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  1. 01 AA MikeChase Homestead Group 67th Anniversary Dinner.mp3
    01 AA MikeChase Hom…er.mp3
  2. 07 You Are More 1.m4a
    07 You Are More 1.m4a
  3. 12 Traditions Pamphlet copy.pdf
    12 Traditions Pamphlet…py.pdf
  4.  12 Tradtiions
    12 Tradtiions
  5.     AA Dr. Bob's Last Major Talk (Detroit, MI, Dec. 1948).mp3
    AA Dr. Bob's Last M…8).mp3
  6.     AA Fred & MikeChase Ft. Laud. Speakers Group 8-14-15.mp3
    AA Fred & MikeChas…15.mp3
  7.     Rev. Sam Shoemaker
    Rev. Sam Shoemaker
  8.    AA 3.0 BigBook Highlighted
    AA 3.0 BigBook Highlighted
  9.    AA    MikeChase FTL. Mens Group.mp3
    AA MikeChase FTL…p.mp3
  10.    AA  Winter 12 Step Series MikeChase
    AA Winter 12 Step S…eChase
  11.    AA MikeChase Sat. Night Zion Speaker Meeting.mp3
    AA MikeChase Sat. N…ng.mp3
  12.   AA 8th Annual Big Book Experience at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA 2015
    AA 8th Annual Big Bo…A 2015
  13.   AA  Alcoholics And God
    AA Alcoholics And God
  14.   AA  Gotham City Round Up
    AA Gotham City Round Up
  15.   AA Florida House Alumni Dinner Speaker Step Series
    AA Florida House Alum… Series
  17.   AA Jersey Shore Roundup 2013
    AA Jersey Shore Roun…p 2013
  18.   AA MikeChase Hinckley 17th Anniversary Porkchop Dinner
    AA MikeChase Hinckle… Dinner
  19.   Audio Big Book
    Audio Big Book
  20.   Bill W. Speaks Day Dr. Bob Died 1950.mp3
    Bill W. Speaks Day Dr…50.mp3
  21.   Crunch Monkeys
    Crunch Monkeys
  22.   Joe & Charlie
    Joe & Charlie
  23.   MikeChase & Joe's "Big Book is Alive" Workshop
    MikeChase & Joe's "Bi…rkshop
  24.   Peter M
    Peter M
  25.  Chris R
    Chris R
  26.  Chris&Myers R. Sponsorship
    Chris&Myers R. Sponsorship
  27.  Clarence Snyder
    Clarence Snyder
  28.  Mark Houston
    Mark Houston
  29.  Myers R
    Myers R
  30. A One Day Experiential Journey
    A One Day Experiential Journey
  31. AA 59th FL. State Convention 12 Step Workshop
    AA 59th FL. State Conv…rkshop
  32. AA   MikeChase 4th Dimension Club 2016
    AA MikeChase 4th Dim…b 2016
  33. AA  Raymer Brothers
    AA Raymer Brothers
  34. AA Chanting Monks
    AA Chanting Monks
  35. AA Cliff Bishop
    AA Cliff Bishop
  36. AA Denis S. 6-14-13 Foudations.m4a
    AA Denis S. 6-14-13 Fou…ns.m4a
  37. AA Don Pritts
    AA Don Pritts
  38. AA Don Pritts from Aurora CO. Classic Opening of Thoughts, Jan.1990.mp3
    AA Don Pritts from Aur…90.mp3
  39. AA Fellowship of The Sprirt Bayside NY 2014
    AA Fellowship of The S…Y 2014
  40. AA Fellowship of The Sprirt Queens NY 2016
    AA Fellowship of The S…Y 2016
  41. AA Friar Richard Rohr - Breathing Under Water 2.mp3
    AA Friar Richard Rohr -… 2.mp3
  42. AA Friar Richard Rohr - Breathing Under Water.mp3
    AA Friar Richard Rohr -…er.mp3
  43. AA Gulf Stream Group's 3rd Graditude Day 2016
    AA Gulf Stream Group's…y 2016
  44. AA Gulfstream Group's One Day Step Series
    AA Gulfstream Group's… Series
  45. AA Johnnie H. Miami Dade Intergroup Ban.mp3.pdf
    AA Johnnie H. Miami D…p3.pdf
  46. AA Journey Though The Steps Peter M. & Scott S. 2015
    AA Journey Though The…S. 2015
  47. AA Karl M. Brickell Circle Group 5th Anniversary.mp3
    AA Karl M. Brickell Circl…ry.mp3
  48. AA Larry S. speaks at Hanley Center at Origins Aniversary Palm Bch FL..mp3
    AA Larry S. speaks at H…L..mp3
  49. AA Layla N. Cocaine Anonymous Northern Alberta Convention in Edmonton, Canada 1.mp3
    AA Layla N. Cocaine An… 1.mp3
  50. AA Marion W.
    AA Marion W.
  51. AA Marion W. Alcoholics And God.mp3
    AA Marion W. Alcoholic…d.mp3
  52. AA Marion W. Treasure Coast Open Speaker Meeting 2016.mp3
    AA Marion W. Treasure…16.mp3
  53. AA Meditation Chants
    AA Meditation Chants
  54. AA Mickey M. Denver CO.
    AA Mickey M. Denver CO.
  55. AA MikeChase 12 Step House Memorial Day Picnic Fundraiser.mp3
    AA MikeChase 12 Step …er.mp3
  56. AA MikeChase _Young At Heart Big Book Study_ Delray Fl..mp3
    AA MikeChase _Young …Fl..mp3
  57. AA MikeChase DryDock Jan 2016.mp3
    AA MikeChase DryDock…16.mp3
  58. AA MikeChase Miami Young Peoples Group 9-7-13.m4a
    AA MikeChase Miami Y…13.m4a
  59. AA MikeChase Treasure Coast
    AA MikeChase Treasure Coast
  60. AA Patrick M. LBS Group 10:1:16.mp3
    AA Patrick M. LBS Grou…16.mp3
  61. AA Polly P. Speaks at the 1st Anniversary of Florida's House Women's Program.m4a
    AA Polly P. Speaks at th…m.m4a
  62. AA Roy T. Slogans that may kill you.m4a
    AA Roy T. Slogans that…ou.m4a
  63. AA Savanna & Kim's Big Book Study
    AA Savanna & Kim's Big… Study
  64. AA Steps to Serenity Steps Naples FL. 2015
    AA Steps to Serenity St…L. 2015
  65. AA Tradtions 1947 copy
    AA Tradtions 1947 copy
  66. aaiowa
  67. Bill D.  1951.m4a
    Bill D. 1951.m4a
  68. Bill LSD.pdf
    Bill LSD.pdf
  69. Bill O..m4a
    Bill O..m4a
  70. Bill W. 1965 Founders Day Akron OH.m4a
    Bill W. 1965 Founders D…H.m4a
  71. Chris S.@Elm City speaker grp. 5-25-16.m4a
    Chris S.@Elm City spea…16.m4a
  72. Cory A. Friday Nite Speaker.m4a
    Cory A. Friday Nite Spe…er.m4a
  73. Dr Wayne Dyer
    Dr Wayne Dyer
  74. Feddie J LBS 3-30-13.m4a
    Feddie J LBS 3-30-13.m4a
  75. Greg M. GSO GM Aera 15 Sat Night.m4a
    Greg M. GSO GM Aera …ht.m4a
  76. Hallelujah.mp3
  77. History
  78. Iowa BigBook
    Iowa BigBook
  79. Katie Parker from Austin TX. , 2014 Founders Day.mp3
    Katie Parker from Aust…ay.mp3
  80. Leslie J. FL. Round up.m4a
    Leslie J. FL. Round up.m4a
  81. MikeChase Central House Delray.m4a
    MikeChase Central Hou…ay.m4a
  82. MikeChase LBS 3-6-13.m4a
    MikeChase LBS 3-6-13.m4a
  83. MonkeyChants
  84. OneYearSong.m4a
  85. Pat H. Saturday Assembly Speaker.m4a
    Pat H. Saturday Assem…er.m4a
  86. Polly & Dave Traditions in Relationships Workshop
    Polly & Dave Traditions…rkshop
  87. Rain and Native
    Rain and Native
  88. Sandy B. Sunlight of the Spirit.m4a
    Sandy B. Sunlight of th…irit.m4a
  89. sandy beach last talk.mp3
    sandy beach last talk.mp3
  90. SeminarSchedule.pdf
  91. Smoking Hypnosis
    Smoking Hypnosis
  92. Steve P. Saturday Assembly Speaker.m4a
    Steve P. Saturday Asse…er.m4a
  93. Teasure Coast Round Up 2014
    Teasure Coast Round Up 2014
  94. The Day Dr. Bob Died
    The Day Dr. Bob Died
  95. Tornado Exercise.pdf
    Tornado Exercise.pdf
  96. Truth & Life AudioBook
    Truth & Life AudioBook
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