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  1. 1.doc
  2. Ability Counterpart Analysis.docx
    Ability Counterpart Ana…is.docx
  3. Ability List - Gen VII.docx
    Ability List - Gen VII.docx
  4. Ability Obtainers
    Ability Obtainers
  5. Berries.docx
  6. big fat rebuff debuff thing.doc
    big fat rebuff debuff thing.doc
  7. Bird Something.docx
    Bird Something.docx
  8. Check Ability List.docx
    Check Ability List.docx
  9. Check TM and Move Tutor List.docx
    Check TM and Move Tu…st.docx
  10. Color Change Obtainers.docx
    Color Change Obtainers.docx
  11. Counterpart Exclusive Moves - ORAS.docx
    Counterpart Exclusive M…S.docx
  12. Dex analysis and other things - Gen VII.docx
    Dex analysis and other…II.docx
  13. Dex analysis and other things.docx
    Dex analysis and other…gs.docx
  14. Dex History and Analysis
    Dex History and Analysis
  15. Digital Something.docx
    Digital Something.docx
  16. docx
  17. Dog
  18. Egg Group Type Move list.docx
    Egg Group Type Move list.docx
  19. Egg Groups, Egg Moves and Breeding Stuff
    Egg Groups, Egg Moves…g Stuff
  20. Egg Moves learned by Level Up - Gen VII.docx
    Egg Moves learned by …II.docx
  21. Egg Moves.xlsx
    Egg Moves.xlsx
  22. Eski Klasör
    Eski Klasör
  23. Eviolite Base Stats.docx
    Eviolite Base Stats.docx
  24. Evolution related
    Evolution related
  25. Fake Types and Remaining Types
    Fake Types and Remain… Types
  26. Friend Safari Exclusive Mon.docx
    Friend Safari Exclusive …n.docx
  27. Fully evolved Pokémon Type Analysis.docx
    Fully evolved Pokémon…is.docx
  28. Gym Leader Analysis.docx
    Gym Leader Analysis.docx
  29. Holy Something.docx
    Holy Something.docx
  30. HP.docx
  31. Last Move Analysis - ORAS.docx
    Last Move Analysis - O…S.docx
  32. Last Move Analysis - Sun and Moon.docx
    Last Move Analysis - Su…n.docx
  33. Late-game Move Buff.docx
    Late-game Move Buff.docx
  34. List of Move Lists - ORAS.docx
    List of Move Lists - ORAS.docx
  35. Litwick.docx
  36. Lost Level-Up Moves.docx
    Lost Level-Up Moves.docx
  37. Mid-Game Move Buff.docx
    Mid-Game Move Buff.docx
  38. Minor Issues That Need to be fixed.docx
    Minor Issues That Need…d.docx
  39. Miscallenous
  40. Move introduction list - Gen VII.docx
    Move introduction list …II.docx
  41. Move Type Distrivution Chart- ORAS.xlsx
    Move Type Distrivution…AS.xlsx
  42. Move Update List.docx
    Move Update List.docx
  43. Moves exclusive to Evolutions - Gen VII.docx
    Moves exclusive to Evo…II.docx
  44. Moves that I want in future games - Gen VII.docx
    Moves that I want in fu…II.docx
  45. Moveset Errors.docx
    Moveset Errors.docx
  46. New.docx
  47. Nintendo Badge Arcade.docx
    Nintendo Badge Arcade.docx
  48. Old List of TMs, HMs and Move Tutors - ORAS.docx
    Old List of TMs, HMs a…S.docx
  49. Old List of TMs, HMs and Move Tutors - Sun and Moon.docx
    Old List of TMs, HMs a…n.docx
  50. Omega Ruby_Alpha Sapphire Moveset Changes.docx
    Omega Ruby_Alpha Sap…es.docx
  51. ORAS
  52. Pokémon without STAB starting moves - Gen VII.docx
    Pokémon without STAB…II.docx
  53. Prankster Obtainers.docx
    Prankster Obtainers.docx
  54. Protean Obtainers.docx
    Protean Obtainers.docx
  55. Pure Power Obtainers.docx
    Pure Power Obtainers.docx
  56. Release Date Analysis.docx
    Release Date Analysis.docx
  57. Remaining Secondary Abilities and Pokémon unavailable in wild - Gen VII.docx
    Remaining Secondary A…II.docx
  58. Repeats in Learnsets - ORAS.docx
    Repeats in Learnsets - …S.docx
  59. Rock Smash Encounter Pokémon.docx
    Rock Smash Encounter…n.docx
  60. Sand Force obtainers - Gen VII.docx
    Sand Force obtainers - …II.docx
  61. Seen Pokémon in Kalos.docx
    Seen Pokémon in Kalos.docx
  62. Serene Grace Obtainers - Gen VII.docx
    Serene Grace Obtainers…II.docx
  63. Serene Grace Obtainers.docx
    Serene Grace Obtainers.docx
  64. Sheer Force obtainers.docx
    Sheer Force obtainers.docx
  65. Speculative TM Rosters.docx
    Speculative TM Rosters.docx
  66. STAB Move Missers.docx
    STAB Move Missers.docx
  67. STAB Moves and Types
    STAB Moves and Types
  68. Starting Move Buff.docx
    Starting Move Buff.docx
  69. Starting Moves analysis.docx
    Starting Moves analysis.docx
  70. Stat Analysis
    Stat Analysis
  71. Stone Evolution Level-Up Movesets.docx
    Stone Evolution Level-U…ts.docx
  72. TCG Exclusive Abilities.docx
    TCG Exclusive Abilities.docx
  73. TCG Exclusive Aiblities inspired by real abilities.docx
    TCG Exclusive Aiblities i…es.docx
  74. TCG Exclusive Moes inspired by real moves.docx
    TCG Exclusive Moes ins…es.docx
  75. TCG Exclusive Moves.docx
    TCG Exclusive Moves.docx
  76. TCG Move Errors.docx
    TCG Move Errors.docx
  77. Techinician Obtainers.docx
    Techinician Obtainers.docx
  78. The Archetype Analysis of TM and Move Tutor.docx
    The Archetype Analysis…or.docx
  79. The Next Best Thing.docx
    The Next Best Thing.docx
  80. TMs and Move Tutors
    TMs and Move Tutors
  81. Type and Item Introduction List - Gen VII.docx
    Type and Item Introdu…II.docx
  82. Unavailable moves -2015 - Gen VII.doc
    Unavailable moves -201… VII.doc
  83. Unavailable moves -2015.doc
    Unavailable moves -2015.doc
  84. Unavailable moves for groups - Gen VII.docx
    Unavailable moves for …II.docx
  85. Unavailable moves for groups.docx
    Unavailable moves for …s.docx
  86. X Y Egg Moves.docx
    X Y Egg Moves.docx
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