Policies and Procedures

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  1. Acceptable Use of Computers.doc
    Acceptable Use of Com…ers.doc
  2. Admissions Policy.doc
    Admissions Policy.doc
  3. Allegations of Abuse.docx
    Allegations of Abuse.docx
  4. Answering the door procedure.doc
    Answering the door pro…ure.doc
  5. Application for employment.docx
    Application for employ…nt.docx
  6. Appraisal policy.doc
    Appraisal policy.doc
  7. Arrangments for staff sicknes.doc
    Arrangments for staff s…es.doc
  8. Behaviour Management Policy.doc
    Behaviour Managemen…licy.doc
  9. Child Protection Policy.docx
    Child Protection Policy.docx
  10. Child Sickness Policy.doc
    Child Sickness Policy.doc
  11. Childcare Fees Arrears.doc
    Childcare Fees Arrears.doc
  12. Complaints policy.doc
    Complaints policy.doc
  13. Complaints procedure guidelines.doc
    Complaints procedure …es.doc
  14. Confidentiality Policy.doc
    Confidentiality Policy.doc
  15. COSHH.doc
  16. Disciplinary Procedure.docx
    Disciplinary Procedure.docx
  17. Disclosure Information.rtf
    Disclosure Information.rtf
  18. Emergency Evacuation Procedure.doc
    Emergency Evacuation …ure.doc
  19. Employment Policy.docx
    Employment Policy.docx
  20. Equal opportunities.doc
    Equal opportunities.doc
  21. Essential Records Policy.doc
    Essential Records Policy.doc
  22. fire safety 2017.doc
    fire safety 2017.doc
  23. Fire Safety Policy.doc
    Fire Safety Policy.doc
  24. Food and Drink Management Policy.doc
    Food and Drink Manag…licy.doc
  25. Grievance Procedure.doc
    Grievance Procedure.doc
  26. Guidelines for staff.doc
    Guidelines for staff.doc
  27. Handwashing Policy.doc
    Handwashing Policy.doc
  28. Health and Safety Policy.doc
    Health and Safety Policy.doc
  29. Healthy Food Policy.doc
    Healthy Food Policy.doc
  30. Healthy Nursery.doc
    Healthy Nursery.doc
  31. Hot Water Management.doc
    Hot Water Management.doc
  32. How do we value everyone.doc
    How do we value every…ne.doc
  33. Hygiene and Infection Control Policy.docx
    Hygiene and Infection …cy.docx
  34. Information for Workplace students.doc
    Information for Workp…nts.doc
  35. Learning Journals Policy.doc
    Learning Journals Policy.doc
  36. Lost Child & Late pickup.doc
    Lost Child & Late pickup.doc
  37. Management of issues identified from retrospective Disclosure Scotland Policy.doc
    Management of issues …licy.doc
  38. Management of Waste.doc
    Management of Waste.doc
  39. Managing Challenging Behaviou rProcedure.doc
    Managing Challenging B…ure.doc
  40. Manual Handling Policy.doc
    Manual Handling Policy.doc
  41. Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policies.docx
    Maternity, Paternity an…es.docx
  42. Mobile Phone Policy.doc
    Mobile Phone Policy.doc
  43. Monitoring and Evaluation Policy.doc
    Monitoring and Evalua…licy.doc
  44. No Smoking Policy.doc
    No Smoking Policy.doc
  45. Non -Notification Of Absence Child Policy.doc
    Non -Notification Of Ab…licy.doc
  46. Parent Information Policy.doc
    Parent Information Policy.doc
  47. Payment of Fees.docx
    Payment of Fees.docx
  48. Policies and procedures.doc
    Policies and procedures.doc
  49. Policy on nursery closure due to sickness.doc
    Policy on nursery closu…ess.doc
  50. policy on outings.doc
    policy on outings.doc
  51. Policy on Photography.doc
    Policy on Photography.doc
  52. Procedure for dealing with Unacceptable behaviour.doc
    Procedure for dealing w…ur.doc
  53. Protecting Vulnerable Groups.doc
    Protecting Vulnerable G…ps.doc
  54. Raising Concerns at Work.doc
    Raising Concerns at Work.doc
  55. Receipt of Hospitality, Gifts, Payment and Comercial Sponsorship.doc
    Receipt of Hospitality, G…hip.doc
  56. Recruitment of Ex-offemders Policy.doc
    Recruitment of Ex-offem…licy.doc
  57. Religious Festivals Policy.doc
    Religious Festivals Policy.doc
  58. Risk Assessment Policy.doc
    Risk Assessment Policy.doc
  59. Safe recruitment policy.doc
    Safe recruitment policy.doc
  60. Settling in Policy.doc
    Settling in Policy.doc
  61. special needs philosophy.doc
    special needs philosophy.doc
  62. special needs policy.doc
    special needs policy.doc
  63. Staf Records Policy.doc
    Staf Records Policy.doc
  64. Staff numbers policy.doc
    Staff numbers policy.doc
  65. Staff Records Policy.doc
    Staff Records Policy.doc
  66. Storage of Medication Consent Forms.doc
    Storage of Medication …ms.doc
  67. Substance, Drug and Alcohol Misuse Policy.docx
    Substance, Drug and A…cy.docx
  68. Supervision of Children Policy.doc
    Supervision of Children…licy.doc
  69. Supervision of Medicines Policy.doc
    Supervision of Medicin…licy.doc
  70. Supervision of Staff Policy.doc
    Supervision of Staff Policy.doc
  71. Toothbrushing Policy.doc
    Toothbrushing Policy.doc
  72. Use of CCTV.doc
    Use of CCTV.doc
  73. Violence at Work.doc
    Violence at Work.doc
  74. Whistle Blowing Policy.doc
    Whistle Blowing Policy.doc
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