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  1. Acknowledgment Certificate Arizona 1876.pdf
    Acknowledgment Certif…876.pdf
  2. Acknowledgment Certificate New York.pdf
    Acknowledgment Certif…ork.pdf
  3. Annual Bulletin of the American Bar Association 1912.pdf
    Annual Bulletin of the A…912.pdf
  4. Are_Notaries_an_Endangered_Species_by_Steven_E_Williams.pdf
  5. Becoming Artifacts Medieval Seals Passports and the Future of Digital Identity by Mawaki Chango.pdf
    Becoming Artifacts Med…go.pdf
  6. Bernal v Fainter 1984.pdf
    Bernal v Fainter 1984.pdf
  7. Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.pdf
    Bitcoin Whitepaper by …oto.pdf
  8. Blockstack - Design and Implementation of a Global Naming System with Blockchains by Muneeb Ali - Jude Nelson - Ryan Shea and Michael J Freedman.pdf
    Blockstack - Design and…an.pdf
  9. California Notary Public Handbook 2015.pdf
    California Notary Public…015.pdf
  10. Chainpoint - A Scalable Protocol for Anchoring Data in the Blockchain and Generating Blockchain Receipts.pdf
    Chainpoint - A Scalable…ipts.pdf
  11. Cuba - Compilacion de Derecho Notarial 2005.pdf
    Cuba - Compilacion de …005.pdf
  12. Cuba - Ley de las Notarias Estatales - 1985.pdf
    Cuba - Ley de las Nota…985.pdf
  13. Denarius of Hadrian - Fides Publica.pdf
    Denarius of Hadrian - F…lica.pdf
  14. Digital Assets on Public Blockchains - BitFury Group - 2016-03-15.pdf
    Digital Assets on Public…-15.pdf
  15. Electronic Notarization by Dazza Greenwood - 2006.pdf
    Electronic Notarization …006.pdf
  16. Emercoin EMCSSL 2015-05-19.pdf
    Emercoin EMCSSL 2015…-19.pdf
  17. Ethereum White Paper 2016-12-16.pdf
    Ethereum White Paper…-16.pdf
  18. Factom Whitepaper 2014-11-17.pdf
    Factom Whitepaper 201…-17.pdf
  19. Federal Reserve Publication 2016095pap - Distributed ledger technology in payments clearing and settlement.pdf
    Federal Reserve Publica…ent.pdf
  20. FIPS PUB 140-2 Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules.pdf
    FIPS PUB 140-2 Security…les.pdf
  21. French Notarial System Lecture at U Penn by W W Smithers 1911.pdf
    French Notarial System…911.pdf
  22. French Notaries by Susan Azyndar.pdf
    French Notaries by Sus…dar.pdf
  23. Handbook for Notaries Public by Joseph Osmun Skinner 1912.pdf
    Handbook for Notaries…912.pdf
  24. Handbook for Virginia Notaries Public July 2014.pdf
    Handbook for Virginia …014.pdf
  25. Identity 2.0 Keynote by Dick Hardt OSCON 2005.pdf
    Identity 2.0 Keynote by…005.pdf
  26. Impact of Technology on the Notary Process by Glen-Peter Ahlers Sr 1998.pdf
    Impact of Technology o…998.pdf
  27. Internet Identity Workshop 23 - IIWXXIII_Book_of_Proceedings.pdf
    Internet Identity Works…ngs.pdf
  28. Internet Identity Workshop Participants October 2016 Photo by Phil Windley.pdf
    Internet Identity Works…ley.pdf
  29. Issues and Trends in State Notary Regulation NASS Report May 2011.pdf
    Issues and Trends in St…011.pdf
  30. Kadena Consensus White Paper Aug 2016.pdf
    Kadena Consensus Wh…016.pdf
  31. Law Manual for Notaries Public and Bankers Wedgwood Homans 1867.pdf
    Law Manual for Notarie…867.pdf
  32. Model Electronic Notarization Act 2017.pdf
    Model Electronic Notar…017.pdf
  33. Model Notary Act of 2010.pdf
    Model Notary Act of 2010.pdf
  34. Montana eNotarization and Remote Notarization.pdf
    Montana eNotarization…ion.pdf
  35. NASS Resolution Reaffirming Support for the National Electronic Notarization Standards July 2011.pdf
    NASS Resolution Reaffir…011.pdf
  36. Nevada Instructions for Notary Public Marriage Officiant 2013.pdf
    Nevada Instructions fo…013.pdf
  37. New Orleans Notarial Archives French Colonial Guide.pdf
    New Orleans Notarial A…ide.pdf
  38. Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility 2009.pdf
    Notary Public Code of …009.pdf
  39. Notary Public License Law New York 2013-01.pdf
    Notary Public License L…-01.pdf
  40. Notary Public License Law New York 2016-02.pdf
    Notary Public License L…-02.pdf
  41. Notary Public License Law New York 2016-06.pdf
    Notary Public License L…-06.pdf
  42. One Size Fits All An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone by Stonebraker and Cetintemel.pdf
    One Size Fits All An Ide…mel.pdf
  43. OP_RETURN Prefixes List and Bitcoin Wiki Page 2016-10-07.pdf
    OP_RETURN Prefixes Li…-07.pdf
  44. Performing Marriage Ceremonies A Guide for Florida Notaries Public.pdf
    Performing Marriage Ce…blic.pdf
  45. Pomcor - Backing Rich Credentials with Blockchain PKI by Karen Lewison and Francisco Corella.pdf
    Pomcor - Backing Rich …ella.pdf
  46. Pomcor - Rich Credentials for Remote Identity Proofing by Karen Lewison and Francisco Corella.pdf
    Pomcor - Rich Credenti…ella.pdf
  47. Pomcor - Using Near-Field Communication for Remote Identity Proofing by Karen Lewison and Francisco Corella.pdf
    Pomcor - Using Near-Fi…ella.pdf
  48. PRIA Draft - eNotary_FAQ_Style.pdf
    PRIA Draft - eNotary_FA…tyle.pdf
  49. PRIA Electronic Notarization_Final_CLEAN_Jan_rev.pdf
    PRIA Electronic Notariz…rev.pdf
  50. Programming Bitcoin Transaction Scripts by Roland Kofler.pdf
    Programming Bitcoin T…fler.pdf
  51. Refugee Case Study in Lebanon.pdf
    Refugee Case Study in …on.pdf
  52. Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts July 2010.pdf
    Revised Uniform Law o…010.pdf
  53. Rootstock White Paper v9-Overview.pdf
    Rootstock White Paper…iew.pdf
  54. RULONA Amendment as Approved July 2016.pdf
    RULONA Amendment a…016.pdf
  55. RULONA Amendment Memo July 2016.pdf
    RULONA Amendment M…016.pdf
  56. Sample Affidavit - Certificate of Residence - SCCC.pdf
    Sample Affidavit - Certi…CC.pdf
  57. Sample Apostille.pdf
    Sample Apostille.pdf
  58. Sovrin - The Inevitable Rise of Self-Sovereign Identity.pdf
    Sovrin - The Inevitable …tity.pdf
  59. Sovrin Identity for All by Phillip J Windley October 2016.pdf
    Sovrin Identity for All b…016.pdf
  60. Stampery Whitepaper 2016-08-30.pdf
    Stampery Whitepaper 2…-30.pdf
  61. Texas HB 1217 Electronic Notariztion.pdf
    Texas HB 1217 Electron…ion.pdf
  62. uPort_whitepaper_DRAFT20170221.pdf
  63. US Patent 4309569 Method of Providing Digital Signatures by Ralph C Merkle.pdf
    US Patent 4309569 Met…rkle.pdf
  64. Vancura v Katris - Illinois Courts.pdf
    Vancura v Katris - Illino…rts.pdf
  65. Vermont Legislature Act 157 on Blockchain Technology.pdf
    Vermont Legislature Ac…ogy.pdf
  66. Vermont Report on Blockchain Technology Opportunities and Risks January 15 2016.pdf
    Vermont Report on Blo…016.pdf
  67. Video Notarization Panel Discussion - NNA Conference June 2016.pdf
    Video Notarization Pan…016.pdf
  68. Virginia E-Notarization Assurance Standard 2013-01-21.pdf
    Virginia E-Notarization …-21.pdf
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