City of Sheboygan FOIA documents rec'd 6-13-17

Sorted by name
  1. 5.18.17 - Complete with Exhibits Kohler Annex. Rev. Suppl..pdf
    5.18.17 - Complete with…ppl..pdf
  2. 6-9-17 letter to Atty. Westerberg.pdf
    6-9-17 letter to Atty. W…erg.pdf
  3. 2017.05.22 D. Tomczyk to E. Schmidtke.pdf
    2017.05.22 D. Tomczyk …tke.pdf
  4. 3134742-Email re Information Meetings on Golf Course.pdf
    3134742-Email re Inform…rse.pdf
  5. 3134746-Email and Southside Development Opportunity Powerpoint.pdf
    3134746-Email and Sou…int.pdf
  6. 3134781-Response Letter to Open Records Request.pdf
    3134781-Response Lett…est.pdf
  7. 3134793-Development Meeting Request.pdf
    3134793-Development …est.pdf
  8. 3134797-FW  Setback to Lake - 75 feet.pdf
    3134797-FW Setback to…feet.pdf
  9. 3134802-FW  Collector or arterial street.pdf
    3134802-FW Collector …eet.pdf
  10. 3134804-Development Agreement Review.pdf
    3134804-Development …iew.pdf
  11. 3134812-Meeting location.pdf
    3134812-Meeting location.pdf
  12. 3134817-Potential Annexation.pdf
    3134817-Potential Anne…ion.pdf
  13. 3134824-Newspaper article.pdf
    3134824-Newspaper article.pdf
  14. 3134825-For Your Records.pdf
    3134825-For Your Records.pdf
  15. 3134827-RE  annexation.pdf
    3134827-RE annexation.pdf
  16. 3134828-Public Info Notice for May 30.pdf
    3134828-Public Info No… 30.pdf
  17. 3134830-Re  Public Hearing for Annexation Petition for Golf Course on May 30.pdf
    3134830-Re Public Hea… 30.pdf
  18. 3134831-Re  Public Hearing for Annexation Petition for Golf Course on May 30.pdf
    3134831-Re Public Hea… 30.pdf
  19. 3134837-Public Hearing for Annexation Petition for Golf Course on May 30.pdf
    3134837-Public Hearing… 30.pdf
  20. 3134841-Fwd  10 more people signed  City of Sheboygan Common Council  BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR..pdf
    3134841-Fwd 10 more …OR..pdf
  21. 3134843-RE  Public Info Notice for May 30.pdf
    3134843-RE Public Info… 30.pdf
  22. 3134844-RE  Public Info Notice for May 30.pdf
    3134844-RE Public Info… 30.pdf
  23. 3134845-Notices Sent Regarding Intention to Circulate Petition for Annexation.pdf
    3134845-Notices Sent R…ion.pdf
  24. 3135907-Attorney Adams Ltr re Open Records Request Responses.pdf
    3135907-Attorney Adam…ses.pdf
  25. 3148731-Letter to City Plan Commission re Kohler Golf Course.pdf
    3148731-Letter to City …rse.pdf
  26. 20170424 Annexation legal.docx
    20170424 Annexation le…al.docx
  27. 35972343_2.doc
  28. Adams email to Tomczyk expressing concern re open meeting violation and providing proposed solution.pdf
    Adams email to Tomcz…ion.pdf
  29. Adams-Tomczyk email string re Pelishek response to DOA.pdf
    Adams-Tomczyk email …OA.pdf
  30. Email from Debby Tomczyk re Town Newsletter.pdf
    Email from Debby Tom…tter.pdf
  31. email string Hofland Tomczyk re amount of city water planned to be used by Kohler.pdf
    email string Hofland To…ler.pdf
  32. Email string Hofland Tomczyk re water negotiations.pdf
    Email string Hofland To…ons.pdf
  33. email string Hofland Tonczyk Trueblood re cost of water main extension.pdf
    email string Hofland To…ion.pdf
  34. Email string re legal description of annexed property.pdf
    Email string re legal des…rty.pdf
  35. email string related to Pelishek Tomczyk emails re power point in closed session.pdf
    email string related to …ion.pdf
  36. Email string Tomczyk Sokolowski re plan commission materials.pdf
    Email string Tomczyk S…ials.pdf
  37. Email string Tomczyk-Adams re suggesting supplemental DOA response.pdf
    Email string Tomczyk-A…nse.pdf
  38. Email Tomczyk to Sokolowski re zoning application.pdf
    Email Tomczyk to Soko…ion.pdf
  39. Executive Summary_5-24-17 Final - revised with hotel and Ptax.pdf
    Executive Summary_5-2…tax.pdf
  40. Hofland email explaining what would be needed for Hofland to sign annexation petition on behalf of City.pdf
    Hofland email explainin…ity.pdf
  41. Hofland email re mailing a map and a binder.pdf
    Hofland email re mailin…der.pdf
  42. In re Smith, Becker and McCormick Properties.pdf
    In re Smith, Becker and…ties.pdf
  43. Letter to City Plan Commission re Kohler Golf Course.pdf
    Letter to City Plan Com…rse.pdf
  44. Letter to Erich Schmidtke dated 5-22-17.pdf
    Letter to Erich Schmidt…-17.pdf
  45. Mt. Pleasant v. Racine.pdf
    Mt. Pleasant v. Racine.pdf
  46. Pelishek calendar item for Kohler Open House Public Meeting on 5-16.pdf
    Pelishek calendar item …-16.pdf
  47. Pelishek calendar item for Kohler Open House Public Meeting on 5-23.pdf
    Pelishek calendar item …-23.pdf
  48. Pelishek email to DOA with correct address.pdf
    Pelishek email to DOA …ess.pdf
  49. Pelishek response to DOA.pdf
    Pelishek response to DOA.pdf
  50. Pelishek-Tomczyk-Adams email string re DOA not receiving City response.pdf
  51. Pre-Annexation and Development Agreement Kohler's Counter 6-1-17.pdf
    Pre-Annexation and De…-17.pdf
  52. Sheboygan Application for Amendment of Official Zoning Map.pdf
    Sheboygan Application…ap.pdf
  53. Sheboygan Camp Plan Future Land Use Map 2-4S South (K0485557x9E3E9).pdf
    Sheboygan Camp Plan …E9).pdf
  54. Sheboygan Comp Plan Figure 3-2 Focus Areas (K0485559x9E3E9).pdf
    Sheboygan Comp Plan…E9).pdf
  55. Sheboygan_Plan_Commission_Project_Overview_5_24_17.docx
  56. Soko Tomczyk email string zoning comments.pdf
    Soko Tomczyk email st…nts.pdf
  57. Southside Development Opportunity as drafted by Pelishek.pdf
    Southside Developmen…hek.pdf
  58. Southside Development Opportunity--revision by Tomczyk.pdf
    Southside Developmen…zyk.pdf
  59. Suggested DOA letter sent by Tomczyk.pdf
    Suggested DOA letter s…zyk.pdf
  60. Tomczyk 6.6 1018 am.pdf
    Tomczyk 6.6 1018 am.pdf
  61. Tomczyk email 5-22-17 542 pm.pdf
    Tomczyk email 5-22-17 …pm.pdf
  62. Tomczyk email answering Soko questions re zoning.pdf
    Tomczyk email answeri…ing.pdf
  63. Tomczyk email with Word version of justification document.pdf
    Tomczyk email with Wo…ent.pdf
  64. Tomczyk open records request.pdf
    Tomczyk open records…est.pdf
  65. Tomczyk-Adams-Hofland email string 5-17-17.pdf
  66. Town Newsletter.pdf
    Town Newsletter.pdf
  67. Town of  Pleasant Prairie v. City of Kenosha.pdf
    Town of Pleasant Prair…sha.pdf
  68. Town of Baraboo vs. Village of West Baraboo.pdf
    Town of Baraboo vs. V…oo.pdf
  69. Town of Wilson Letter.pdf
    Town of Wilson Letter.pdf
  70. WDOA. Annexiation Review Questionaire.pdf
    WDOA. Annexiation Re…aire.pdf
  71. Written Justification for Amending Zoning Map.doc
    Written Justification for…ap.doc
  72. Zeinemann Letter to Erich Schmidtke DOA (K0485562x9E3E9).pdf
    Zeinemann Letter to Er…E9).pdf
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