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  1. 2016
  2. 2017 - CA Dem Party Questionnaires
    2017 - CA Dem Party Q…nnaires
  3. 2017 PAC items
    2017 PAC items
  4. Questionnaire - Roy Grimes 2016.pdf
    Questionnaire - Roy Gr…016.pdf
  5. Questionnaire- Ashby.pdf
    Questionnaire- Ashby.pdf
  6. Questionnaire- Cherry.pdf
    Questionnaire- Cherry.pdf
  7. Questionnaire- Cooper.pdf
    Questionnaire- Cooper.pdf
  8. Questionnaire- Dickinson.pdf
    Questionnaire- Dickinson.pdf
  9. Questionnaire- Dr. Pan.pdf
    Questionnaire- Dr. Pan.pdf
  10. Questionnaire- Elkarra.pdf
    Questionnaire- Elkarra.pdf
  11. Questionnaire- Fong.pdf
    Questionnaire- Fong.pdf
  12. Questionnaire- Guerra.pdf
    Questionnaire- Guerra.pdf
  13. Questionnaire- Hansen.pdf
    Questionnaire- Hansen.pdf
  14. Questionnaire- Harris.pdf
    Questionnaire- Harris.pdf
  15. Questionnaire- J Cooper.pdf
    Questionnaire- J Cooper.pdf
  16. Questionnaire- Jennings.pdf
    Questionnaire- Jennings.pdf
  17. Questionnaire- Johannessen.pdf
    Questionnaire- Johanne…sen.pdf
  18. Questionnaire- Kennedy.pdf
    Questionnaire- Kennedy.pdf
  19. Questionnaire- McCarty.pdf
    Questionnaire- McCarty.pdf
  20. Questionnaire- Molander.pdf
    Questionnaire- Molander.pdf
  21. Questionnaire- Ortiz.pdf
    Questionnaire- Ortiz.pdf
  22. Questionnaire- Pomer.pdf
    Questionnaire- Pomer.pdf
  23. Questionnaire- Sartain.pdf
    Questionnaire- Sartain.pdf
  24. Questionnaire- Schenirer.pdf
    Questionnaire- Schenirer.pdf
  25. Questionnaire- Shah.pdf
    Questionnaire- Shah.pdf
  26. Questionnaire- Sullivan.pdf
    Questionnaire- Sullivan.pdf
  27. Questionnaire- Van Buren.pdf
    Questionnaire- Van Buren.pdf
  28. Questionnaire-Cohn.pdf
  29. Stonewall18032016_2.pdf
  30. Stonewall Candidate  Questionnaire_Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Q…016.pdf
  31. Stonewall Candidate Questionaire_Doris Matsui_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  32. Stonewall Candidate Questionaire_Marlon Hill_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  33. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2013-2014_Paula Villescaz.doc
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…caz.doc
  34. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016 - Wolk AD4.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…D4.pdf
  35. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016 (1).doc
    Stonewall Candidate Qu… (1).doc
  36. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016 Eric Guerra FINAL.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…AL.pdf
  37. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016_FINAL2.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…AL2.pdf
  38. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016.doc
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.doc
  39. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire 2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  40. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_ Jackie Wong_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  41. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_ Martha Guerrero_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  42. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Alicia Cruz_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  43. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Babs Sandeen_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  44. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Brandon Rose_2016.docx
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…16.docx
  45. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Coby Pizzotti_ 2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  46. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Danny Thirakul_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  47. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_David DeLuz_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  48. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Dmitriy Voloshin_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  49. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Donald Terry_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  50. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Final_ 2016 revised.doc
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…ed.doc
  51. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Final_ Maureen Craft_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  52. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Maria Grijalva_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  53. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Nancy Chaires Espinoza_2016 (1).pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu… (1).pdf
  54. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Quinten Voyce_2016.doc
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.doc
  55. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Quirina Orozco_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  56. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Reichel Everhart_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  57. Stonewall Candidate Questionnaire_Valarie Martin_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Candidate Qu…016.pdf
  58. Stonewall p 1.JPG
    Stonewall p 1.JPG
  59. Stonewall p 2.JPG
    Stonewall p 2.JPG
  60. Stonewall p 3.JPG
    Stonewall p 3.JPG
  61. Stonewall p 4.JPG
    Stonewall p 4.JPG
  62. Stonewall p 5.JPG
    Stonewall p 5.JPG
  63. Stonewall p 6.JPG
    Stonewall p 6.JPG
  64. Stonewall PAC + Board recommendations to membership on donations-October 10.docx
    Stonewall PAC + Board…10.docx
  65. Stonewall PAC + Board recommendations to membership-October 10_no donations listed.docx
    Stonewall PAC + Board…d.docx
  66. Stonewall PAC + Board recommendations to membership-October 10.docx
    Stonewall PAC + Board…10.docx
  67. STONEWALL PAC Application_8-20-15.docx
    STONEWALL PAC Applic…15.docx
  68. Stonewall PAC meeting minutes from August 16.docx
    Stonewall PAC meeting…16.docx
  69. Stonewall PAC meeting minutes from January 25, 2017.docx
    Stonewall PAC meeting…17.docx
  70. Stonewall PAC meeting minutes from September 11_2016_revised.docx
    Stonewall PAC meeting…d.docx
  71. Stonewall PAC meeting minutes from September 25_2016.docx
    Stonewall PAC meeting…16.docx
  72. Stonewall PAC recommendations_2016-2017.docx
    Stonewall PAC recomm…17.docx
  73. Stonewall PAC_2016 November Candidate List.xlsx
    Stonewall PAC_2016 No…ist.xlsx
  74. Stonewall PAC_Agenda_Meeting-8-16-16.docx
    Stonewall PAC_Agenda_…16.docx
  75. Stonewall PAC_Policies and Procedures .pdf
    Stonewall PAC_Policies …res .pdf
  76. Stonewall PAC_Proposed PP Changes_07.13.15_PL_Board_Edits.docx
    Stonewall PAC_Propose…ts.docx
  77. Stonewall PAC_Stonewall reaches over the river to endorse candidates.docx
    Stonewall PAC_Stonewa…es.docx
  78. Stonewall PAC- Policies & Procedures.pdf
    Stonewall PAC- Policies…res.pdf
  79. Stonewall PAC-Endorsed candidates for 2016 + contributions_ver 2.docx
    Stonewall PAC-Endorse… 2.docx
  80. Stonewall PAC-Endorsed candidates for 2016.docx
    Stonewall PAC-Endorse…16.docx
  81. Stonewall Questionnaire_Coby Pizzotti_2016.pdf
    Stonewall Questionnair…016.pdf
  82. Stonewall Questionnaire_Martha Guerrero WSCouncil_ 2016.pdf
    Stonewall Questionnair…016.pdf
  83. Stonewall Questionnaire_Tracie Stafford 2016.docx
    Stonewall Questionnair…16.docx
  84. Stonewall_2015_2016_PAC_Questionnaire.wiz
  85. Stonewall_Article for Outward Magazine_2016.docx
    Stonewall_Article for Ou…16.docx
  86. Stonewall_DPSC CC Slate -Stonewall Coalition_10.15.16 (1).docx
    Stonewall_DPSC CC Slat…1).docx
  87. Stonewall_Gay men running for school Board_2016.docx
    Stonewall_Gay men run…16.docx
  88. Stonewall_Gen'l MembershipMinutes 10.10.16.docx
    Stonewall_Gen'l Membe…16.docx
  89. Stonewall_Quarterly Story_Outword story_2016.docx
    Stonewall_Quarterly Sto…16.docx
  90. Stonewall_Questionnaire_Susan Heredia_REVISED_20120729.pdf
  91. Stonewall_Story for Outword Magazine_2016.docx
    Stonewall_Story for Ou…16.docx
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