Songs for Speech and Language

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  1. Apples and Pumpkins.key
    Apples and Pumpkins.key
  2. As I Play My Drum.pdf
    As I Play My Drum.pdf
  3. Auditory comprehension questions.pages
    Auditory comprehensio…s.pages
  4. Autumn Eats and Autumn Treats.key
    Autumn Eats and Autu…ats.key
  5. Autumn Speech Exercise.pages
    Autumn Speech Exercise.pages
  6. Autumn Speech Exercise.pdf
    Autumn Speech Exercise.pdf
  7. Autumn Warm-Up.pages
    Autumn Warm-Up.pages
  8. Autumn Warm-Up.pdf
    Autumn Warm-Up.pdf
  9. Bands.key
  10. Blends in the Blender.key
    Blends in the Blender.key
  11. Can You Do It 2.key
    Can You Do It 2.key
  12. Can You Do It.key
    Can You Do It.key
  13. Can You Do It.pdf
    Can You Do It.pdf
  14. Categories.key
  15. category pictures.pages
    category pictures.pages
  16. clothes-1.pdf
  17. Compliments.key
  18. Conversation Starters NG.pages
    Conversation Starters N….pages
  19. D positions.pages
    D positions.pages
  20. Describing Objects.pages
    Describing Objects.pages
  21. Down By the Beach
    Down By the Beach
  22. Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech.pages
    Drumming to Foster Fl…h.pages
  23. Drumming to Foster Fluency in Speech.pdf
    Drumming to Foster Fl…ech.pdf
  24. Earth Day.key
    Earth Day.key
  25. Follow Up Questions 2.pages
    Follow Up Questions 2.pages
  26. Follow Up Questions.pages
    Follow Up Questions.pages
  27. Follow Up Questions.pdf
    Follow Up Questions.pdf
  28. Food.key
  29. Fruits.pages
  30. Fruits.pdf
  31. Functional Naming.pages
    Functional Naming.pages
  32. game_board_springtime-2.pdf
  33. Go Walking.key
    Go Walking.key
  34. Go Walking.pdf
    Go Walking.pdf
  35. Go Walking.pptx
    Go Walking.pptx
  36. Holiday Words.key
    Holiday Words.key
  37. How I Spent My Summer Vacation.key
    How I Spent My Summ…ion.key
  38. Hum Along.mp3
    Hum Along.mp3
  39. I Am Songs.pages
    I Am Songs.pages
  40. Instrument Game.pages
    Instrument Game.pages
  41. Instrument Game.pdf
    Instrument Game.pdf
  42. It's Cold Outside!.mp3
    It's Cold Outside!.mp3
  43. It's Cold Outside.key
    It's Cold Outside.key
  44. It's Cold Outside.pptx
    It's Cold Outside.pptx
  45. It's Spring.mp3
    It's Spring.mp3
  46. Joy and Pain
    Joy and Pain
  47. Let's Learn More About Our Friends.key
    Let's Learn More Abou…nds.key
  48. Letter Sounds Expressive Language.pages
    Letter Sounds Expressi…e.pages
  49. Letter Sounds Expressive Language.pdf
    Letter Sounds Expressi…age.pdf
  50. Letter Sounds list.pages
    Letter Sounds list.pages
  51. Letter Sounds list.pdf
    Letter Sounds list.pdf
  52. Letter Sounds.key
    Letter Sounds.key
  53. Letter Sounds.pdf
    Letter Sounds.pdf
  54. Letter Sounds.pptx
    Letter Sounds.pptx
  55. Mixed Alliteration .pages
    Mixed Alliteration .pages
  56. Mixed Alliteration .pdf
    Mixed Alliteration .pdf
  57. More Than One.mp3
    More Than One.mp3
  58. Name 5 November.key
    Name 5 November.key
  59. neither_either_both_snowman-2.pdf
  60. New Year's Speech Exercises.pages
    New Year's Speech Exe…s.pages
  61. New Year's Speech Exercises.pdf
    New Year's Speech Exe…ises.pdf
  62. Noa Wedding.key
    Noa Wedding.key
  63. Presentation 12.key
    Presentation 12.key
  65. Push the Elephant.mp3
    Push the Elephant.mp3
  66. Push the Elephant.pages
    Push the Elephant.pages
  67. Push the Elephant.pdf
    Push the Elephant.pdf
  68. Question Starters.pages
    Question Starters.pages
  69. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head copy.key
    Raindrops Keep Falling…py.key
  70. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.key
    Raindrops Keep Falling…ead.key
  71. Rhythm and Speech Play Prepositions.key
    Rhythm and Speech Pl…ons.key
  72. Rhythm and Speech Play.key
    Rhythm and Speech Play.key
  73. Roar.key
  74. S Alliteration.pages
    S Alliteration.pages
  75. Same Words.pages
    Same Words.pages
  76. Share Our Music.key
    Share Our Music.key
  77. Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills SCORE.pdf
    Singing Exercises to EM…RE.pdf
  78. Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills.pages
    Singing Exercises to EM…s.pages
  79. Singing Exercises to EMPHASIZE Speech Skills.pdf
    Singing Exercises to EM…kills.pdf
  80. sixeightquestions.pages
  81. sixeightquestions.pdf
  82. Songs for Speech and Language Lyrics.pages
    Songs for Speech and L…s.pages
  83. Songs for Speech and Language Lyrics.pdf
    Songs for Speech and L…rics.pdf
  84. Sound Words.pages
    Sound Words.pages
  85. Sounds of our Earth.key
    Sounds of our Earth.key
  86. Speech Exercise #5.pages
    Speech Exercise #5.pages
  87. Speech Exercise #5.pdf
    Speech Exercise #5.pdf
  88. Speech Express Songwriting.pages
    Speech Express Songwr…g.pages
  89. Speech Express.key
    Speech Express.key
  90. Spring Verbs.key
    Spring Verbs.key
  91. Spring.key
  92. Summer Olympic Sports Verbs.pages
    Summer Olympic Sport…s.pages
  93. Summer Olympic Sports Verbs.pdf
    Summer Olympic Sport…rbs.pdf
  94. Summer Places to Go.key
    Summer Places to Go.key
  95. Synonymns.pages
  96. The Green of Spring Words.key
    The Green of Spring Words.key
  97. The Green of Spring Words.pdf
    The Green of Spring Words.pdf
  98. The Green of Spring.mp3
    The Green of Spring.mp3
  99. The Lord's Prayer.pages
    The Lord's Prayer.pages
  100. The United Kingdom.pages
    The United Kingdom.pages
  101. The United Kingdom.pdf
    The United Kingdom.pdf
  102. The Way You Do The Things You Do.key
    The Way You Do The T… Do.key
  103. The White Snow of December.key
    The White Snow of Dec…ber.key
  104. This Summer.pdf
    This Summer.pdf
  105. TM- 365 Sample Table Topics Questions.pdf
    TM- 365 Sample Table T…ons.pdf
  106. Vegetables.pages
  107. Vegetables.pdf
  108. Vocal Exercises 2.key
    Vocal Exercises 2.key
  109. Vocal Exercises.key
    Vocal Exercises.key
  110. Vocal Exercises.ppt
    Vocal Exercises.ppt
  111. Vowel Changers.pages
    Vowel Changers.pages
  112. Weekly Conversation Topics.pages
    Weekly Conversation T…s.pages
  113. What a Busy Day!.mp3
    What a Busy Day!.mp3
  114. What Do We Bring to the Beach?.key
    What Do We Bring to t…ch?.key
  115. When Irish Eyes are Smiling.pages
    When Irish Eyes are Sm…g.pages
  116. When Irish Eyes are Smiling.pdf
    When Irish Eyes are Smiling.pdf
  117. Winter Olmpic Sentences.pdf
    Winter Olmpic Sentences.pdf
  118. Winter Olympic Sentences.pages
    Winter Olympic Senten…s.pages
  119. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow board.pdf
    Yesterday, Today, and …ard.pdf
  120. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.pages
    Yesterday, Today, and ….pages
  121. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.pdf
    Yesterday, Today, and …ow.pdf
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