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  1. Dench 1A--Topologies ( first half)--Michael Finnissy World Premiere.mp3
    Dench 1A--Topologies (…re.mp3
  2. Dench 1B--Topologies ( second half)--Michael Finnissy World Premiere.mp3
    Dench 1B--Topologies (…re.mp3
  3. Dench 2--tilt--Andrew Ball.mp3
    Dench 2--tilt--Andrew Ball.mp3
  4. Dench 3--tilt--Rolf Hind 1992.mp3
    Dench 3--tilt--Rolf Hind …92.mp3
  5. Dench 4--Phase Portraits helical & esperance--Stephanie McCallum at the Sydney Opera House.mp3
    Dench 4--Phase Portrai…se.mp3
  6. Dench 5--Phase Portraits, helical, reading Takahashi, Vectorial--Ian Pace, London 1995.mp3
    Dench 5--Phase Portrai…95.mp3
  7. Dench 6--Phase portrait mem(e)--Ruffer & Pace.mp3
    Dench 6--Phase portrai…ce.mp3
  8. Dench 7A--Phase Portrait esperance--Ian Pace, Chicago 1999.mp3
    Dench 7A--Phase Portra…99.mp3
  9. Dench 7B--Phase Portrait Esperance--Alex Raineri Mar 17 Brisbane.mp3
    Dench 7B--Phase Portra…ne.mp3
  10. Dench 8--Phase Portrait the heart's algorithms--Mark Knoop, World Premiere.mp3
    Dench 8--Phase Portrai…re.mp3
  11. Dench 9--Phase Portraits 1 helical--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 9--Phase Portrai…p.mp3
  12. Dench 10--Phase Portraits 2 reading Takahashi--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 10--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  13. Dench 11--Phase Portraits 3 vectorial--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 11--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  14. Dench 12--Phase Portraits 4 rushes (duo)--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 12--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  15. Dench 13--Phase Portraits 5 into the wormworks--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 13--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  16. Dench 14--Phase Portraits 6 esperance--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 14--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  17. Dench 15--Phase Portraits 7 E-330 plays--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 15--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  18. Dench 16--Phase Portraits 8 mem(e)--Knoop & Barcan.mp3
    Dench 16--Phase Portra…an.mp3
  19. Dench 17--Phase Portraits 9 the heart's algorithms--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 17--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  20. Dench 18--Phase Portraits 10 ik(s)lands fragment--Mark Knoop.mp3
    Dench 18--Phase Portra…p.mp3
  21. Dench 19--Phase Portraits tiento--Peter de Jager, from YPA.mp3
    Dench 19--Phase Portra…A.mp3
  22. Dench 20--heretical bagatelle AB1-telescopic squaredance--Peter de Jager.mp3
    Dench 20--heretical bag…er.mp3
  23. Dench 21--DenchFest 1--the caught breath of time--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 21--DenchFest 1…er.mp3
  24. Dench 22--DenchFest 2--Vier Darmstadter aphorismen--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 22--DenchFest 2…er.mp3
  25. Dench 23--DenchFest 3--de-ploye--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 23--DenchFest 3…er.mp3
  26. Dench 24--DenchFest 4--sulle scale della Fenice--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 24--DenchFest 4…er.mp3
  27. Dench 25--DenchFest 5--Closing Lemma--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 25--DenchFest 5…er.mp3
  28. Dench 26--DenchFest 6--mem(e)--Kathleen Gallagher.mp3
    Dench 26--DenchFest 6…er.mp3
  29. Dench 27--sulle scale della Fenice--the late David Thomas.mp3
    Dench 27--sulle scale de…as.mp3
  30. Dench 28--Closing lemma--Elizabeth Barcan.mp3
    Dench 28--Closing lemm…an.mp3
  31. Dench 29--burns--Michael Riessler 1990.mp3
    Dench 29--burns--Micha…90.mp3
  32. Dench 30--burns--Stephen Robinson (oboe).mp3
    Dench 30--burns--Steph…e).mp3
  33. Dench 31--the sadness of detail (intercut version)--Richard Haynes.mp3
    Dench 31--the sadness …es.mp3
  34. Dench 32--the sadness of detail (linear)--Michael Norsworthy.mp3
    Dench 32--the sadness …hy.mp3
  35. Dench 33--severance--Anders Forisdal.mp3
    Dench 33--severance--A…al.mp3
  36. Dench 34--asymptotic freedom--Geoffrey Morris.mp3
    Dench 34--asymptotic f…ris.mp3
  37. Dench 35--Blood Music--asamisimasa (Huddersfield).mp3
    Dench 35--Blood Music…ld).mp3
  38. Dench 36--Blood Music--asamisimasa (Oslo).mp3
    Dench 36--Blood Music…lo).mp3
  39. Dench 37--e(i)ther--Alberman & Hind.mp3
    Dench 37--e(i)ther--Albe…d.mp3
  40. Dench 38--from n(ich)t--Aphids Trio, Kayser-Morris-Anderson.mp3
    Dench 38--from n(ich)t-…n.mp3
  41. Dench 39--an Hypallage--Aszodi-Thomas-de Jager.mp3
    Dench 39--an Hypallage…er.mp3
  42. Dench 40--the blinding access of the grace of flesh--ELISION, Berlin, World Premiere.mp3
    Dench 40--the blinding …re.mp3
  43. Dench 41--the blinding access of the grace of flesh--ELISION, Brisbane.mp3
    Dench 41--the blinding …ne.mp3
  44. Dench 42--eigenmomenta (first version)--Libra; Lichnowsky.mp3
    Dench 42--eigenmomen…ky.mp3
  45. Dench 43--First symphony ('77-80)--London Sinfonietta; Bainbridge.mp3
    Dench 43--First sympho…ge.mp3
  46. Dench 44--énoncé--Music Projects-London; Bernas.mp3
    Dench 44--énoncé--Mus…as.mp3
  47. Dench 45--énoncé--Xenakis Ensemble; Kerstens.mp3
    Dench 45--énoncé--Xen…ns.mp3
  48. Dench 46--Third Symphony--London Sinfonietta; Masson.mp3
    Dench 46--Third Symph…n.mp3
  49. Dench 47--Fourth Symphony--ASO; Porcelijn.mp3
    Dench 47--Fourth Symp…ijn.mp3
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