2016 SACES Conference Presentations

Sorted by name
  1. Adams, C.,-Trauma Informed care in CE
    Adams, C.,-Tra…n CE
  2. Baggerly, J.-Leading Counselor Education Students
    Baggerly, J.-Lea…ents
  3. Boyd, M.-Preventing burnout in supervision
    Boyd, M.-Prev…sion
  4. Brubaker, M., Moorhead, H., & Kennedy, S.-Applying CSI's Principles
    Brubaker, M., …iples
  5. Burt, I.- Developmentally meeting the client where they are
    Burt, I.- Develo… are
  6. Burt, I.-Understanding human trafficking
    Burt, I.-Unders…king
  7. Burton, L., & Rubenstein, B.-Schoold Counselor Role Confusion
    Burton, L., & R…sion
  8. Chandler, C.-Human-Animal relational theory
    Chandler, C.-H…eory
  9. Cline, J., Jones, M.-Emphasizing wellness & resiliency in CE
    Cline, J., Jones,…n CE
  10. Cook, R.- Addressing Intentional Nondisclosure in supervision
    Cook, R.- Addr…sion
  11. Cox, L.-Role stress in multicultural supervision
    Cox, L.-Role st…sion
  12. Darby, T.-Counselor Educator's guide to a doctoral program
    Darby, T.-Coun…ram
  13. Davis, C., & Drew, M.-Expressive coping with HIV-AIDS
    Davis, C., & Dr…AIDS
  14. Davis, K.-Teaching Research & Program Evaluation in Cou
    Davis, K.-Teach…Cou
  15. Davis, K.-Teaching School Counseling Overseas
    Davis, K.-Teach…seas
  16. Deroche, M.,& Angelocci, R.-A unifying body of counseling inclusion of disability across the CE
    Deroche, M.,&…e CE
  17. Dobson, M.-Choice theory alternative model in superv.
    Dobson, M.-Ch…erv.
  18. Dobson, M., & De La Paz, M.-Applying experiential activities to online supervision
    Dobson, M., &…sion
  19. Eckart, E., & Lyons, M.-The variables that influence female counselors' experience of work-family conflict
    Eckart, E., & Ly…flict
  20. Finn, A., Isaacs, M., Bachenberg, M.-Development and Use of Weighted Rubrics
    Finn, A., Isaacs…rics
  21. Flasch, P., & Robinson, E.-Navigating new relationships during recovery from intimate partner violence
    Flasch, P., & R…ence
  22. Flasch, P., & Robinson, E.-Relational depth in the counseling relationship
    Flasch, P., & R…ship
  23. Flasch., P., Robinson, M., & Greene, J.-Improving your counseling program
    Flasch., P., Rob…ram
  24. Ginter, G.-ICD-10-CM
    Ginter, G.-ICD-…-CM
  25. Gonzalez, L., Martinez, R., & Dye, L.-Hiring and Being Hired
    Gonzalez, L., M…ired
  26. Gray, C., King, K., & Gonzalez, L.-Social Justice & Advocacy
    Gray, C., King, …cacy
  27. Greenidge, T., Strachan, T., & Daniels, P.-Family values and bullying behaviors in AA
    Greenidge, T., … AA
  28. Hall, J.-Creative Approaches in Clinical Supervision
    Hall, J.-Creative…sion
  29. Henry, H., & Poole, L.-The impact of identity on multicultural cou
    Henry, H., & P… cou
  30. Hess-Holden, C.- Level of disclosure in supervision
    Hess-Holden, …sion
  31. Higgins, K., Couture, V., & Meyers, A.-Group supervision
    Higgins, K., Co…sion
  32. Ivers, N., & Ziff, K.- There's beauty in brokenness
    Ivers, N., & Zif…ness
  33. Jones, M.-Digital storytelling to enhance student self awareness
    Jones, M.-Digit…ness
  34. Kemer, G.-Expert supervisors' priorities when working with easy & challenging supervisees
    Kemer, G.-Exp…sees
  35. Kemer, G., O'Hare, V., Griffith, S., & Krahwinkel, J.-Expert site supervisors' supervision considerations
    Kemer, G., O'H…ions
  36. Kirk-Jenkins, A., Wolf, C., & Sauerheber, J.-Gatekeeping in Admissions
    Kirk-Jenkins, A…ions
  37. Knight, J. & Walley, C. - Teaching school counseling students online
    Knight, J. & Wa…line
  38. Knight, J., & Walley, C.- Preparing school counselors to promote college success
    Knight, J., & W…cess
  39. LaGuardia, A.-Foundation of professional identity
    LaGuardia, A.-F…tity
  40. Laws, A., & Garland, K.-Fostering Personal Growth in LGBTQ
    Laws, A., & Ga…BTQ
  41. Lindo, N., Ceballos, P., & Conner, C.,-Fostering Child & Adolescent Career Development
    Lindo, N., Ceb…ent
  42. Markopoulos, P., & Dufrene, R., - Virtual Reality Therapy Environment for Children Diagnosed with Autism
    Markopoulos, …tism
  43. McBain, T., & Rawls, G.-Resiliency & Doctoral Student
    McBain, T., & R…ent
  44. McMahon, H. G. & Mason, E. C. M. (2016). An ecological model of school counselor preparation.
    McMahon, H. …tion.
  45. Mobley, J., Jarvis, T., & Ellis, J.-Examining ecological assumptions about ethical issues
    Mobley, J., Jarv…sues
  46. Murphy, T., & Powell, J.-Self-compassion
    Murphy, T., & …sion
  47. Murray, C., & Crowe, A.-Counselor educators as social justice advocates
    Murray, C., & C…ates
  48. Myers, K.-Guarding Against Secondary Trauma
    Myers, K.-Guar…uma
  49. Neale-McFall, C., Eckart, E., Daige, J., Haskins, N., & Hermann, M.-Counselor educator mothers
    Neale-McFall, C…hers
  50. Ogunlana, & Graham-Phillips- Enhancing career resilience in minority faculty
    Ogunlana, & G…ulty
  51. Ordway, A.-Adversarial relationships from classroom
    Ordway, A.-Ad…om
  52. Owenby, B.-Building professional resiliency by creating worlds
    Owenby, B.-Bu…rlds
  53. Pearson, Q., & Parries, M.-Focusing on Feminist Theory
    Pearson, Q., &…eory
  54. Pennock, E., & Kelchner, V.-Trauma informed CE
    Pennock, E., &…d CE
  55. Preffer, J., Rhonda, L., & Pace, R.-Fostering faculty & student resiliency
    Preffer, J., Rho…ency
  56. Rice, J., & Brickner, A.-Trauma & Posttraumatic growth
    Rice, J., & Brick…wth
  57. Robinson, J.-Help I have fallen and I cannot get up-Helping ABD students
    Robinson, J.-H…ents
  58. Rutledge, M.-Fostering resiliency in the black female CE
    Rutledge, M.-F…e CE
  59. Smelse, Q., Durant, S., Emmanuel, D., & Jain, K.-Building counselor resilience
    Smelse, Q., Du…ence
  60. Smith, S.-AA males in CE
    Smith, S.-AA m…n CE
  61. Spruill, D., & Hermann-Turner, K.-Resilience along the CE Career
    Spruill, D., & H…reer
  62. Stark, M., Booker, E.-Building Resiliency
    Stark, M., Boo…ency
  63. Stevens, H.- Counselors Going Back to School
    Stevens, H.- Co…hool
  64. Stevens, H.-Creative, Innovative, & effective techniques for clients
    Stevens, H.-Cr…ents
  65. Stretch, L.-Comprehensive assessment plan components
    Stretch, L.-Com…ents
  66. Stretch, L., & Smith, S.-Building virtual communities
    Stretch, L., & S…ities
  67. Strozier, J.-Ethical utilization of experiential groups in training group counselors
    Strozier, J.-Ethi…lors
  68. Suarez, A., Yam, F., & Carver, C.- Til Death or Doc Do Us Part
    Suarez, A., Yam…Part
  69. Taylor, D., & Wheeler, N.- Fostering resilience in child counseling
    Taylor, D., & W…eling
  70. Taylor, D.,& Blount A.-Transforming your classroom
    Taylor, D.,& Blo…om
  71. Terrell, K., Main, J., & Therthani, S.-Enhancing the infusion of cultural diversity in core CACREP courses
    Terrell, K., Mai…rses
  72. Therthani, S., Main, J., & Terrell, K.-Movie night
    Therthani, S., M…ight
  73. Tolbert, Y.-Activating & encouraging creativity & intuition within clinical supervisory relationships
    Tolbert, Y.-Acti…hips
  74. Vladimir, M., Ingram, M., Avera, J., & Cannon, Y.-Trauma & Brain changes
    Vladimir, M., In…nges
  75. Webster, K., & Gibbons, M.-Social Justice in Action
    Webster, K., &…tion
  76. Whisenhunt, J., Shannonhouse, L., & Perjessy, C.,-Suicide prevention
    Whisenhunt, J.…tion
  77. Wolf, C.-Weathering the Workplace
    Wolf, C.-Weath…lace
  78. Wolf, C., & Kirk-Jenkins, A.-Navigating the Negotiation
    Wolf, C., & Kirk…tion
  79. Young, S., & Crockett, J.-Experiential supervision strategies
    Young, S., & C…gies
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