SEDN Reports

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  1. Alex Lockton_SEDN_2017.pdf
    Alex Lockton_SEDN_2017.pdf
  2. Battlefield Church Ponds plants .pdf
    Battlefield Church Pond…ts .pdf
  3. Battlefield Pond plants .pdf
    Battlefield Pond plants .pdf
  4. Beetles of Hawkstone, 2012.pdf
    Beetles of Hawkstone, 2012.pdf
  5. Beetles of Stretton Wetlands 2016.pdf
    Beetles of Stretton Wet…016.pdf
  6. Black Coppice botany 2010.pdf
    Black Coppice botany 2010.pdf
  7. Black Coppice Meadow 2015.pdf
    Black Coppice Meadow…015.pdf
  8. Blake Mere botany 2010.pdf
    Blake Mere botany 2010.pdf
  9. Bomere Pool Monitoring 2011.pdf
    Bomere Pool Monitorin…011.pdf
  10. Bomere Pool Monitoring 2014.pdf
    Bomere Pool Monitorin…014.pdf
  11. Bomere Pool Monitoring 2015.pdf
    Bomere Pool Monitorin…015.pdf
  12. Bomere Pool Odonata 2012.pdf
    Bomere Pool Odonata 2012.pdf
  13. Bomere Pool plants 2012.pdf
    Bomere Pool plants 2012.pdf
  14. Brown Moss assessment 2016.pdf
    Brown Moss assessmen…016.pdf
  15. Brown Moss Pool 3 2015.pdf
    Brown Moss Pool 3 2015.pdf
  16. Bryophytes of Titterstone Clee 2017.pdf
    Bryophytes of Tittersto…017.pdf
  17. Callaghan Bryophyes Long Mynd 2015.pdf
    Callaghan Bryophyes Lo…015.pdf
  18. Cardington wildlife.pdf
    Cardington wildlife.pdf
  19. Coleoptera of Long Mynd and the Stretton Hills 2015.pdf
    Coleoptera of Long My…015.pdf
  20. Cordulia aenea Bomere 2013.pdf
    Cordulia aenea Bomere…013.pdf
  21. Craneflies Cardingmill Valley 2013.pdf
    Craneflies Cardingmill V…013.pdf
  22. Cranefly axiozoa 2014.pdf
    Cranefly axiozoa 2014.pdf
  23. Crassula helmsii at Bomere Pool 2012.pdf
    Crassula helmsii at Bom…012.pdf
  24. Crose Mere Monitoring Report 2013.pdf
    Crose Mere Monitoring…013.pdf
  25. Cwm Head wildlife.pdf
    Cwm Head wildlife.pdf
  26. Devil's Dingle Bees, Wasps & Ants 2013.pdf
    Devil's Dingle Bees, Wa…013.pdf
  27. Devon & Shropshire Fens 2013.pdf
    Devon & Shropshire Fe…013.pdf
  28. Eardington Aquatic Inverts 2014.pdf
    Eardington Aquatic Inv…014.pdf
  29. Foxholes plants 2012.pdf
    Foxholes plants 2012.pdf
  30. Glacial Pools Invertebrates 2010.pdf
    Glacial Pools Invertebra…010.pdf
  31. Greenhills wildlife.pdf
    Greenhills wildlife.pdf
  32. guide_to_shropshire_orthopteroids_v12.pdf
  33. Haughmond Hill invertebrates 2015.pdf
    Haughmond Hill invert…015.pdf
  34. Haughmond Hill plants 2015.pdf
    Haughmond Hill plants…015.pdf
  35. Hilton Sand Pit invertebrates 2016.pdf
    Hilton Sand Pit inverte…016.pdf
  36. Invertebrates of Shawbury Heath 2012.pdf
    Invertebrates of Shawb…012.pdf
  37. Molluscs of the Meres 2015.pdf
    Molluscs of the Meres 2015.pdf
  38. Moth Group Report 2015.pdf
    Moth Group Report 2015.pdf
  39. NVC of Catherton Common 2014.pdf
    NVC of Catherton Com…014.pdf
  40. Odonata Axiozoa 2014.pdf
    Odonata Axiozoa 2014.pdf
  41. Omphiscola glabra at Brown Moss 2016.pdf
    Omphiscola glabra at B…016.pdf
  42. Omphiscola glabra Shropshire 2016.pdf
    Omphiscola glabra Shro…016.pdf
  43. Pine Martens 2014.pdf
    Pine Martens 2014.pdf
  44. Plants of Battlefield Church ponds 2013.pdf
    Plants of Battlefield Ch…013.pdf
  45. Plants of Battlefield Pond 2013.pdf
    Plants of Battlefield Po…013.pdf
  46. Rare water beetles 2014.pdf
    Rare water beetles 2014.pdf
  47. SEDN Diptera grant report 2012.pdf
    SEDN Diptera grant rep…012.pdf
  48. Shropshire dragonfly news 2013.pdf
    Shropshire dragonfly n…013.pdf
  49. Shropshire dragonfly news 2014.pdf
    Shropshire dragonfly n…014.pdf
  50. Shropshire dragonfly news 2015.pdf
    Shropshire dragonfly n…015.pdf
  51. Shropshire dragonfly news 2016.pdf
    Shropshire dragonfly n…016.pdf
  52. Shropshire dragonfly news 2017.pdf
    Shropshire dragonfly n…017.pdf
  53. Shropshire-Entomology-1.pdf
  54. Shropshire-Entomology-2.pdf
  55. Shropshire-Entomology-3.pdf
  56. Shropshire-Entomology-4.pdf
  57. Shropshire-Entomology-5.pdf
  58. Shropshire-Entomology-6.pdf
  59. Shropshire-Entomology-7.pdf
  60. Shropshire-Entomology-8.pdf
  61. Shropshire-Entomology-9.pdf
  62. Shropshire-Entomology-10.pdf
  63. Shropshire-Entomology-11.pdf
  64. Shropshire-Entomology-12.pdf
  65. Shropshire-Entomology-13.pdf
  66. Shropshire's Earwigs.pdf
    Shropshire's Earwigs.pdf
  67. Shropshire's Soldier Beetles 2013.pdf
    Shropshire's Soldier Be…013.pdf
  68. Shropshire's Soldier Beetles 2014.pdf
    Shropshire's Soldier Be…014.pdf
  69. Soldier Beetles of Shropshire 2013.pdf
    Soldier Beetles of Shrop…013.pdf
  70. Sponge diversity 2014.pdf
    Sponge diversity 2014.pdf
  71. Stevenshill assessment 2012.pdf
    Stevenshill assessment…012.pdf
  72. Stevenshill rare plants 2012.pdf
    Stevenshill rare plants 2012.pdf
  73. Summary of Odonata recording effort 2015.pdf
    Summary of Odonata r…015.pdf
  74. Summary of Odonata species richness 2015.pdf
    Summary of Odonata s…015.pdf
  75. Sympetrum fonscolombii 2013.pdf
    Sympetrum fonscolom…013.pdf
  76. The Moors 1998.pdf
    The Moors 1998.pdf
  77. The Moors restoration 2012.pdf
    The Moors restoration …012.pdf
  78. Wappenshall Wharf moths 2016.pdf
    Wappenshall Wharf mo…016.pdf
  79. Wem Moss Monitoring Report 2016.pdf
    Wem Moss Monitoring…016.pdf
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