of space in their Dropbox account, on top of the free 2GB that everyone gets when signing up.

Dropbox will simplify your life

by David Pogue, The New York Times - 10/20/2011

Every time I'm tempted to write about some tech product that's been around awhile, I'm torn. On one hand, I'll be blasted by the technogeeks for being late to the party. On the other hand, it doesn't seem right to keep something great hidden under a barrel from the rest of the world. So here goes: I love Dropbox.

Dropbox (for iPad)

by Jeffrey L. Wilson, PCMAG - 10/20/2011

The mobile professional has myriad devices on which files live, which makes having a dependable syncing program a must. Dropbox (Free, 4 stars) fills that role nicely with an iPad app that complements its desktop and mobile phone products.

40 under 40

by CNN Money - 10/20/2011

Despite growing competition, Houston and Ferdowsi's college project has been growing like a weed -- 300 million files are saved to Dropbox each day, more than the number of tweets posted to Twitter per day.

The next establishment

by Jack Deligter and Elizabeth Nicholas, Vanity Fair - 10/20/2011

With millions of users and a valuation some estimate to be in the billions, Dropbox is making thumb drives everywhere quake in their cheap, plastic sheaths.

Dropbox: The inside story of tech's hottest startup

by Victoria Barret, Forbes - 10/18/2011

Drew Houston, who blasted his way onto Apple's radar screen when he reverse-engineered Apple's file system so that his startup's logo, an unfolding box, appeared elegantly tucked inside. Not even an Apple SWAT team had been able to do that.

Web is wonderful for free help

by Rhonda Abrams, USA Today - 9/22/2011

Everyone in our office likes using this to store and share our files, especially when we're working on a project with writers and editors

When big doesn't compute

by Kim Girard, Boston Globe - 9/19/2011

MIT graduates, who in years past flocked to the biggest, most prestigious technology and consulting companies to begin their careers, are increasingly taking jobs at start-ups and smaller companies

Everything you need to know about the cloud

by Rebecca J. Rosen, The Atlantic - 9/18/2011

Dropbox users save more than one milion files to the cloud every five minutes.

Tech titans: Dropbox

by Jon Fortt and Annie Pong, CNBC - 9/8/2011

CNBC's Jon Fortt reports on Dropbox. Features CEO Drew Houston and a glimpse into the inner workings of this San Francisco start up.

World economic forum's technology pioneers of 2012

by Steven Hoffer, Huffington Post - 9/1/2011

Whether you're just backing up your files or tend to work on several computers, Dropbox is a handy tool for saving and accessing important documents across multiple devices.

23 must-have gadgets for students

by Huffington Post - 8/23/2011

Dropbox protects your digital files from crashed hard drives, frozen computers, and misplaced flash drives.

10 ways to save money with technology

by REAL SIMPLE - 8/11/2011

if you put your files into this folder, you can access them from any of your other computers or mobile devices.

5 nifty back-to-school tech purchases

by Mark W. Smith, USA Today - 8/9/2011

The USB thumb drive has all but been replaced by cloud-based services such as Dropbox, which allows students to sync files online.

Dropbox leases giant new SF Office, plans to grow to 400+ employees

by Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch - 7/27/2011

Dropbox, the startup that makes it super-easy to sync files between your computers, phones, and other devices, is growing. A lot.

The top 10 Android apps for work

by Jenn Prentice, Business Insider - 7/13/2011

Dropbox has become the go-to site for cloud-based file storage and the Android app only adds to its usefulness.

How to raise $1.2 million in venture capital

by J.J. McCorvey, Inc. - 7/11/2011

In September 2007, my partner, Arash Ferdowsi, and I learned we had gotten a meeting with Sequoia Capital. We were reluctant, because we were only looking for a few hundred thousand dollars. And we were intimidated - it was like applying to Harvard.

App guide: essential apps for every smartphone

by Megan Geuss, PCWorld - 6/28/2011

With Dropbox for your mobile device, you can quickly move files from your PC to your phone without having to plug your handset into the computer.

30 under 30: founders of Dropbox

by Nicole Carter, Inc. - 6/27/2011

At a Boston bus station in early 2007, Drew Houston opened his laptop to finish some work while waiting for his bus. As he turned on his computer, he froze.

Dropbox offers cloud storage service

by CNN International - 6/8/2011

Drew Houston of Dropbox discusses file sharing and storage on its servers.

Data grows, and so do storage sites

by Verne G. Kopytoff, The New York Times - 6/5/2011

The co-founders of Dropbox, Drew Houston, and Arash Ferdowsi, in San Francisco, see their service as a way to simplify life.

3 apps that make starting a small business that much easier

by GoToAssist, VentureBeat - 5/31/2011

Dropbox is a perennial favorite among the time-saving web applications that cater to small companies and organizations - mostly because it's so simple.

Dropbox partners with Softbank, Sony Ericsson for growth in Asia, Europe

by Ari Levy, Bloomberg - 5/30/2011

Dropbox Inc., the Web storage provider with 25 million users, signed deals with mobile carrier Softbank Corp. (9984) and handset maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB to attract more customers in Asia and Europe.

Five reasons photographers should love the Apple iPhone

by Dave Johnson, PCWorld - 5/23/2011

Dropbox has an iPhone app, and it's got a great feature tailored just for photographers.

At Dropbox, over 100 billion files served-and counting

by Courtney Fielding, GigaOM - 5/23/2011

Once upon a time, in the year 2007, Dropbox consisted of two engineers coding in their boxers out of a shared apartment in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.

Dropbox users save 1 million files every 5 minutes

by Jennifer Van Grove, Mashable - 5/23/2011

Four-year-old file storage startup Dropbox has experienced explosive growth in the past year, jumping from 5 million users to more than 25 million users.

Dropbox interview

by Martin Brinkmann, - 5/23/2011

Dropbox has seen a big surge in users over the past year, how has the company accommodated the rapid growth? It's a combination of architecture and automation.

First apps for your new smartphone

by Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle blog - 5/17/2011

The Dropbox service gives you 2 gigabytes of free storage for any kind of file, and you can pay for more. You can then move files into your Dropbox folders where they are accessible by all your devices.

Innovative consumption

by James Surowiecki, The New Yorker - 5/16/2011

In September, 2008, a company named Dropbox opened for business, marketing a simple innovation: it allowed you to upload your files, via an intuitive drag-and-drop method, to remote servers, and to then synch those files with other computers.

Dropbox - mobile content management

by Mike Dano, FireceWireless - 5/15/2011

Dropbox is quickly and quietly working to merge two disparate worlds: The desktop world and the mobile world.

The cheapskate's guide to getting free Dropbox space

by Whitson Gordon, Gizmodo - 4/28/2011

Dropbox is one of the best file synchronization tools around, but you start out with only 2 GB of space, which isn't always enough to sync music or collaborate with your co-workers. Here's how to increase your storage without paying anything.

Ten essential business tools

by Kristen Cluthe, PCMag - 4/27/2011

Dropbox, the cloud-based storage service, pre-empts your forgetfulness by allowing you to store and share essential files as you create them.

Stand out from the cloud crowd

by Richard Waters, Financial Times - 4/26/2011

Dropbox, with barely $7m behind it and fewer than 50 employees, is one of the most popular productivity apps on the iPad and has seen users soar from 5m to 25m during the past year.

Why Dropbox avoids industry buzzwords like 'the cloud'

by Austin Carr, Fast Company - 4/25/2011

For the common consumer, the cloud is likely flying right over his or her head. Recognizing that trend, popular cloud startup Dropbox is taking a novel approach to conveying its value

Dropbox ready for big tech breakthrough

by Jon Swartz, USA Today - 4/19/2011

Dropbox is determined to put the sizzle into file sharing and storage on multiple digital devices.

Dropbox marks 25 million storing in the cloud

by Casey Newton, San Francisco Chronicle - 4/19/2011

Dropbox's response has been to focus on making the service easier to use than its rivals, and to increase the number of ways customers can use it.

Dropbox hits 25M users, expanding internationally

by Tomio Geron, Forbes - 4/18/2011

The file-sharing company has passed 25 million users and now has more than 200 million files saved each day.

Dropbox: 25 million users and counting

by JP Mangalindan, Fortune - 4/18/2011

As many in Silicon Valley know, very few start-ups succeed, and even if they do, even fewer stumble upon the kind of growth Dropbox has in such little time.

Fast-growing Dropbox plans expansion to branded devices

by Casey Newton, San Francisco Chronicle - 4/18/2011

Dropbox, a San Francisco start-up whose service helps users sync their files across a multitude of devices, announced some eye-popping growth Monday: it now has 25 million users...

Dropbox rockets to 25M users, more daily files than tweets on Twitter

by Austin Carr, Fast Company - 4/18/2011

We always hear about hot startups like Foursquare, Instagram, Foodspotting, or GroupMe. But another startup is making more waves than all of these social media companies combined.

Why Dropbox's 25 million users are just the start

by Ryan Kim, GigaOm - 4/18/2011

Dropbox, the popular cloud file-sharing and back-up tool, is on a tear with 25 million users using the system and 200 million files saved each day...

Dropbox hits 25 million users

by Renee Oricchio, Inc. - 4/18/2011

And it did it all without spending a penny on advertising. Dropbox, the cloud-based file-syncing and file-sharing startup, is clearly one of this year's "it" girls among tech startups.

Dropbox hits 25 million users, 200 million files per day

by Michael Arrington, TechCrunch - 4/18/2011

That's impressive growth from the 4 million users the company had a year ago (they had two million in late 2009).

Dropbox: The hottest startup you've never heard of

by J.P. Mangalindan, Fortune - 3/16/2011

A company that wants to bring online storage and sharing to the masses? Hardly original, but with numbers like these, Dropbox may do just that.

8 cool apps that will sync with Dropbox

by Steve Kovach, Business Insider - 3/10/2011 of the best things about Dropbox is that it's open for developers to create clever apps that make the service even more useful.

For your files, lots of room in the cloud

by John Biggs, New York Times - 1/26/2011

Dropbox has a simple Web interface and appears on a computer as a folder called "Dropbox." Drag files into the folder, and the service sends them automatically into the cloud for safe-keeping.

Ask a geek: What can I do with Dropbox?

by Lowell Heddings, Popular Science - 1/25/2011

...use it to quickly sync files between your devices, and, since it's available anywhere, it provides an easy way to get a hold of information on the go.

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology

by Sam Grobart, New York Times - 12/29/2010

Because while e-mailing yourself files is a perfectly decent workaround, there are easier, more elegant ways to move files around...

Dropbox lets you back up data, access it anywhere

by Ellen Lee, San Francisco Chronicle - 11/1/2010

Lingham pulled out his iPhone and accessed an archived folder from his Dropbox app. And there it was.

There's room yet in the cloud

by G.F., The Economist - 8/24/2010

The service is useful for coordinating files among desktops, but a boon for mobile devices, which lack access to a file system. Dropbox, in turn, benefits from the expansion of mobile devices with 3G connections...

Dropbox: Files without borders

by Victoria Barret, Forbes - 6/10/2010

Houston calls Dropbox "the Internet's desktop." When you download the Dropbox software to your computer, it creates a folder for placing files you want to access from another computer or the Web...

Dropbox updated for iPad

by Charlie Sorrel, Wired - 5/4/2010

The Dropbox iPhone application has been updated to work better with the iPad. Along with the usual cosmetic changes, it also adds one essential feature: the ability to choose an application with which to open your documents...

Dropbox gets a mobile API and a trio of apps

by Josh Lowensohn, CNET - 5/4/2010

On Tuesday the company is announcing a mobile API for developers to build ties to Dropbox's servers into their own apps, as well as formally launching first-party applications for the iPad and Android and BlackBerry devices...